Asian Pregnant Women Rush Into America & Canada To Give Birth & Gain Automatic Citizenship


Thousands of Asian pregnant women rush into America & Canada to give birth and get automatic citizenship for their newborn kids. Giving birth in the United States & Canada is a well-known phenomenon in Asia and most young mothers dream to do that. Most of these Asian moms who get pregnant from 6 to 8 months want to deliver their babies in these countries. They are Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Filipino, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, India, and others Asia countries who are wealthy and high educated want their babies born in Canada or America.

Asian woman gives birth in US and Canada

Asian woman gives birth in US and Canada

Although is is very expensive for birth tourists but these mothers still want to deliver in these great countries. They save money and someone lend money from their family and relatives to give birth in the US or Canada soil. They think the precious gift to give their newborns is the American or Canadian citizenship. They think this is a good investment for their kids in the future. The total expense for the whole trip may be up to $40,000 or 247 Chinese Yuan, 2,400,000 Indian Rupee, 142,412 Malaysian Ringgit, 500,284,000 Indonesian Rupiah, 1,309,880 Thai Baht, 1,781,580 Philippine Peso, 853,800,000 Vietnamese Dong. This is the big money in these countries. However, most Asian mothers want to get a good future for their children so they can sacrifice themselves for their kids generation.

What is the benefits of getting a US & Canadian citizenship?

  • Free education from Kindergarden to High School
  • Either mom or dad can stay with the baby in America or Canada until the kid is 18 years old
  • Some Asian countries allow dual citizenship so the baby can have dual citizenship
  • The kid can sponsor their parents and siblings to these nations after 18 years old
  • Good education system from college and universities in the US or Canada
  • Get good jobs after graduation from universities in these countries
  • Enjoy the best healthcare system in these countries

The priceless gift to give the newborn is the US or Canadian citizenship. In China, there are many companies that provide tourist visa to give birth for rich young mothers who want to give birth in these countries. Nowadays, young moms from other Asian countries want to come to America or Canada to deliver their babies as well. The cost for the package is about $40,000 and only rich Asian people, celebrities, officials, high educated people can afford for this. The low or poor class can’t afford this kind of money. If you live in rural areas of Richmond or Vancouver, then you will see many hotels and homes that act as the nursing places for these pregnant Asian ladies and their newborns. Usually they come to America between the 6th and 8th month of pregnancy and leave when the baby is one or two months old.

Please remember that Richmond or Vancouver hospitals charge the same money for maternity. However, most people who live in these countries have health insurance which takes care of these hospitalized bills. The mothers usually deductibles and the insurance companies pay the rest. The total amount of money is the same for those who live in this country and those who live from another country. For people who live in Asia, you may not understand clearly about this. If you have early delivery in 7 or 8 months, then your baby must stay in the hospital for nursery until it is old enough. In this case, you have to pay more money.

“anyone born in United States or Canada will gain automatic citizen and obtains access to public education, university loans, voting, and so on.”

In Asia, people think America and Canada is the land of opportunities. They love the clean food, fresh air, education system and freedom. Most Asian people want to come to these countries to live so they try to get their kids here first. Some Asian men want their wives give birth in those countries to do business or investment later on. However, laws is laws. This is the laws of the United States of America and Canada. Many people take advantages of this laws to gain personal benefits.

If you search for Canada or USA tourist Visa or foreigners giving birth in America, then you will see many websites that provide these services. That means foreigners, especially Asians, giving birth in the USA and Canada is popular these days. Thousands of Asian young mothers get tourist Visa to deliver their babies in Canadian or American soil and gain automatic citizenship for their kids.

Anyway, there are more and more Asian moms give birth in America and Canada every day. Giving birth in these countries is very popular nowadays. The meaningless gift that Asian mothers want to give their kids when they are born is the automatic citizenship from the great country.

Do you think the birth tourists trying to use America’s or Canada’s citizenship laws as back door into these great countries?

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. Great information. I am a Malaysian woman who lives in Hong Kong of China. I like to give birth in America but can’t afford to do so. I know it is a good opportunity for my kid to become US citizen but $40,000 is a huge money in Hong Kong that my husband and I don’t have. Anyway, good luck to all Asian mothers who can afford this kind of money to develop your newborn in Canada or the United States.

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