Japanese Women vs Chinese Women: Who do you pick?


Japanese Women VS Chinese Women is not simple to distinguish because of their differential society, economics, politics, education, and culture. I am trying my best to point out some differences between a Japanese woman and a Chinese woman in terms of dating, relationship, marriage, family, society, and so son. This may be not right from your point of view. I would like to admit that this is what I think about them. If you have different view, then please share your comments below.

Japanese Women VS Chinese WomenJapanese Women

Japanese women rate their values higher than any other Asian girls. A Japanese woman believes that she is the girl who lives in the world’s greatest nation. So, she does not want to marry a Western man because it is a disgrace. She thinks that Japan is the greatest country on the world. In public, she will initiate an approach if she likes any specific man. Most Japanese women are active in bed. On family relationship, Japanese wives are oriented in supporting the husbands and taking care of as well as raising the kids. They are very responsible and dutiful in this rule of a wife. They respect and treat their husbands’ moms. Since women in Japan live in a developed country, they are friendly and open-minded. They will take a good care of their husbands and share happiness and sorrows with each other. Japanese girls usually date and marry with a man who is around their age. They will work and develop a life together. Most of them were taught by their mothers about looking after their husbands. They love strong men.

Chinese Women

Chinese women rate their values and norms lower than other ladies from other developed countries in Asia like Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and etc. A Chinese girl thinks that marrying a guy who lives in a Western country, is a pride for her and her family. If there is a chance, she will marry a foreigner. In public, a Chinese girl usually does not initiate an approach even though she likes any specific man. Most Chinese women are not very active in bed. In China, especially at clubs or bars, there are many one-night stands. There are many short-term dates from such places. Most women in China do not like their mother-in-laws to live with them. Chinese girls are not very friendly and open-minded. They keep things inside. Chinese girls prefer to find an old man who is rich. They are willing to date or get married with a man who is between 15 and 20 years older. Most of them were taught by their mothers about keeping the husband’s finance. They don’t like manly men.

Chinese Women VS Japanese Women is hard to tell. However, I just pointed out some differences between the two based on my own experience and what I read online. They are both Asians. Every country has different culture. There are good and bad things. I don’t say what country has more bad things. What I wrote above may not be accurate. You can comment your ideas on the box below. Thank for you reading this article.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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5 thoughts on “Japanese Women vs Chinese Women: Who do you pick?

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  1. Wow, so much wrong in the description of Japanese girls..

    While they definitely appear the most ‘submissive’, feminine and delicate, this is all surface level – this is how they were taught to behave when in public, or when meeting new people.

    Once the honeymoon period ends, everything changes. For anyone interested you can google sexless marriages in Japan and how girls turn from ‘wifes’ to ‘mothers’.

    I am not saying you can’t meet a good JP girl, but distinguishing them from the ‘fake’ sweet girls is very difficult for someone who has little experience with Japanese culture. Guys are shocked when they find out that they angel like girls who love Disney have 3-4 boyfriends or is married.

    On the bright side, they definitely take very good care of themselves, dress fashionably, and their ‘fake’ mannerism is charming and cute. However, if you care about honesty or faithfulness, Japan can be very tricky.

    As for Chinese, I guess there are massive difference depending on girls family and their wealth. Girls from country side will be very different from rich girls from Shanghai and so on.

  2. Then from the comments and article above chinese women are materialistic Ladies with inferiority complex to westernwhite foreign males…obsses and adores them just for rheir race..thats truly a shameless slave mentality…based on the comment above only idiotic and foolish chinese men would prefer chinese women who looks down to them and just want and love their money! What a crap!

  3. I think Japanese women are too expensive while Chinese women are cheaper in terms of marriage. You can marry a Chinese girl even though you are jobless in the West, just being a White man, she will accept you. However, Japanese ladies are smarter because they will investigate you before marriage. You can’t lie about you with Japanese girls. They are high-educated and they only marry men who are at least smarter and higher than them in most things.

  4. My experience with above is true. I lived in China where I had a great relationship with a woman there for a few years before I brought her to US to marry. But unfortunately, that was during the height of the financial crisis. I, with a college degree, had trouble finding a decent job, whereas she found a better paying job with almost no education or experience. Everything went to crap really fast. She didn’t want to go anywhere together because it “cost money” and there was no sex for 2 years. We ended up splitting because neither of us could stand it anymore. Remember this, there is no concept of doing something “from the kindness of you heart” in China. Never let Chinese help you without some kind of quid pro quo. She will always keep a running mental tally to make sure you are always in her debt so she can control you through guilt or shame. She may seem sweet to strangers but when you are “family” she will constantly rip you apart and will not be afraid to do so in public.

  5. Who ever you are, you are right! Especially about Chinese women! Chinese women are all about status! And sure there may be love but if your status is not higher then their’s then they will leave you at the dumps and tell you that you are not at the same level as they are regardless of how long you’ve been together, trust me it will be in the back of their minds. I find Japanese women really faithful for their man as long as you treat them well like any other girl. Although I do favor Chinese more than Japanese, to all you guys out there, if you want to keep your Chinese girl you better make sure you have the money, based on my experience I do see them as seeing MONEY is More important than LOVE which really sucks. Goodluck to those who wish to keep there sweethearts.

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