How To Find Asian American Singles & Personals In The US

Asian Americans are the immigrants or their descendants from nations in the Far East, Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. Asian American is about 5 percent of the whole US population. The crowded Asian people in the US are Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and others. Since there are only 5% of the total US population, they have an issue of finding their life partner. Some of them marry with people from other race such White, Black, and Hispanic. Some of them find their life partners from their hometown by using the internet dating sites. On this article, I like to point out how the Asian dating sites can help their singletons to find their potential significant half.

Asian American singles

Asian American singles

Asian American men outnumber women in the United States. This is true. In the last few decades, there were thousands of Asian men who escaped their countries to immigrate to the US by boat, which generated the un-balanced rate between women and men. They came to America then sponsored their parents and siblings to this country as well, which created the big population of Asian American as we have now. However, the ratio for Asian American women is still less than men. So many Asian American men must choose the online dating sites to find their other half in their home country because they can’t find one in America. Of course, some of them prefer to marry young traditional Asian girls.

Why do you use Asian online dating sites to find that special someone?

It is easy, convenient and effective.

Unless you have friends or relatives hook you up, online dating sites are the most easy and effective way to find your special one. Most Asian American people have busy schedules as they live in fast-paced lifestyle from this country. They don’t have time to go out and find a date. They keep working hard to pay the bills. So they are busy most of the time.

As you live in the US, where do you go to find a date? You just go to a bar or club to find a date. However, most of these dates turn out one or two nights. The clubbers want to have fun or short-term dates. You want to find a relationship or marriage. This is the wrong place to go there to find a life mate. You can go to parties and ask your friends hook you up. This is fine. But it is not easy and simple because most Asian American girls set high standards on their life partners. You don’t have a chance.

Asian American dating sites are the best way to join and meet that special one. However, please pay attention to the pictures they post on their profiles. Don’t believe them completely. I have a friend who set up a face to face meet at a restaurant with a guy she met online. She loved his profile picture because he looks so cool. She came to the restaurant and sat on a table waiting for him, he showed up in front of her, she didn’t recognize him at all. He was like 15 years older than him in the picture.

This is one of the examples of many Asian women in America confront with. What I advise you is to chat with him via Skype or Messenger webcam before you meet face to face. Don’t rush into meeting him even you have been single and lonely for a long time. Dating online takes time to be successful.

Before you contact the guy or girl online, read over their personal ads in detailed to learn about the likes, dislikes, interests, hobby, education, or other general background to match with you. Online dating is effective if you know how to use it effectively. If you are one of these single Asian American men dating a girl oversea, then you should chat with her via webcam. You need to talk to her via voice call or video chat. Keep chatting and talking until you are comfortable to meet her over there.

Most of single Asian women seeking men online seems to attract most of guys online, based on his cool photos. You need to read his profile before you decide to like him or not.

Don’t wait any longer but take action to sign up a profile here and meet that special someone today.

Why Do Many Asian-American Men Have Tough Times To Find A Wife?

Asian-American are popular in the United States because they are more educated and wealthier. They value work, friendship and relationship, family and marriage more than native Americans. However, many of them have tough times to find a girlfriend or wife in their own race because of the shortage of Asian girls in the US. So, many single Asian men in America must use online dating sites to find a date around their city and some of them open to international women who live in Asia.

Asian American couple

Asian American couple

Statistics showed that more than 60% of Asians have a college degree. Most of Asian immigrants choose Information Technology major (IT) and some of them choose other majors. Asian-American men work hard during their college years to pay their tuition without asking help from their parents. After graduation from college, they work and earn high income. Many of them go to finish their master degree as well. Indian men are rated as the highest paying groups amongst Asians. There are other high paying groups of Asians including Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese.

The first Asian generations who immigrated in America are refugees. Many of them escaped their home countries to come here as political refugees. Many of them are men which created the shortage of Asian females in America. In other words, Asian-American men outnumber Asian-American women in the US. If you go to an Asian club in New York or San Francisco, then you will see the reality about the shortage. The number of men is about 2/3 of women. I mean, Asian-American women have advantage to choose the best man but Asian-American men have disadvantage because of the shortage.

Many Asian-American men who have low paying jobs can’t even find a wife in the US. They work as waiters, food servers, cleaners, and so on. They can’t find an Asian girlfriend in this country. Because of the shortage of Asian females in America, most Asian women set high standards on the soul mate they are seeking. Some women work in low paying jobs still look for their life partners who work in high paying jobs. This is the truth. They look for men who have a Bachelor or Master degree. So, those guys who don’t have a college degree can’t find a girlfriend here. So they have to find single Asian women in their home country.

However, some Asian-American guys must find a girlfriend from another race. That’s why you can see Asian-Americans (AAS) dating White, Black and Hispanic women, which is a common thing in the US. Of course, if they are open to other races or native American women, then they have no problem in seeking a date. The problem is the size of Asian men is small so many of them don’t have enough confidence to date a White, Black or Hispanic girl. This is the problem that you hardly see Asian Male and White Woman in this country. Most Asian men are about 5’8 in height and most White girls are 5’8. Usually girls prefer to date men who are taller than them so they can wear high heels and look pretty. Another important issue that prevent Asian men from dating a White or Black lady is the “tool” size.

Asian-American man & woman

Asian-American man & woman

Asian-American guys are good. They have excellent traits about being a ideal husband. When they came to this country, many born here, learned good stuff about this culture, added to their original culture, which made them the perfect boyfriends or husbands. In other words, they know how to treat the woman with respects, value family and marriage, work hard, treat elders with respects, but they have hard time to find an ideal life mate. This is because of the shortage of Asian females in the US, not by their fault.

I am an Asian man who lives in Los Angeles, California, so I know how it is hard to find an Asian date here. I used to drive to the Chinatown or most of Asian markets to flirt with girls but couldn’t find one. I also went to all parties that my friends invited me there but couldn’t find one either. As I said, there are more men than women so the chance is rare. I finally joined an Asian date site and found one who lives in San Francisco.

Come on guys, don’t let American men marry all Asian girls. As you know, most Asian girls prefer to marry you over American guys. So, I recommend all Asian American single men out there, if you can’t find a date then you should try to sign up a profile at an online dating site for Asia people. Good luck!