Golden Traits About White Men That Thai Girls Love


White men have some golden traits that most Thai girls love about. No wonder why thousands of single foreign men in the West travel to Thailand for meeting these Thai women. They just speak English and being white, then get crush on girls. On this article, I use the words “girls”, “women” or “ladies” interchangeably because women in Asia prefer to be called “girls” if they are not married.

White man and Thai girls

White man and Thai girls (Photo: Flickr)

If you’ve ever been in Bangkok or other cities as Patpong, Nana and so on, then you will see Thai girls and White men couples standing around the touristy places. Almost every White man has a Thai woman. Of course, some of these girls are prostitutes. The truth is, some Western men come to Thailand on tourism because of prostitution of yellow-fever ladies. There are some reasons that Thai women marry Western men. However, I won’t discuss about this on this article but about golden characteristics of White guys that most Thai ladies fall on.

They view White guys with impressive eyes because they think these guys are affluent. Are they rich? I have to say some are rich and some are average and some are poor. It depends on where do you compare these guys with local guys. Some old men live on their social security money, like $900 a month. This amount of money is very small in Canada, Australia or America. However, $900 is about 30,000 THB in Thailand so it is huge. People who earn about 30,000 THB in Thailand are considered above average.

White male tourists are popular in Thailand that most Thai girls want to be with. They are popular in their characteristics about treating the woman with respects. They let the woman freely speak and share ideas. They don’t control on the woman but let her do whatever she likes to do. And, they are strong in bed.

Being with a White man is the pride from public. This is absolutely right. When a Thai lady dating a White guy, she is proud of herself from public’s view. People look at her with impress for being with the most beautiful guy on the world. So, most single women in Thailand are proud to date with White expats.

White men are considered better husbands who take responsibility in the family. I have to tell you one truth about Thai men. They work hard to support their family and children. However, most of them don’t treat their wife as Western men do. After work, they gather with male friends and drink and get drunk. Also, they have mistresses after married for awhile. This is what most ladies don’t like to get married with local men at all.

White men can sponsor their wives to the West. This is another golden trait of these guys. Many Thai ladies dream about coming to the West to live. They can work and make good money to help their parents and siblings back home. They can enjoy breathing fresh air and organic food. Their children can go to the best schools. And, they can enjoy other good things when they come to the West.

In conclusion, I am writing this article based on my personal knowledge and what I read online. I don’t personally intent to pick out any group of people. Nowadays, there are many White men and Thai women signed up at Thai online dating sites like or others to find each other. Above is most reasons that Thai girls love about White men for marriage.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. Every White man is handsome and cute with big blue eyes and tall figure, who is the big dream of Thai women when they grow up. In Bangkok, single women in Thailand dream of dating a White guy and marry him so their family and friends are proud of themselves.

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