Why are Asian girls looking for White men

Asian girls looking for White men

Asian girls looking for White men

Asian girls looking for White men because of several different reasons. Asian girls can view how American men treat the woman and compare that with how Asian men treat the woman. Generally speaking, these girls think that White men treat the woman in a better manner. So, they think that they are treated with respect when getting married with these men. This concept may or may not be true. Because of the violence in Asia that the husband abused his wife by beating her up, etc, this affects the view of Asian women who live in the West, especially in America. Another reason that an Asian woman prefer to have an White man is that she finds he will fit her standards as a perfect man.

So, single Asian women seeking White men register their personal ads online to look for this ideal partner. Since we live on this Internet century, singles don’t go to the bars or clubs to look for dates. They prefer the online dating services to find their future other half. Asian women like to create a profile at free Asian dating sites because these services don’t charge any money for using. Either you are a man or a woman, there is never a fee at all. You can join paid dating websites as well if you are willing to pay a small fee each month, like $25. Most singles prefer the free online dating service so they don’t any membership fee. Most women seeking men prefer to create a profile at free Asian romance dating sites.

The online dating process made it easier for men in search of Asian women as well. Back to out topic, Asian women think that they look for white guys because men in their own race don’t treat them with respect and don’t provide them with the lifestyle they dream of. However, from the point of view of Asian men, what do they think? What do Asian men say about an Asian woman with a White man? They will say that Asian women with White guys are physical interests and sexual preferences. There is no love between a White guy and an Asian lady, but just sex. Don’t you believe it? Yes and No, right?

Filipina ladies and Foreign husbands with kids

Filipina ladies and Foreign husbands with kids (Google images)

Why are Asian fetish, Asiaphilia, Yellow fever seeking white men?

Asian women or Asian fetish, Asiaphilia, Yellow fever are the terms Caucasians usually call them, not to be disrespectful but to distinct them with White women. From the media standpoint of view, Caucasian men are too popular by the way they look and the personal traits they show in public. Just walking in public places like Manila, Tokyo, Bangkok, people view white men with respects even though they don’t know what these Caucasians do for a living. Especially, if an Asian fetish walks hand in hand with a Caucasian man, then she has that honor from public views as well.

Dating or marrying a white man makes the yellow fever appealing to Asian women. As we mentioned above, Asiaphilia dating Caucasian guys because of social status and/or physical attraction. Asian ladies like to marry White guys because they are treated equally so they can enjoy better parts in a relationship. In the Western culture, men are not scared about their wife’s social status. They treat their wife with equal way in a relationship. So, it doesn’t matter whether a woman’s abilities are higher than the man’s, she is treated equally. In Asia, this is a big difference.

Another important reason I have to point out here so you have a clear understanding about why Asian fetish looking for Caucasian husbands is the “control” and “power” by men. Most Asian girls feel controlled by men.

Most women prefer to have a tall, large white man to be with. Asian women are the same thing. They want to be with a tall and large guy who they think will protect them better than small and short Asian man. Al right, this subject is rather closed because we don’t want to argue anymore. On the other hand, do White males like Asian females? Generally speaking, most White men do like Asian women. They think Asian girls are more responsible and reliable when forming a family. They think that Asian women are more matured and balanced to make choices in the family or in life. So, White guys love Asian girls not only on sex aspects, but also social and moral aspects.

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  3. I’m tall with blue eyes. Love outdoors and having fun. Asian eyes are my weakness. I am a one (1) women at a time man,no games. I’m clean, no drinking and no drugs. If you drink it’s ok. I insist a lady have free will for herself. I’m looking for a sweetheart that likes attention.I’m casual and affectionate. Blue jeans with sneakers and a walk on the beach sounds good. BUT, I like to get all dressed up for dinners, parties and special events. If we can be friends with a spark first, then trust and maybe later love.?

  4. I am the fresh man who love to give pleasure, lm honest. I do accept your free will. You get my attention.l love to love you:) whit kiss and hug;)

  5. Hey ladies my name is Brandon it was very nice to meet you a little bit about myself I’m outgoing energetic love to have fun love to meet new people

  6. Wow, how did i up here? Lol. Interesting article though. I do have a thing for asian chicks…although I’ve never been with one haha..kinda that forbidden fruit maybe? I don’t recommend contacting any of these guys in the comments..they sound like weirdos lol.

  7. Let’s be real white men’s large sinewy cut bodies, their blue dreamy eyes, chiseled nose, prominent chin, manly Adams apple, bigger frame, perfectly shaped big penises are all the reasons why asian, black, and all types of women lust either secretly or not so secretly about white men, especially those handsome carefree and sexually charged country farm Cowboys. Mmmmmm.

  8. i am chris clayton, im looking for a nice honest lady to spend the rest of my life with and be my best friend . i like to travel fish camp write poems and cook . if you like these quilatys in a man here i am lol .

  9. One exception – skanky Filipino girls only look for white men so they can move their entire family out of the Phillipines and into his house. Then they’ll cheat on him (an ethnic moral issue), divorce him and take his house. Having been in the USAF, I’ve seen this happen to many naive USAF Enlistees and Officers fall for those slut Flips. A Japanese, Korean or Taiwanese girl would never do that to a white husband because they have Morals and a clean culture the Flips don’t have.

  10. Asian women are often white manhunters but not allcountieses in Asia is so. Thai women and philippina women are worst. Vietnamese and chinese also. But visa to rich country are also importent for this women.
    I never feel very comfortable with an asian women who are interested in me only because I am white and from a rich country. And countrys where white men go to Asia
    to get a wife tell much about problems in this countries. Is white women really so bad that white men must go to Asia to get a wife? If that will be the reality in the future. In “white” countries with big asian populations (Australia, New Zealand, Canda etc).
    What will happend with this countries in the future.
    And will euroasian children fell they are whites or asians. Lets hope they like the white way of life, because asian women have strong genes.

  11. I like indians and whites… they are both the hottest. I prefer indians more though. I mean; they are just like tanned caucasians and most of them have better education and elite upbringing 🙂

  12. White girls are more adventurous, we don’t know where they’ve been so it’s not worth the risk. I also get the impression that they think guys will be impressed if they’ve been around the block. In reality, we hope they catch an STD and die.

  13. I might sound a little unbiased here, but I don’t really feel attraction has to do with race, it’s more the attitude from the culture that makes up your country. In the U.S. white men feel they are allowed to get any woman regardless of race, and since the American market seems to perpetuate this idea to make profit particularly in the entertainment industry, there’s not much competition for white men considering the limiting amount of Asian men living in the U.S. Just recently, I heard on the news there’s going to be some 20 or 30 million more Asian men than women in China years from now because of the one child policy and favoring the males. Maybe the Asian men in China who are single should move to the U.S.?

  14. The main point that an Asian girl seeking a white guy is because he treats her in a better manner, respects her more and love her more.

    Asian men don’t do the same.


  15. I agree with the article. White guys do love Asian girls not only on sex aspects, but also social, moral and family aspects. Now all I have to do is find the right one!

  16. This article is 100% correct. All of the Asian women I know who have married White (Caucasian) men, they seem to be very happy with their men. All of the Caucasian men that I know who have married Asian women, these men literally CHERISH and TREASURE every monment of their social lives because these men have discovered that the Asian women truly make the best wives in all the world. For every couple that I have met (and I have met over 100 of these couples in the military), I can see such a beautiful relationship that contributes to a very healthy lifestyle.

    • Tall Tiger, I agree. I know a number of white guys who married Asians and 99% are still married (one of my buddies got divorced). Life with an Asaian woman is more peaceful than with most American women who I find combative and difficult. My wife is Caucasian and I have to constantly tell her to stop her constant complaining and stop embarassing me in public. . It is a non stop battle. My mother and her mother noticed it and told her to knock it off. I am always walking out of the house to get away from the nagging. Do not marry a white American female.

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