Why do Asian Girls Like Western Men for marriage?


In America, we see thousands of interracial relationships and marriages between Asian Girls love white men and black men. You wonder why Asian girls love white men or black guys. One reason is that these guys treat Asian girls as Queens, including respects and politeness. I usually pay attention to these couples and have concluded that these gentlemen are very nice and polite to their women. They always use the Western techniques to treat the woman, even after marriage. So, Asian girls love black men or white guys is because of this respectful way of treating them. On the other hand, most Asian men don’t do this to the wife after marriage.

Asian black and white couples

Asian black and white couples

Let’s talk about why black and white men looking for Asian girls. As you know that most of Asian women are beautiful, small, smooth, and sexy from the out-view. Their inner-beauty is extraordinary in terms of doing as a house-wife. An Asian girl does not get angry with her husband. When she reaches the argument, she sits back and stays silent until she is out of the boiling point. In terms of love and relationship, she honors your love and respect her husband, as well as put your needs on top. Most Asian
women re beautiful from the inside and the outside. They are obese, feminine, petite and delicate. Most of them take good care of their physical appearance. They usually don’t drink or smoke. After marriage, an Asian woman stays on your side and only goes out with you and your children.

Let’s go back to the point of why Asian Women love black men or white guys. In the United States of America or other Western nations, there thousands of thousands single Asian women are living with their husbands whose races are not Asian. Most of Asian ladies who get married with American husbands are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Laos, Khmer, and etc. The main reason is that these Western guys treat Asian women in a better manner than Asian men do. A lot of Asian guys don’t usually pay attention to the wife after marriage and have kids. Even some Asian guys don’t even remember the birthday of their wives. On the other hand, Western men pay a lot of attention to these special days of the wife such as anniversary, birthday, etc.

I know that my article may make some Asian men angry, but it is true in terms of relationship and marriage. Again, I am speaking from the general point of view. Some tips for Asian guys is that treat your girl in more respect and pay attention to her, even after marriage or after she has kids. Take her out to romantic dinners and treat her well. Talk to her the way you talked when dating her. You will see how great it turns out.

Again, I am speaking from my own experience. I am Asian. Sometimes I forgot about those romantic things I have done during the dating time with my wife. So, I just write this article as my personal experience. Most of Asian girls love Asian men, only some love white men or black guys. If you are an Asian man who treats and respects her by paying more attention to her, fulfill what she needs, giving gifts to her special days, taking her to romantic dinner, etc, you will see who how wonderful your love-life is.

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Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. As white man I think asian women are better than a white woman.
    Here in Scandianavia, is et easy for a white man to get an asian woman from countries like Thailand, phillipines, Indonesia, Vietnam etc. But I have never
    seen an asian woman with a black man. In western countries many white men hear that men are bad and women are good. We learn that men are brutal, aggressive, sex animals speak bad and have other negative traits.
    Such form of mens views of themselves. In buddhist countries in Asia for example, women have many of this negative traits. So it is oppsite.
    That is a win win situation for white men asian women couple.

  2. What’s wrong with Asian ladies settling down with African men. I am an African man who is interested in settling down with asian lady…Anybody interested, inbox me. I am also Qualified to TEFL.

  3. that not right.almost asian girl maryy with black or white man.they are cave or girl dancing .that mean they are horse.if they are good girl .they never marry diffend race.almost asian girl dating with black or white man they do not have man love them.

  4. That’s right. American men treat the woman in a better manner than Asian men do. So, Asian men, you need to learn how to treat these Asian girls with respects.

  5. I like to date a white man. I think most white American men treat Asian girls with most respects. However, I don’t like to get married with a white man because most of them don’t save money. They spend too much. If they got laid off, then you have to work to take care of your husband. Dating a white man is good but getting married with him is ‘maybe not’.

  6. Only a few Asian women love black men or white guys, the rest love to get married with Asian men. I am a Chinese girl and I like to get married with a Chinese man only.

  7. You know what? Only some Asian girls prefer American men for marriage. I am not one of them. But I think these Asian women follow the modern lifestyle of the Western country. If her friend has an American boyfriend, then she wants to do the same thing.

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