Western Men Should Not Make The Same Mistakes With Thai Women

There are the same mistakes that Western men made towards Thai women over and over again. You need to understand the Farang women in Thailand before you marry them. You should not read and follow the fairy tales of limited foreign men and Thai lady relationships through friends or online dating sites. You are a Western guy and she is a Thai lady, which are completely different just like two different worlds. There are some common mistakes that you should avoid while dating or marrying a Thai woman.

Thai woman in US

Thai woman in US

Where to meet your wife?

Many Western men like to travel to Bangkok and meet Thai girls in a bar and then date and marry them. Ah, this is the first mistake you make. You really don’t know for sure if she is a prostitute or a good girl. Most girls who work at the clubs are sexy so you are easy to fall on them. You can’t turn a prostitute into a wife. Most of them who work as prostitution are sweet in talking with Western men. They use the same tricks to get your sympathy. They tell you about sob stories to get you hooked up. Also, the most important trick they make is the way they make love with you. You will fall on them. So, don’t try to meet a girl in a bar and turn her into a lifelong wife.

If you have Thai friends, then you can ask them to hook you up with a girl. They know all local girls who are good in heart. If you don’t have any friend, then you can use online Thai dating sites like or others to get acquainted with a girl before you travel to Thailand to meet her. You can chat with her via webcam chatting tools like Wechat, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and so on. Don’t take an easy road to meet a wife in a bar or club.

How long to get know her

Don’t settle down too fast because you need to get know her for a long time. There is not an exact time frame but you are the only person who knows exactly when the right time comes. Many foreign men made the same mistakes that they decided to get married too fast, because of their little time in Thailand. They got acquainted with some girls through a Thai online dating service, traveled there for 4 weeks, decided to marry a girl in the first week so they can have 3 weeks with her. This is a mistake so don’t rush into that.

You should go there to meet her and come back to your hometown to think about before you make decision to marry her or not. I know love comes from the first sight but you marry an international wife so you must be thinking with care. Even if you have a busy schedule, think about it before making that important decision. If she is yours, then she is yours. Don’t think negatively about losing her if you don’t marry her right away.

Be polite with her family and siblings

Western men usually don’t care about her parents or siblings which result in bad failure later on. Unlike in Western countries where you knee down in front of your girlfriend to propose for marriage “would you like to marry me?”, you don’t have to do that in Thailand. What you need to do is to visit her family, talk to her parents and brothers and sisters, be friendly with them, get liked from them. To be on the safe side, ask her parents if they want you to be their son-in-law, “Hi Mr. and Mrs., I love your daughter and I like to marry her”, for instance. This will help you get a good point in her family.

Getting married

Getting married with a Thai girl is extremely important that you need to thoroughly think through it. I suggest you learn about Thai culture before the wedding. If you get married with a Thai lady who lives in America, Canada, Australia or other Western countries, then you are fine because they have learned the Western culture already. For those who decide to live in Thailand, you need to learn about the culture.

Bring her to the West

After marriage, you sponsor her to your hometown. On this stage, I think you know about Thai culture. Don’t let her to be alone in making decision. You should be there for her. She is new to the country so she needs your advice. Don’t treat her as a local person who knows everything where to go. You should try to help her in getting a job and go from there.

Help her family

Once she found a job and worked for a few months, she may send money to help her parents and siblings. Don’t be selfish to stop her from doing that. If you are a nice guy, then you should try to help her family as well.

Western men have unique and beautiful traits but there are some mistakes that they made over and over again with Thai wives. I hope you learn from the past mistakes of others did, to build your own happy interracial marriage.

Golden Traits About White Men That Thai Girls Love

White men have some golden traits that most Thai girls love about. No wonder why thousands of single foreign men in the West travel to Thailand for meeting these Thai women. They just speak English and being white, then get crush on girls. On this article, I use the words “girls”, “women” or “ladies” interchangeably because women in Asia prefer to be called “girls” if they are not married.

White man and Thai girls

White man and Thai girls (Photo: Flickr)

If you’ve ever been in Bangkok or other cities as Patpong, Nana and so on, then you will see Thai girls and White men couples standing around the touristy places. Almost every White man has a Thai woman. Of course, some of these girls are prostitutes. The truth is, some Western men come to Thailand on tourism because of prostitution of yellow-fever ladies. There are some reasons that Thai women marry Western men. However, I won’t discuss about this on this article but about golden characteristics of White guys that most Thai ladies fall on.

They view White guys with impressive eyes because they think these guys are affluent. Are they rich? I have to say some are rich and some are average and some are poor. It depends on where do you compare these guys with local guys. Some old men live on their social security money, like $900 a month. This amount of money is very small in Canada, Australia or America. However, $900 is about 30,000 THB in Thailand so it is huge. People who earn about 30,000 THB in Thailand are considered above average.

White male tourists are popular in Thailand that most Thai girls want to be with. They are popular in their characteristics about treating the woman with respects. They let the woman freely speak and share ideas. They don’t control on the woman but let her do whatever she likes to do. And, they are strong in bed.

Being with a White man is the pride from public. This is absolutely right. When a Thai lady dating a White guy, she is proud of herself from public’s view. People look at her with impress for being with the most beautiful guy on the world. So, most single women in Thailand are proud to date with White expats.

White men are considered better husbands who take responsibility in the family. I have to tell you one truth about Thai men. They work hard to support their family and children. However, most of them don’t treat their wife as Western men do. After work, they gather with male friends and drink and get drunk. Also, they have mistresses after married for awhile. This is what most ladies don’t like to get married with local men at all.

White men can sponsor their wives to the West. This is another golden trait of these guys. Many Thai ladies dream about coming to the West to live. They can work and make good money to help their parents and siblings back home. They can enjoy breathing fresh air and organic food. Their children can go to the best schools. And, they can enjoy other good things when they come to the West.

In conclusion, I am writing this article based on my personal knowledge and what I read online. I don’t personally intent to pick out any group of people. Nowadays, there are many White men and Thai women signed up at Thai online dating sites like or others to find each other. Above is most reasons that Thai girls love about White men for marriage.

Why Do Thai Women Accept Older Western Men For Marriage?

Needless to say most Thai women who marry older foreign men is because of the stability in both financial and relationship. An old foreign man can provide other of these so she will accept to marry him. 

As you have seen thousands of young single women in Thailand have posted their personal profiles at Asian dating sites including or others to look for foreign husbands. Many of them have found their life mate online.

Thai women

Thai women

There are many successful stories regarding Thai ladies and men in the West who found each other online. However, there are still some failure stories about that like some girls are gold-diggers on money of these men. Some of them are not serious but just want to have short-term relationship. Things happen, you know? Most of these ladies are those you meet at the bar. For meeting a sweet and honest Thai lady, you should go to online dating sites. You can search on Google for keywords like Thai girls and Western guys, you will run into hundreds of articles that you can read and learn more. For successful stories please go to the testimonials of Asiandatenet to read them.

There are many young Thai girls who marry older Western men. There are some reasons for each girl. However, the financial security and relationship stability are the most important reasons for such young women older men marriages. You have seen a 55-year-old man with a 25-year-old Thai wife in Thailand, which happens a lot lately. Most of these men are financially stable especially in the low standard living as in Thailand. These guys may be under-averaged in the West but they are stable in Thailand.

Another reason that Thai/foreign marriages happen is the beauty of the kids who have half blood from the Thai mother and the Western father. Their look is so beautiful. Also, Thai women are tight to their family. They respect the parents and always want to do something to help them. Getting married with a Western husband is the big help for the family, from the pride for relatives, friends and neighbors. In fact, when a Thai lady married a Western man, she is proud of herself. All of her relatives, friends and neighbors are proud about her and many envy about that as well.

Western men are popular by the way they treat the woman. They respect the woman and treat her with love. In Thailand, many local men don’t treat the woman well and needless to say many of them treat the woman bad by beating up and be “controlled” husbands. Most Thai ladies dream to marry a Western guy because of the way he treats and respects a woman.

Why do Western men fall on Thai women?

Thai women are charming and sexy. When a Western man comes to Thailand and marry her, he can fall on these charming ladies. Of course, they are skinny and small and they have learned the secrets to making their husband happy and satisfied every moment. Women in Thailand are too popular in the West nowadays. Here are some golden characteristics about Thai ladies:

  1. She treats you like a King. She is submissive. You take the lead. You make decision in the house.
  2. She makes breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. When you climb out of bed in the morning, she hands you a hot cup of coffee, staying there and waiting for you to drink it.
  3. When you take a bath, she places your clothes and a bath tower on the rack for you. After you finish eating, she will rinse off your plate and wash all the dishes. If you try to help her, then she may be mad because it is a “woman’s job”, she thinks so.
  4. She will ask for your permission about whether or not she can spend the money on anything. Is that cool?
  5. One of the most characteristic of Thai women is the “fresh” girl every night by the way she dresses and wears perfume. You feel like a “new bride” every time.