Why Do Thai Women Accept Older Western Men For Marriage?


Needless to say most Thai women who marry older foreign men is because of the stability in both financial and relationship. An old foreign man can provide other of these so she will accept to marry him. 

As you have seen thousands of young single women in Thailand have posted their personal profiles at Asian dating sites including Asiandatenet.com or others to look for foreign husbands. Many of them have found their life mate online.

Thai women

Thai women

There are many successful stories regarding Thai ladies and men in the West who found each other online. However, there are still some failure stories about that like some girls are gold-diggers on money of these men. Some of them are not serious but just want to have short-term relationship. Things happen, you know? Most of these ladies are those you meet at the bar. For meeting a sweet and honest Thai lady, you should go to online dating sites. You can search on Google for keywords like Thai girls and Western guys, you will run into hundreds of articles that you can read and learn more. For successful stories please go to the testimonials of Asiandatenet to read them.

There are many young Thai girls who marry older Western men. There are some reasons for each girl. However, the financial security and relationship stability are the most important reasons for such young women older men marriages. You have seen a 55-year-old man with a 25-year-old Thai wife in Thailand, which happens a lot lately. Most of these men are financially stable especially in the low standard living as in Thailand. These guys may be under-averaged in the West but they are stable in Thailand.

Another reason that Thai/foreign marriages happen is the beauty of the kids who have half blood from the Thai mother and the Western father. Their look is so beautiful. Also, Thai women are tight to their family. They respect the parents and always want to do something to help them. Getting married with a Western husband is the big help for the family, from the pride for relatives, friends and neighbors. In fact, when a Thai lady married a Western man, she is proud of herself. All of her relatives, friends and neighbors are proud about her and many envy about that as well.

Western men are popular by the way they treat the woman. They respect the woman and treat her with love. In Thailand, many local men don’t treat the woman well and needless to say many of them treat the woman bad by beating up and be “controlled” husbands. Most Thai ladies dream to marry a Western guy because of the way he treats and respects a woman.

Why do Western men fall on Thai women?

Thai women are charming and sexy. When a Western man comes to Thailand and marry her, he can fall on these charming ladies. Of course, they are skinny and small and they have learned the secrets to making their husband happy and satisfied every moment. Women in Thailand are too popular in the West nowadays. Here are some golden characteristics about Thai ladies:

  1. She treats you like a King. She is submissive. You take the lead. You make decision in the house.
  2. She makes breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. When you climb out of bed in the morning, she hands you a hot cup of coffee, staying there and waiting for you to drink it.
  3. When you take a bath, she places your clothes and a bath tower on the rack for you. After you finish eating, she will rinse off your plate and wash all the dishes. If you try to help her, then she may be mad because it is a “woman’s job”, she thinks so.
  4. She will ask for your permission about whether or not she can spend the money on anything. Is that cool?
  5. One of the most characteristic of Thai women is the “fresh” girl every night by the way she dresses and wears perfume. You feel like a “new bride” every time.
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  1. You have a point but i guess on my own opinion not all girls marrying an old men are just thinking about stability and finance some of them just found the one true love which they can be with forever.

  2. Not only Thai ladies prefer to get married with older men but all women on this world prefer older men for marriage. That’s normal. Most single women prefer older men for dating or marriage because older men are more matured who love value things in the right way. You don’t want to date a younger man so you have to babysit him. So, most single women in Thailand want to marry older husbands. For me, I prefer to find a guy who is at least 5 years older than me.

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