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Why are most of Asian Girls Shy

I have known one singe Asian woman at free Asian dating service in New York. I am a Native American man who lives in Nyc, USA. The Asian girl I met online is shy and never disclosed about herself and her family. She speaks English very well, the same as Native American girls. She did not talk to me much. She is just too hard to understand her.

Are Asian girls shy

Are Asian girls shy

I have met with many American women and to compare with Asian girls, they are completely different. Asian single women do not disclose themselves in front of their men. They hide their feelings. I have been going out with an Asian single woman whom I met on the Internet a few times, but she still considers us like friends. Even I could not hold her hand. I am confused whether she likes me or not. This was the fourth date already, she should has said so.

It is too hard to understand Asian girls. They do not disclose as much as American girls. Asian girls are skinny and pretty and their characteristics are wonderful. They respect the elders and their husbands, let the husband to lead the big things from the family. Asian women are good at cooking and taking care of the house. They like to raise their children the way that Asian people do, including respecting elders and others. When speaking of my single Asian lady who I have met online at an Asian marriages dating service, like I said, she did not let me to hold her hand. One day when we were walking together at the shopping center, I met a female friend and talked to her for a while, we hugged each other when saying good-bye. I could tell that my Asian lady got jealous.

I like to say that Asian women are deep in mind. They do not like to play around. They are serious. The Asian girls whom I mentioned here is my wife now and we lived happily with each other. I could have not hold her hand even we went on the fourth date. I could not kiss her even we were like three months from knowing each other. Asian girls are hard and picky, not easy come and easy go. However, when you win her heart, she is perfect and valuable. Asian women are not easy at all. You should be patient when going out with Asian ladies. You should not expect to have sex with a single Asian female on the first few dates. It is never happened this quick. You have to win her heart first.

Asian pretty girls usually hide their feelings in front of their men. Even though she loves you much, she does not want to tell you that. She thinks about you much, you may not know. Asian women do not like to tell their men something like “I miss you so much” or “I love you so much”. They keep from the inside and they do not like to disclose with their men. Anyway, looking for Asian women for marriage or dating, you should learn about their characteristics first. There are many of single Asian girls online at free Asian dating sites, you should join these websites to find the best one to date with. There is no fee to join, to search, and to contact with them. Whether you are a single man or woman, Asian dating service is the good way to find a true love.