The truth about Asian Wives and My Asian Wife


My Asian wife and I were married since 2003 in Bangkok, Thailand. She came to the United States with me after we married for abut a year. We live happily together and we had two children. They are beautiful. I met my Asian wife at totally free Asian dating service so I am writing this article to mention about how online dating service helped me to find my girl.

In 2003, there are not as many Asian dating sites as of today. I joined one website by that time and contacted some Asian single ladies. I chose three of them to continue writing and chatting so I can see their faces. They are fantastic and beautiful. They are single Thai women by that time. I selected just one single Asian woman to contact with and she is my wife currently.

Asian Girls

I know that there are thousands of Asian wives who got married with American men and came here to build up a happy interracial family. American guys love Asian wives because of their beautiful small body and smoothly yellow skin. Asian women look younger than their real age. In my situation, when I married my wife, she does not speak English fluently. She could barely come up to my shoulder but she looks sexy and pretty. Most Asian wives are not tall. They are short about 5 to 5’5. They are beautiful Asian wives on the world that men want to get married with. I have traveled there in Bangkok Thailand and married my wife. She is perfect to me. She is a hard-working girl who can cook any food I like.

Asian wife came to USA, she still keeps the good traditional custom like respecting elders, supporting husbands, and love their children. There is no wild trip. After getting married, an Asian wife says to herself, “this is my family”. She will support to maintain it. She will do whatever to support her family, make her husband happy, and her children happy also. My Asian wife is wonderful because she wants to make me happy. What my point is that most Asian wives are beautiful and honest. They do not like going out for another guys after they got married with you. She cooks meal every day while I watch TV. She is willing to sacrifice for me and our children.

Asian wives are one of the best wife on the world for American men to get married with. There is no joining between the two. They are serious in looking for a real companion for themselves. Asian wives are general terms to describe all Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, China, and etc. When you are ready to search for Asian wife, then you just need to search for these keywords on Google search engine, such as “free Asian dating”, “free Philippine dating”, “free Chinese dating”. The first three sites are showing up on Google is the best three popular Asian dating websites. You will join these sites to find the best Asian wife for yourself.

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