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Why Are Asian Wives Cheated By Their Husbands?

Asian wives are cheated by husbands

Asian wives are the most women who are cheated by their husbands, not only in their hometown but also in the West, where they have moved there to live. The main reason is that Asian women are submissive. 

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In Asia like China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, India, many men cheat on women. I mean, the ladies don’t have much control over their men. The husband go out and work, make money to support for the whole family. The wife stays home and take care of her children. The man of the house controls everything and sometimes he changed his wife to be a servant of the family. For those Asian people who live in the U.S. or Canada etc they have learned the Western culture.

Why do they cheat on their wives?

Asian wives are submissive. In other words, most of these ladies don’t understand thoroughly about their roles as being a wife, a mother of the family. They think that men go out and work so they can do anything they like so having a mistress is fine. They think that women are those who must take care of the family. So, there is no gender freedom. As a result, they don’t talk freely to their husbands, what’s wrong or right. Then, the time goes on. The husband can do whatever he wants to. He controls his wife and make her become a servant of the house.

Many Asian wives who were cheated on are sad, certainly. Some men come home and apologize to the wife after she found out. The truth is that he knows he did wrong. This is a good thing. Some guys never say “I am sorry” to the wife. This is cultural, guys. So, don’t expect a lot from Asian husbands. They usually don’t say “I love you” or “I am sorry” to the wife.

It is not about his self esteem or self perception for cheating on his wife. He is just playing for fun. Again, some guys will tell their wives when the affair happened or they felt guilty about that. That’s good, isn’t it?

My suggestion to you is to be strong when it happens to you. I am a woman and so are you. I understand how you feel about your husband. Be strong, okie? Don’t think about divorce yet. Think about the reason he is cheating on you. Then, change yourself and see how it progresses.

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