How Asian wife is better than Western wives


Asian wives are extremely popular in the West because of their beautiful characteristics. An Asian wife takes good care of her husband and children. She works hard to support the family. With an Asian wife at home, your organized house and delicious homemade daily meals are no longer a problem. You feel like you are the man of the house. Studies have proved that many single American men prefer to get married with the Asian lady. Especially, divorced men like to knot with Asian girls to build a life-term commitment. As you know that these girls don’t get divorced with the man because of his financial problems.

Asian wife

Asian wife

American men think Asian wife is more beautiful than the Native American girls. The darker skin of Asian ladies are generally more beautiful, attractive and sexy. Most of Asian women are calmer and they have a higher tolerance for the man. They put their husband and children on high priority. Some American guys think that Asian ladies are too small for them. It maybe true if you are a big American. But if you are a medium guy, then an Asian wife is perfect for you. A beautiful couple is that the girl comes up to the guy’s shoulder. This looks for beautiful.

Asian wives can give their husbands the unmatched love. They can produce the best love for their husbands that you cannot find in any other Western girls. They can give warmer feelings and higher affection. They like to enjoy a happy family more than anything else. Their characteristics are extraordinary. Most of Asian girls in America work full time, they always manage to have an organized household. They try the best they can to support and help the husband. As you can see many Native American couples spend hundreds of dollars a month to hire cleaning service company to clean their house. However, you don’t see Asian-American couples spend this kind of money on such jobs because the wife will do it.

Asian girls are willing to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of their husbands and children. They will do anything to make sure the husband is happy. They always stay on their husband side no matter what the situation is. They respect their husbands take good care of the children. An Asian wife will always try to figure out what her husband want.

Asian wives are more attractive because of their own inner beauty and the traits. Western ladies may be more attractive from the outer-look, but Asian ladies are more attractive from the inner look.

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  1. I’m looking for a Asain wife as I’ve heard they stay loyal to their man and husband. This is what I am looking for

    • @Edward: This is just a friendly advice from a pinay.
      1. Please Do not rush into any relationship. No matter how pretty they are.
      2. If you do not know anyone in Asia, make lots of friends first -choose the good ones. Run as fast as you can if they’re questionable, or have red flags.
      3. The local, good friends will help you find a nice one. And take your time to get to know the girl. Never rush. There are lots of good ones there.

  2. Ive dated asian women and gotta say they always treated me better than white american girls. They arent as materialistic or self centered as these women here. Even a lot of the beautiful ones are friendly. Sorry why date an entitled narcissistic when I can date someone who is kind and normal?

  3. So Asian women make the perfect wives, and we as western women are all heartless, selfish and evil? Kind of surprising that my husband still and I have been married for thirteen years, and that he often tells me that I’m the best that ever happened to him. Maybe it’s because he never read this article….

  4. Can’t resist and decide to reply. Asian ladies or Western ladies do not matter, we are all still ladies. Just the upbringing and family values that counts. I strongly disagree that some males just thought of getting an Asian wife just because we are better with the house chores and taking care of them. A relationship is an equal affair of love, care and everything else that comes with it. Are you trying to say that, just because and Asian wife does everything and the man just sits and watch TV, while the wife having to juggle with a wailing baby, cooking & doing laundry at the same time, the husband just continues watching TV is just because she’s an Asian and does perfect chores?

    It is an equal world out there now. Asian or Western ladies we are just after this: Love, Care, Respect & mutual understanding…

    I’m an Asian lady, and also works as a Manager. I earn a living and am comfortable with it. I’m just looking for a guy that would and will treat me or any other ladies with respect and love as how they treat their mum… not someone who will treat ladies like a slave.

    Note: If you’re thinking of getting an Asian lady to do your chores, get a maid not a wife.

    Sorry if you felt offended. I guess, I’m voicing out on behalf of other ladies who demanded to be treated with dignity and respect.

  5. Asian wife maybe not better than Western wife. the only difference is that Asian wives are more traditional. They don’t go out for other guys after marriage. Unlike western wives, they divide equally the errands in the house. Asian wives may cook daily meals, clean houses, etc. while the man watches TV.

  6. it simply is not true at all. Asian wifes are not better than Western wifes, not at all. I work in Asia almost 35years and face the troubles between usa and asian partners almost every day. Most of the relations are not even working at all but… Asian woman know how to sacrefice themself for there FAMILY in ASIA !!! For that they shut up and comfort the man (husband) they life with. It’s business with a big smile even they learn that many, many usa man are so brute and so treat them like slaves. That beside the fact the usa still is a super racist country. It is hard to live in there and also payment is much lower for brown-skin or black people. An other fact is that about 87% of the world hate the usa but indeed love the dollars. And yes ” yankee’s” love to hear people tell them am your friend and we love you soooooooo much. Only americans believe it is the truth. The rest of the world knows how stupid americans are. Only americans think and even believe that without de usa there will be no peace and no democratie in the world. The rest of the world know that because of the agressive usa there is no peace, there are so many killings, many wars and more and more people everyday who hates the usa. Please stay home, keep your dollars and take your own whiteskin bigmouth ladys as your own. We not need you at all the come in Asia or any other part of the world to mingle your dirty minds and behavior……

  7. What a load of nonsense! Whoever wrote it is an idiot…first of all for portraying Asian women in such a TYPICAL light – there’s no such thing as ‘an asian wife’ everyone is different. They can be subservient, bossy, lazy, spoiled, happy…just like any woman. Also, there is only one kind of ‘native american’ and they are not the white people you are referring to. All Americans came from all over the world, including ASIA. Stupid!!!
    You shouldn’t publish such rubbish…

  8. There is much truth in the article, but everything in it is not always true. I know at least one man whose Asian wife dumped him – and he was not a bad guy. I think he just worked too hard making sure his family was taken care of.

  9. Yes of course there is no match of Asian Wife, I am thinking that in case I would have born in Europe, then I would be without marriage the whole life, I have so many examples of faithful asian wives that they took care of their husbands until last breath. I am living king’s life because of beautiful wife, she prepare food that I always got over weight. In future I have nice stories regarding the Asian wives, as I have no experience of Western Wife.

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