Hi friends, I am Tony. I like to share this clip with you guys about one friend,. Bena, who lives in Manila Philippines. Bena likes to ask some questions about life in America, such as how to search and get married with a Western man, and some other stuffs like driver license, jobs, and so on. So, let’s get started.

Tony: Hi Bena, how’re you doing? How is Manila tonight? I am Tony, good to see you tonight.

–Hi Tony. I watched some of your clips on Youtube, that talk about Pinoy and Western men, life in the US, so I like to ask you some questions about that.
Tony: Thank you very much! I wrote some articles on my website as well as created some clips on Youtube to share my experience about life in the US for those Filipinas and Western men get know of. How a Filipina girl can find a Western man and vice versa? Thank you for watching my video clips.

Filipina girl

Filipina girl

–I like the way you said on one clip, nobody give you free things if they don’t gain anything, or, why most of Filipinas migrated to the West made better life?
Tony: Well, I remember I said “nobody give you free things if they don’t gain anything” on one article I wrote about scamming online through social sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Tango, and online dating services. If anyone send you messages about winning lottery or any big gifts, and ask you to pay the fee to receive it, then you should not believe it. I think this is the internet scams.
I also said “most Filipino women migrated to the West made better life”. I think a woman life that’ s happy or miserable depends totally on her husband’s attitude. According to our culture, most of Filipinas getting married is like to enter a gambling of life. When they get married and have lived with each other for some time, then they know if they are lucky or not, which depends on the husband. If she is lucky to get married with a good man, then her life is happy, joyful with laughs. On the other hand, if she get married with a bad husband, then her life is as miserable as hell, that filled with tears. As I have seen most of Filipinas got married with men in the West and migrated over here, they made better life. I mean, they can work and make good money in the West. I think in 2017, the Western countries like Canada, Australia and the US are still considered the land of opportunities.
Bena, can you please introduce yourself to the audiences?

Filipina woman

Filipina woman

–I currently live in Manila Philippines. I am a hairstylist. I am 22 years old. I am single.
Tony: You live in Manilla huh? I used to live in Manila too. How ‘re you doing over there?

–My friends told me that I am beautiful. Do you think I am beautiful, Tony?
Tony: They are absolutely right about that. You are pretty and sexy.

–Thank you, Tony.
Tony: You’ll welcome. Do you have any question for me? I’ll try to answer all of questions to the best of my knowledge. I have been developing and maintaining an dating site to hook up Asian women with Western men, especially Filipinas with Western men.

–I like to get married with a Pinoy or a Western man, how do I find him?
Tony: There are some ways to make friend with a Pinoy or a Western man. You can ask your relatives or friends in the West to hook you up with him. If you don’t have any, then you can find him through social sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Tango or Asian dating services. You can sign up a personal profile at any dating site and find him. I created since 2003, you can register a profile to get started. Anyone who sign up at an online dating website can read other profiles, but they can not see your email address. This is a hidden field so no one see it. Whoever is interested in your profile, can contact you and you two can go from there. So you have a chance to chat with some guys and choose the best one to marry with.

–When I get married with a man, how long does it take to come to America?
Tony: It depends. It takes about 1 year to sponsor a spouse from the Philippines to the US. When you and him know each other for a long time and decide to get married. He can meet you in the Philippines. He can sponsor you by Fiance or Marriage category. It takes about 6 months to sponsor a Fiance to America by K-1 Visa. After you come to the US, you have to get married with him within 3 months. There are some cases that he doesn’t have to travel to the Philippines to meet you. In this case, you have to travel to the US on your own, and get married with him in America.

–What kind of work can I do in the US? Where do Filipino people live when they immigrate to America? What do they do for a living?
Tony: Well, by far, about 50% immigrants from the Philippines have settled in Los Angeles and San Diego counties of California state. The second state they live is Honolulu County in Hawaii. And, only some live in other US states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas. When you come to America, if you have a Bachelor degree in the Philippines, then I recommend you go back to school to get a BS degree. After graduating with a BS degree, you can get a good job and your income may be doubled or even tripled compared to no-BS-degree job. For example, you can get a job that pays you 30 thousands pesos a month. With a BS degree, you can get a job that pays you 90 thousands pesos a month.

Filipino woman

Filipino woman

–I heard that Filipino men outnumber women in America, so Filipino women have a lot of rights, right Tony?
Tony: That’s right. On one statistic I read, there is about 2 millions of Filipinos who live in the US. So, there are not many single Filipinas available. Thousands of Pinoy go back home to get married with a local woman in the Philippines and sponsor her to America to live. Because of this, most Filipinas in American set high standards on a man they get married with. They are independent, confident and strong. When looking for a boyfriend or husband, they set high standards. Yes, Filipina girls have a lot of rights in America. So do all American women.

–I heard some people said that men in the US are very good in housework, they work hard, help their spouse all errands like cleaning the house, wash the dish, take care of children, is it right?
Tony: Absolutely right. Men in the US are very responsible. Beside the main job, they can do any errand of the house. As you know that women in America do work to pay the pills at home too, so they have to share errands at home. I think American men are excellent husband models.

–Woh really? As you know, men in the Philippines are boring you know? They always go drink with friends after work. And, the wife don’t dare to say any thing. If they do, they will get hit.
Tony: I heard about domestic violence in the Philippines. In the US, it is different. After work, most men drive straight home. Even if he calls a friend to go out after work, nobody is available to go with him. They have to go home to take care of errands at home. However, I think there are some men in the Philippines are good too.

–Yes. It’s hard to find a good man in the Philippines. Is it easy to find a husband in the US?
Tony: There are thousands of Filipinas get married with American men and immigrate to the US every year. On the last decade, it was easy. But at this time, it is not easy because some men and women don’t believe from each other anymore. There are some American men who are afraid that their wife coming here and leaving them. There are some Filipinas who just want a US Visa when they get married with American man. So, I think if you want to find a good man in America, then you need to give him trust. It’s not too hard to find a good man.

–OK. Why do American men find women in the Philippines? Why can’t they find a wife in the US?
Tony: Women in the US set high standards who choosing a husband so it’s hard. Some men who have bad experience with their ex-wife so they don’t have confidence with American women. They try Asian women instead. Also, there are some men who are interested in young woman so they have to go find her in the Philippines. For instance, a 50-year-old man who like to get married with a 25-year-old woman, and there is no way he can get that young woman in the US, unless he is a millionaire, then he must go to the Philippines to find her.

–How’s weather in America? I prefer to live in cold area so my skin is whiter and prettier.
Tony: It depends on what state you live in. The weather in California is so beautiful, not hot nor humid, not very cold too. Of course when you live in America for some time, you will look prettier and sexier.

–Is it easy to get a driver license in America. Can we take a test by Tagalog? I heard that Filipinas also drive a car right? Is it easy to drive in the US.
Tony: In America, most of people can drive a car. There are some states that allow you to take a test by Tagalog. Most roads are huge and every car must be going in its own lane so it is easy to drive in the US. The car price is not expensive in here. If you work for a few months, then you can afford to buy a used car.

–How do I figure out if a man is serious or playing around with women? I have seen some men lying and not serious?
Tony: Of course, I know that. You have to use your own sixth sense to figure it out. I think it is easy to regconize whether he is serious or not. For instance, when you know a man online, he asks you to chat on Skype, he asks you to show him your body in the first chat, then you can conclude that he just want to play around. That’s simple. I think a good man for you is the man who talk with you every day, who share with you all joys and happiness, take good care of you when you are sick, and love you from the bottom of his heart. Finally, I think a good man is the one who love your own personality, and always make you feel you are the happiness woman on the earth.

–Thank you very much. You share many experience with me about life in the US. Thanks.
Tony: I thank you too for speaking with me today. Your questions are excellent. I think a lot of Filiinas back home don’t quite understand about life in the US so I hope my answers also help them about that too. Thanks very much.

–Oh, Tony, when you go back to the Philipines, I will volunteer to be your tour guide? It’s free for you okie, Po Tony.
Tony: Thank you so much for that. I will remember that. I wish you keep this young and pretty look forever. I hope you find a good man in the near future. Good luck and good bye.

Filipino Single Women Seeking Men For Dating & Marriage

There are many Filipino single women seeking men for love and romance, dating and marriage. They are mature women of over 25+ years old who are either single, widowed or divorced. Many of them divorced their husbands due to domestic violence. In the Philippines, most men don’t look for these mature Filipina ladies who have kids but look for single young women for marriage. As a result, there are millions of “left behind” women looking for men who live in the West. Older foreign men don’t care about the past of a woman so they come to the Philippines to marry these Filipinas. These Western single men usually choose a Filipino woman from the internet dating site like or others, then meet her on the Webcam chatting system (Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc) and come to the Philippines to marry her.

Filipino woman seeking men

Filipino woman seeking men (Youtube image)

There are mutual benefits between and foreign man and Filipino woman. He can marry a young Filipina wife (usually 10-20 years younger). She can marry a Western husband whom can help her to come to the West and make a better life. The internet has saved time and money for people to find a relationship online. The Filipino dating sites or general online dating services can be the most convenient way to meet other singles. Most of these dating websites are English language and all Filipino ladies speak and write English very well so they can communicate effectively.

Foreign men looking for Filipino women for marriage

Let’s talk about some beautiful traits of Filipino women that attract many Western single men. Filipina ladies have excellent traits that can help their men to develop a meaningful relationship. They consider marriage as lifetime commitment so they take it seriously, except domestic violence, they have to run away from you. They like to find a man who is caring, thoughtful, honest, romantic and responsible. A Filipino lady keeps her traditional traits like being the best housewife and submissive. Their voice is sweet just like Spanish women in speaking English. They have the best female traits in the world.

Maybe the most important thing that single men in the West seeking Filipino women is the stunning beauty. They are feminine, submissive and sexy, generous and caring. She won’t disappoint you in the bedroom. She will be your “new bride” every single night by the way she dresses and wear perfume. She cooks you daily delicious meals. She takes care of your kids. She treats you well and let you feel like “the man” of the family. In the Philippines most women are raised to respect marriage and consider it as lifetime commitment so there is no divorce. You don’t worry about she turns you down when you run into financial issues. She is there for you to help you solve any problem of the family. She is very supportive and caring.

Filipino lady in America

Filipino lady in America

Myths and Facts about Filipino women

If you are still unclear about Filipino women, then you should read these myths and facts about them. You are thinking about marrying a Filipina lady, it is better to understand about her culture.

It is true that education has been a great importance for most of Filipino women. Most of them are well educated. Only poor countryside girls are not well educated because their parents can’t support them. There are poor and rich Filipinas. The poor girls live in small cities that are far away from big cities. The rich Filipinas are very beautiful and well educated, who are very selective in choosing a husband.

It is the fact that Filipino women are religious because up to 85% are Roman Catholic. They dream of a wedding in a Church. So, they are very honest as what Christians stated in the Bible.

It is a myth that people said all Filipino women are submissive and obedient. I said above that most of them are but not all. However, Filipina girls don’t like to engage in a loud quarrel because they are patient and understanding. They don’t try to win the argument with their husbands. They speak slowly and politely with a gentle voice.

It is the fact that most Filipino girls thinks money as the secondary, not priority of a happy marriage. It doesn’t matter you have financial issues later on in life, she won’t leave you because of that.

Filipino never divorce their husbands — myth. Even though they are raised with high values about honestly and fidelity, they will divorce their husbands if there is domestic violence and cheating. Filipino ladies are very patient who can stand by their husbands during hard times but they can’t be patient if you cheat on them.

It is true that Filipino women are excellent house keepers. They are gorgeous mothers for your kids. They will do whatever to have a warm and loving home to make you happy. She won’t yell at home. I don’t want to mention more about this since I listed above.

Filipino women seeking foreign men for marriage

Women outnumber men in the Philippines. However, it is not very much different in fender in this country. The most important fact that Filipino women are looking for single men overseas is the stable, loving, happy, secured and long lasting relationship.

Why do Singaporean Men Seek Philippine Girls in Singapore for Marriage?

Singaporean men seeking Philippine girls in Singapore for marriage has been a phenomenon these days. There are thousands of cross cultural marriages between Filipino girls and Singapore men every year. They gather at the Lucky plaza and go to online dating sites to find each other. The question is why are they attracted to each other that much?

Singaporean man and Filipina lady

Singaporean man and Filipina lady

If you think that Singaporean girls are similar to other Asian women, then you’re wrong. Singapore women are very independent just like American or Canadian women. This is one of the reasons Western guys like Singaporean women a lot. However, Singaporean men think that such independent women in Singapore are hard-headed and stubborn to deal with when getting married. They’d rather marry foreign women like Filipinas who are simple and easy.

Another main reason is that most Singaporean women are not interested in getting married in the last few years. They want to pursue their dream in getting successful in their careers so they don’t like to be bothered by family and kids. After getting a Bachelor and Master degree, they are about 28 years old. They try to work hard and get promoted. After a few years, most of them are over 30 years old. At this time, most of them don’t like to get married anymore. As a result, there are many unmarried women in Singapore. Many of them don’t have time to go out to find that special someone. That’s why the government encourages single women in Singapore use internet dating sites or social bookmarking sites like Facebook or Twitter to find friends and life partners online.

Every year, there are hundreds of thousands of Philippine girls who come to work in Singapore. They work in hospitals or other healthcare departments around this island. They also work in banks, shopping malls and IT departments. Also, there are up to one million of Filipino women who visit the Singapore island every year. So, to find a Filipina for dating is a piece of cake. Many single men in Singapore prefer the way to find Filipino single women through an Asian dating site.

Beautiful Asian girls

Beautiful Filipino girls

As mentioned above, most Filipina girls are very sociable, simple and easy. If you are an outdoor man, then you can go to these places to meet these Filipino tourists or workers to get acquainted with. If you are an indoor person, then you can go to the online Singaporean dating site to find her. To look for a Philippine girlfriend or wife, you need to be patient. Filipino women are more traditional than Singaporean women in terms of dating, relationship and marriage. Most of them are looking for a relationship that step up to marriage. They are not looking for one-night stand.

Anyway, Singaporean girls are too independent and not interested into marriage anymore so single men in Singapore have to find Filipinas for marriage. Also, Singapore girls set high standards in selecting a best man for life so it is hard for Singaporean men to meet that standards. As you have seen there are many Singapore women dating Caucasians these days because of their high standards. I mean, Singaporean women prefer men who are tall and handsome, who have good job and high pay, so only Caucasians meet these standards. In fact, if you are Caucasian, then you’ll get higher pay than local Singaporean in this island.

Certainly, most Singaporean men can’t meet these high standards from Singaporean women and some of them want to marry a simple and less hardheaded wife, Filipina girl is the best choice.

Filipina Women Seeking Foreigners For Marriage – The Truth Is Exposed

Filipina women seeking foreigners for marriage has been a phenomenon in the last few years. There are thousands of Filipina brides immigrated to the US, Canada, Australia and other Western countries every year. The truth is finally exposed on this article. I am writing this article for both single men in the West and Filipina ladies to understand the reasons that they are attracted with each other.

Filipinas in Manila street of Philippines

Filipinas in Manila street of Philippines

Why are Filipina women seeking foreigners for marriage?

Filipina women are seeking foreigners for marriage because they are attracted to both men and Western dollars. This is the truth. They are attracted to White men who are tall and respective as well as friendly to every one. In the Philippines, if a woman gets married with a Western man, then not only she but her whole family are proud. She usually shows off her foreign husband to friends, relatives and even unknown people in public. So yeah, Filipinas do love foreign men oveasea very much. On the other hand, Western dollars are also important which make them decide to marry a foreign husband. Some argue that the Philippines women are gold diggers, this is untrue. They are more attracted to Western dollars because they have a chance to work and make good money in the West.

Another bonus advantage for Pinays marry Foreign men is the beautiful kids who are mostly similar to the fathers. Woh, these kids have tall nose, white skin, brown or blonde hair, beautiful eyes, cute mouth, and etc. Every time I go to a market in Angeles or Manila city, a Pinay takes her kids to the market, people look at these white kids with their pride. To tell you the truth, they are so pretty.

Filipina ladies and Foreign husbands with kids

Filipina ladies and Foreign husbands with kids (Photos: Google)

Why are foreigners looking for Filipina wives and take them back home?

Most of these single men can’t marry a wife in the first world country. The rest of them just want to marry a young Filipina wife. What are other reasons that these guys travel 1000s miles from the West to the Philippines for a dinner and then marry a girl? If you go to the Filipino market center in the West, then you will see many Western men with Filipina wife and they are happy. The man looks like her father’s age and the wife looks like his daughter’s age. However, they are husband and wife.

There are low, middle and high class women in the Philippines. Most of single Filipina ladies who accept an old foreign husband are low class. Upper to high class women are also attracted to foreign men as well but they select the men whom they love to build family with. You can see on these profiles at our Filipina dating service, there are low and high class of single women looking for foreign men. Usually, upper class educated women are careful in choosing their husband. Lower class women don’t have many options. They live in miserable living conditions so they are seeking a foreign husband to move out of the Philippines and come to a developed nation to work and make money.

Filipinas profiles at

Filipinas profiles at

There are some rumors that nothing-to-loose men in the West go to the Philippines to take advantage of the poor. Well, this is somewhat true. However, there are mutual benefits of both the guy and the lady. He can help her to get to the West, has an opportunity to work and make good money. She can be his young wife who can satisfy his sexual needs because Filipina’s are very attractive. She is not as hard head as Western women. She won’t give him a hard time. She lets him have sex even when she is not in a good mood. Unlike other Western ladies who give their husband a cold shoulder every time they are not in good mood. He treats her as a Queen. She treats him with respect and stay with him to thank him for bring her to the land-of-opportunities country where she can work and help her parents and siblings back home.

In other words, Filipinas (Pinays) offer the best return on investment (ROI). A foreign man who spends about $1,200 for air plane ticket, another $2,000 for the wedding and $2,000 for expenses in the Philippines. He has a young and sexy wife. When she comes to his hometown, he can enjoy the best young wife that many men don’t have. Also, she can be the best housewife because most of Filipina women are trained about cooking, cleaning, etc when they were young. So there are a lot of advantages to marry a Filipino wife.

In conclusion, Filipinas looking for foreign husbands is because they love the man who comes from the great countries in the world, as well as they have a chance to come to the West and make good money, while foreign men can get married with a young and beautiful Filipina wife.

Dating & Marriage Advice For Filipina Ladies in the Philippines

You are amongst the single Filipina ladies in the Philippines who dream about dating or marrying a man who lives in the US, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Poland, UK, and so on. When you meet and chat with a guy through an Asian dating site, you have no idea what his current marital status as well as general background like finance, career, interests, hobby and etc. You are taking a risk to see him and marry him. So, I am writing one article to list some tips and advice for you to consider before making the utmost important decision for you life.

Filipina ladies & Western men

Filipina ladies & Western men (Trobicalmba)

I live in America so I know it is easy to find a single woman here. What you need to do is to walk up to a lady you like and start talking. You can find out later whether she has a crush on you or not. Another way is to find a girl in a bar or club, guys can use the same method to approach to a lady. That’s simple to find a date in the United States. However, getting a date is completely different from building a relationship and getting married. Dating and marriage are the long and difficult stage that many men failed to do so.

Most single Western men who joined free online dating service like or others to look for Filipino women are above 35 years old. You hardly find a 20-year-old American man who joined a dating website to find a foreign wife. And, you know what? These men just look for young single, widow or divorced women in the Philippines or other Asian countries for marriage. As I mentioned above, they can find a date in America but they want a young and beautiful girl so that’s why they are interested in you.

Do you think you are prettier and sexier than Native American women?

These American men think Filipina ladies are more beautiful and sexier than American women. As you know more than 75% American ladies who turn to 35 and up are fat. It does not matter if they don’t mind to date or marry a big woman. Most of these guys are not interested in dating a fat lady so they want to look for a Filipina wife. I am a Filipino man so I know exactly how the Filipinas look like. Most of us, from teen girls to middle aged women, are slim, attractive and sweet. Another advantage is that most American men don’t pay attention whether you are in low, middle or high class. What they are looking for is the sweet woman for marriage.

Western men are strongly in bed which is a good thing that attracts the women. Many American women usually give their men “cold shoulder” when they are in bad mood. You are Asian. You have this excellent and special trait about treating and respecting your husband, which most men like it, never give him a cold shoulder, even when you are in bad mood. This is very important in the marriage so you know how to treat a husband to make sure he is happy and satisfied.

We Filipinas are family oriented and we work hard to help our family. We don’t tend to depend on others to help us but work to make money and live dependently. We always help our husbands to build up a good family and take good care of our children. However, Filipino men in the Philippines don’t treat us right. There are many domestic violence in here that make us scared to date a local man. In fact, as we have seen many bad relationships between local Filipino men and women here. Oh God, 80% of local men get women pregnant and “gone with the wind”. That’s scary for all of us. We love Western men because they are more responsible than local Filipino guys.

Every year, there are thousands of successful marriages between Filipina ladies with Western guys. In America, statistics showed that thousands of Visas of new Filipina brides who come to this country every year. If you first meet a Western man in person or online, then don’t talk about money. We are popular in the West because of our sweet, loyal and family oriented characteristics. Don’t let him think us like gold diggers so never ask for money from him if you want to have a long term relationship that leads to marriage.

Why are Foreign Entrepreneurs Doing Business in the Philippines?

There are many Western entrepreneurs doing business in the Philippines and many are planning to open a company in this country. Most of these entrepreneurs are men who come from America, Australia, Canada, Poland and other Western and European countries. There are many other things that make these businessmen attract in doing business in this country. There are three important things for successful foreign entrepreneurs, including personal contact, human interaction and trust.

Filipina ladies Western men party on boat

Filipina ladies Western men party on boat (Picture from Tropicalmba)

It takes time to do business successfully in the Philippines. You should learn about the culture and lifestyle first before opening a company here. There are many differences between the Western cultures and Filipino culture.

  • You usually make direct eye contact with people when you are talking to. This rule does not apply in the Philippines. This is considered “rude”.
  • Many entrepreneurs first meet in a restaurant to eat and drink to discuss about business or have any contract signed.
  • The outlook is extremely important so dress yourself professionally during meetings. This helps you gain respects from other people.
  • There is no “exact” time frame in here. If you are scheduled for one-hour meeting, then it always takes longer than that. Don’t expect the meeting lasts for exact time frame.
  • Speak slowly and clearly during meetings.

Why are so many of Western men doing business in the Philippines?

The main answer is, the Philippines, provides the best value for most business men from the US and Europe as well as Asia. There are many other attracts that men exciting about opening a business here.

Dating in the Philippines

There are many young single Filipino women who are seeking Western men for dating, relationship and marriage. Most foreign entrepreneurs are from 40 to 65 years old. They can date a beautiful and sexy 20 to 25-year-old Filipina lady at ease. This attracts many business men around the world.

Cheap employees

You can find cheap employees and train them to do a good job. Most of Filipinos speak English well and you pay them much lower than you pay your employees in US or Europe countries. They are hardworking staff.

Travel and adventure

In this country, there are many places you can travel and enjoy yourself in a warm weather, including beautiful beaches, parks, and so on.

Clubs / bars / party

It is cheap to go to a bar or club. You can party all days in a week.

Filipina ladies

This is one of the important reason that many foreign entrepreneurs opened their business in the Philippines. As I mentioned on the dating in the Philippines, many young and beautiful Filipina women are seeking Western men for romance and even marriage. If you are one of those guys, then you can find a young lady here.

Beautiful FilipinasBeautiful Filipina ladies (Picture from myblueheart)

In conclusion, there are many business men who already opened business and those who are planning to do business in the Philippines. I think the most important reason that attracts these entrepreneurs is the lower absolute costs for everything. The absolute costs are lower than other countries like Bali and Thailand. For about $450 a month, you can enjoy your beautiful and luxury life in here.