Filipino Women vs Thai Women: Who do you pick?


Filipino Women vs Thai Women is hard to tell the difference. There is a debate about Filipino girls vs Thai girls on the internet forums, but they are not very different in terms of relationship and marriage from Western men. However, if you ask a Thai lady about what she thinks about Filipino ladies or vice verse, that is the difference. From the standpoint of a Western man, they both are beautiful Asian women who can be excellent mothers and wives.

Asian Women vs American Women

Filipino woman vs Thai woman has a small difference. If you are one of single American men looking for Filipino women or Thai girls for marriage, then you have to know this difference. In Philippines, most of these ladies can speak and write English a little bit. In Thailand, they don’t understand English. This is one of the reasons that Philippines girls are more favorable than Thai women. As you can see in our Asian dating sites (, the number of Filipino members are triple to the number of Thai profiles. Why is that so? Because most of Filipino singles can understand English so they can post their personals ads themselves.

Asian Women Dating White Men

Nowadays, Filipino ladies and Thai girls are more open and take approached to go online to find their men for marriage. They don’t stay in the house and wait for the man to come, like past generations. In terms of being housewife and respectful to the husband, Filipino girls vs Thai Girls is hard to tell which one is better. They are perfect moms, excellent housewives, and great wives for men.

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  1. There are many Filipina ladies who emigrated to South Korea, where I live, so I know these ladies very well. They are easy and simple as well as trustworthy. You tell them everything, they believe in it. I have been dating on Filipino lady in Seoul SK and she is just perfect. I love Philippines girls.

  2. Thai women and especially the poor ones see the western men as a walking atm.Thailand is a big fake country to find a real commited wife.Some have succeeded but many have lost everything.It took me many years to descend from my dream world as many Thai women are great to boost our damaged self confidence.I would still say that Thailand can be a good place for those men who seek only sexual experience but beside that it s a big trap.Most Thai women who are not in financial need have no interest in Westerners and are happy with their men.I don t have experience with Pinays but i will give a try because i understand that they can be more thrustabl ande less changing comparing to Thai ladies.

  3. I will go for Filipino women because they can speak English so the communication is not a problem. Filipino girls are better than Thai women in terms of mail order brides or marriage.

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