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What You Think About Asian Women and Girls in USA

Asian women in USA are stronger than in Asian countries. I think one reason is that women in America are independent from each other. They do not live dependently on their husband. Asian girls in the United States work harder to support for the family and their children.

In Asia, most of women take care of the housework and they do not have to work. Their husbands usually take care of the expenses in the home. So, the men make money to support for the family and the men lead the family. Women in Asia just stay home to take care of their housework and children. There are some of them work to support for their family but just a few. Most of the time, the men make money to support for the family. So, girls in Asia are dependent on their husband.

Asian Women USA

Asian Americans follow the modern society of the United States that is equal to both men and women. Sometimes women are treated better than men in America. We are speaking of Asian American women who work full time and still take good care of their family. This is wonderful for those Asian ladies who live in America. Next to my house, there is an Asian woman who carries two children on her car and take them to the child care center, then she goes to work. This happen every day. When she gets home, she picks up her children and go home, cook dinner for the family, wash dishes, clean the house, and etc. This is the best characteristics of Asian women in USA. They work and work and work to take good care of their family, especially their children.

Some Asian girls go to school and get a good degree in Information Technology (IT), Accounting, Finance, Business, Administration, and others. Some smart Asian women also get a Master degree in Biology, Lawyer, and higher degree in Government facility. There are many Asian women who are successful in America. However, the best characteristics of Asian ladies are the inside and the honest. They try to work hard in the United States to take care for their family. They also study too hard to change their life with a better future. Asian ladies are faithful to the true love and their husbands. They do not go out on wild trips after getting married. They respect the elders and let the men to lead the family.

Asian girls in USA have more power than Asian women in Asia. Women in Asia live dependently on their husband so they usually do not have power in the family. They can not speak or give ideas with their husbands. Asian women in USA are more powerful because they work and take care of their children just as the men do. In the Untied States, women are treated fairly, especially at the work place. Women are paid equally to the men. It does not matter whether you are an Asian woman or Western woman, all people at the workforce are getting paid fairly. Anyway, Asian girls in American are stronger and more responsible. They can study, work, and take care of their children. Most importantly, Asian girls in US are skinny, pretty, and sexy.