Asian Girls vs White Girls


Asian girls vs American girls is a difficult question that I like to share it out to public based on my experience I had with them. Generally speaking, Asian girls are more faithful in terms of relationship and marriage than white girls. The eyes of Asian girls are filled with courage of sacrifices about taking good care for their families. Even though the eyes of white women are bigger and deeper, but they don’t usually have the courage of sacrifices for their families. These dating tips are based on my some Asian girls and White girls I had dated in the past so they may be different when you use any to apply with your lady.

In other words, most Asian girls are a symbol of beauty and elegance and they are very determined. A white girl may look sexier by her full butt and breasts, but she doesn’t have the beauty and elegance as an Asian girl has. In terms of relationship and marriage, white girls don’t have the symbol of strong commitment because they are not as faithful as Asian girls. When I dated Jenny, a white girl in my computer science class, I had sex with her in the second time going out with her. I just helped her to solve some programming homework and she bedded with me. I think she wanted to pay me back for helping her homework.

Asian girls don’t look as beautiful and sexy as white girls about their physical appearance, but most of them are loyal in love, relationship, and marriage. When I dated Kim Wong, a waitress in one restaurant. It took me almost three months to win her heart. has lots of Asian girls looking for men that you can find the best one to date with in your local area.

If you want to date a White lady, then you should look for something that you can offer to help her. White girls want the equality in life so they will pay back what they own from others. A white lady does not want you take good care of her because she can take care of herself. Remember that you should talk to as many white women as you like and don’t feel like a chick in front of them. Don’t think you are a minority to these girls and get scared of them. You have to show that you are a strong Asian guy who can protect them. Be proud of yourself and be confident when dating a white lady.

Most of Asian women are very careful when choosing their mates and they usually don’t commit very soon. When you date an Asian lady, you should not show off your materials in front of her. Certainly, your rich materials are a bonus in winning her heart but don’t show it off. To win her heart, it takes time and you need to show her how much you care for her and how much you love her.

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  1. Asian girls vs white girls? To tell you the truth, white girls are more attractive but Asian girls are more faithful in relationship and marriage. Asian girls are too small for big white guys but a good size for small white guys.

  2. Sorry I have to disagree with you, brendonpatrickfinnary. Asian girls vs white girls is hard to tell but Asian girls are more sexy, beautiful, and family oriented cutured because they can cook delicious daily meals, do house chores, but white girls don’t usually cook meals at home.

  3. Sorry to break this to ya mate but white girls are more attractive by far. White girls have better facial features, better bodies, and better personalities. ( Asian girls have bodies that look like little children )

    That’s right, better personalities too. White girls will tell you exactly how she’s thinking, while Asian girls tend to play mind games with you. Also, white girls are not afraid to show their true feelings, they are not afraid to hide what they want and who they are.

    Oh and by the way, you’re talking as if all white women are sluts. That aint true bro. There are LOTS of Asian women too that are gold-diggers, whores, etc.

    White women are also more polite, and FAR more elegant. Not to mention they are so good in bed its not even funny.

  4. Yeah right! You dated many white girls but you don’t understand about how Asian men date White girls. Not all white girls are like that. Women in all races are almost the same. They want you to love them, respect them, and treat them as Queens.

    You don’t understand and you don’t know about white girls.

    Thanks for sharing, though.

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