Asian Men and White Women: Why Don’t You Stand a Chance?

Asian American men are pursuing to get a date from White women but they can’t stand a chance. Pay attention! You rarely succeed in getting a white girl. It is just too hard for you. You can try but the successful rate is limited. Asian men are the disadvantage in dating or marrying a white lady so resign it and give it up.

Asian man White woman

Asian man White woman

Many white ladies are not interested in dating Asian guys because of several reasons. They said that you guys are whining and complaining all the time. You are not social and afraid of change. And, others.

As you know that most white women do not like men who whine or complain all the time. When it comes to conclusion, let it be it, accept the way it is, stop complaining.

Most of Asian people prefer to online Asian dating services to find their own race. However, there are some Asians open to White ladies.


Have you used the social circle on Google Plus? This is exactly what a white girl wants. You will have more friends and socialize with others. You have to hang out with American, white or black, friends, don’t stick with only Asian folks. You must be social with white friends. Talk and share with non-Asian friends. She does not want you to hang out with Asian people only. Don’t take her to eat “Chinese food” or “Japanese Sushi” every time you go out. Take her to some expensive American restaurants, like Steak Houses, etc.

You don’t have to be a white man but try to adapt to American culture. White girls love Asian culture too. However, they want you to be Americanized as well. You have to change to get acquainted with American lifestyle.

How to get attracted in a White girl

Are you really interested in dating a white woman? We all do but you should not think too much. Stay in your boundary. You will end up with no result. I recommend that you go out there making friends with white guys, go out with them, learn from them, how they live, eat and act. Then, go to find a white girlfriend.

When I was in college, getting a white girl on bed is easy. However, dating her and maintain a good relationship with her is a different story. I recalled helping out a class mate on a math class a few times, she agreed to go to a motel with me. I can have sex with a white girl at ease but dating her is hard. She never said “I love you” while we were doing sex. Anyway, I am telling you, it is hard, guys.

However, if you are famous and rich, then yes, you can have a chance. You’re not Cung Le so it is difficult to marry a white lady. You’re not one of the popular MMA in UFC. You’re not a movie star. So, don’t dream on it guys.

Stereotypes between Asian people and white people are very different. And, Asian guys don’t have confidence, weak face, small body, small size “tool”, etc. Oh, man, many disadvantages are there for Asian men. How could you stand a chance to date a white girl?

Singaporean man and Filipina lady

Singaporean man and Filipina lady

How about Asian women & White men?

Most of American men judged Asian ladies are “Yellow Fever”. Do you know why this term is being used by many guys who are interested in Asian girls? You can answer this by yourself, can’t you? When a marriage is happened between a Asian woman and American man in US, relatives and friends of the bride’s side impressed. I don’t know why but that’s true. I think it is because they think the bride is smart that she wins his heart. However, there are some rumors about such Asian girls American guys marriages. I heard that some people admitted that most American men got married with not-beautiful Asian women. In other words, pretty Asian ladies don’t date American men, only ugly ones do.

Some of American friends told me that Asian women are submissive. You know what? I don’t like this phrase from these friends. I am Asian man so I don’t like they said our ladies are submissive because it is like a slap on my face when I heard that. What they mean is like you know, American men are “cavemen” who can rule over Asian girlfriends or wives. Shit, it is a slap on my face, you know? I hate that racist sentence. They think we still live in the 19th century. Come on, man, we live in the 21th century in America, the most country that has gender freedom. I am tired to explain more about this.

Asian-Asian & Asian-Western Couples – Discuss Before Getting Married

There are some members at our Asian dating site asked me about what to do or things to discuss before getting married with a single woman or man they met online. So, I am writing this article to briefly discuss about this. This is based on my personal experience and what I’ve read from online tips. I’ve met my husband online 10 years ago and I like to share some advice.

Asian-Asian couple & marriage

Asian-Asian couple & marriage

It does not matter if you are an Asian man who met a woman and go back to your original hometown to get married or you are a western man who met an Asian woman, as well as you are an Asian lady who met a single man in the West, you should communicate about what your expectations about married life before jumping on it. Don’t expect the married life as bright as the light. There are some dark sides that you need to discuss with your significant partner.

  1. Sex is the most important thing in your relationship so make sure you are completely satisfied. Some people are being single for a long time so when they have sex with their second half, they feel great and they think they are satisfied, but in fact, it is not. So, think about this matter as it is very important for your married life.
  2. Home mortgage is the thing you need to talk with your future soul mate. If you live in the US, Canada, Australia or other Western countries and you own a house, most of us have an outstanding debt called home mortgage, then you need to briefly explain about this or she may not understand or get scared of the big debt you currently have. For example, you live in Los Angeles of California and buy a house for $400,000, put 20% for down payment and still owe $320,000. This is the big money in Asia, like 15 millions pesos in Philippines, 2 millions Chinese Yuan, 11 millions Thai Baht, 1.3 billions Cambodian Riel, 6.8 billions Vietnamese Dong and so on.
  3. You and your partner may need to discuss about how many children are enough. Do you want kids or how many are questions you should ask your partner. Especially, when Asian men in the West or Western men get married with middle-aged Asian ladies (U40+) who are widowed or divorced, you guys should ask them about these questions.
  4. Where to live is the question for a woman. You should as your fiancé about where to live. Does he own a house? Does he live with his parents and siblings? Ask him when you come to the West, where are you two going to live? In the West, most people are independent so they usually don’t live with their parents and/or siblings, unless they are poor who can’t afford their own place so they have to share the rent with their family.
  5. For most of Christian Asian and Western people, they all believe in God. So, make sure you ask your partner what their religion is and if they want to join your Christian religion. Some people want to keep their own religion.
  6. Household errands are the questions you don’t have to ask if you marry an Asian wife. Most Asian wives are perfect in household work like washing dishes, doing laundry, cooking meals, etc.
  7. If you are an Asian man who gets married, then you know about tie family obligations. Most Asian people are tie with their family, siblings and relatives. Some of them don’t even need friends but family is just enough for them. If you are a Western man, then you should ask about this with her.
  8. Career is also an important issue you need to discuss with your future partner. Most of Asian ladies don’t work after they have babies. They just stay home to handle errands and take care of the kids. So you need to talk to her about the busy lifestyle in the West, that she needs to work and share the bills with you.
  9. When it comes to money, it is hard to ask but you should talk straightly about bank accounts and bill sharing with your future partner. Most married couples argue about this money issue so straight it out right now. Do you want to share a bank account or open an account under your own name? How about sharing bills like home mortgage, utilities, medical insurance, and etc.
Asian-Western Couples n Marriages

Asian-Western Couples n Marriages (Google images)

Every year, there are many marriages from Asian-Asian singles and Western-Asian personals. When they come to the Western countries, including America, Canada, Australia, Italy, France, UK, and so on, there are about 25% couples broke. The major reason that causes them separated or divorced is the lack of communication which lead to wrong understanding from one of another. You need to understand that the lifestyle in the West is different from Asia. The United States of America is the land of opportunities for those who are smart and working hard.

Asian Women Have No Option To Marry An Oversea Husband

If an Asian woman could marry a good man in Asia, then she will not find a foreign husband in America, Europe or Australia. In most of developing Asian nations like the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, there is class distinction between the poor and the rich people. The rich class usually won’t marry the poor class. It is too hard for poor people to move up in a society. Most of the rich people have good connection with the government so they can work and succeed in their business.

Asian wife & husband at Christmas party

Asian wife & husband at Christmas party

The poor Asian women usually find other ways to move up and get rich, especially marry an oversea spouse to immigrate to the West so they can work and make good money. Every year, there are more than 3,000 Vietnamese brides who come to the United States by marriage sponsor from their husbands. Most of these husbands are Vietnamese Americans or Viet Kieu USA who came back to their hometown and married these girls. In the Philippines, the number of marriages between Filipino men who live in the West (Pinoy) and local Filipina ladies are higher than the number of Vietnamese ladies who married Viet Kieu. Most of these women are below-averaged class who want to move up. Of course, Chinese brides who come to the US through marriage sponsor are the most.

There are some good and bad stories between these marriages. Many young Asian women are willing to accept the old husband whose age around their father’s age. Some beautiful and sexy single women in Asia accept ugly and old Asian men who live in the West because their goal is to come to the West to live. After they come to the USA, Canada, Australia or other European countries and became the permanent resident, they file a divorce. I think about 30% of such marriages are broken after they came to the new nation. Another reason is that most Asian men come back to their hometown and just marry beautiful and young girls so they are matched from the public point of view.

Back to our topic, most of Asian girls can’t find a good man there. If she could find a good husband in Asia, then she won’t leave the country. A good man can be defined as a man who love her and can help her family. In this case, she has a hard time to find that man because most of higher classes of men won’t marry the poor ladies. Most of these rich men think the poor women are gold-diggers so they won’t marry them. They want to find the wife whose is similar to theirs about material things. This is another reason that Asian ladies have no option but find a husband oversea.

An Asian woman is seeking a foreign husband who can help her parents and siblings. There is no way she can find such a good man in Asia who can do that. She must immigrate to a developed country so she can work and make money to help her parents, brothers and sisters. There are some husbands of these Asian women must send money to support their wife’s family back home on a monthly basis. Also, these Asian women come to the West try to make money and send back home to help their family as well.

Domestic violence is another reason that Asian women want to get married overseas. Low class men who are not educated usually treat women badly. They don’t have any respect for their wife. They control their wife too much. They get drunk almost every day. They can beat the wife if she dares to talk or argue with them. There are many such men in Asia. Most of Asian women are scared to get married by such guys.

On social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and online dating sites like Asiandatenet, Asiandating or others, there are millions of single women looking for oversea men. They are seeking Asian men who live in America, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, and other European men. I personally think Asian women are going on the right track to find a husband oversea.

To all foreign Asian singles in US, how to find love online?

Living in the United States of America (USA), Asian singles have a hard time to find their life partner. It is because the shortage of Asian people who are single in this country. Asian Americans are totaled about 5% of the entire American population. There are about 320,000,000 (320 millions) of American people in this country. Chinese, Indian, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Pakistani and Cambodian are the most crowded of popular in the US.

Asian American women

Asian American women

Asian Americans work hard to adapt with fast-paced lifestyle in this country. We don’t have much time to go out in flirting or get acquainted with others. Some people like to date or marry only on their own race so the chance is even harder. As I mentioned above, there are not many Asian singles to choose from. So, thousands of Asian single women and men use online dating sites like or others to find love online. This is one of the most effective modern way to find a date nowadays.

The online dating service has become the modern method for every single Asian person who lives in the US. It is simple and easy. You sign up a profile and find whoever you like to meet with. The internet dating has endless possibilities that you can find a perfect match near you or those who live in another city or State. By clicking a few times, there are many Asian American girls and guys showing up in front of you and you only need to view each profile to go from there.

The first thing to find love online is to decide which dating site you build a profile with. Can you afford to pay about $30 or $50 a month? Then, you can go to paid services like,, and so on. If you just want to try out a free site, then you can use, Plentyoffish (POF), Okcupid, etc. It is up to you to choose which type of online dating sites you will register a personal ad with.

There are many Asian American singles just like you waiting to greet you online. In the old days, people like to gather in a bar or club to find short-term dates. However, Asian girls or guys don’t like to get married with people they meet at clubs or bars. This is the problem. Most singles at these places just try to have fun and they are not serious in building a lifelong relationship. Online dating services let you read each profile before you contact so you may know more than 50% of their characteristics before you contact.

Asian American woman at Monument in DC

Asian American woman at Monument in DC

Many Asian American men at Asiandatenet are open to single ladies back home as well. At online dating sites, you can find whoever you like to meet with. There is no limit. I have found a girlfriend at last year and we have a nice relationship. She lives in Houston Texas where I live in Miami Florida. Love can make shorter distance. No joking but it is true.

If you are foreign Asian singles who live in America, then you should not be single. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself in seeking love online. All people have at least once in their lifetime tried online dating. There are thousands of happy relationships and marriages generated from the Asian dating services every year.

Don’t worry about that. Being single is a failure in life. America’s lifestyle is fast-paced which makes millions of Asians can’t find a date or relationship. Try 100% free dating service and find that special someone today. Have fun!

Why are Western Men (especially White Expats) Popular in Asia?

Western men, especially White Expats, get a lot of attention from Asian girls in China, Japan, Singapore, North Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, and etc. They just walk on the road, doing nothing, and get all attention from local Asian women there. What’s wrong with these ladies? 

We use terms like White Expats, foreign men, Western guys respectively on this article. They mean the same thing. Only some women call this while others call another name.

Western men & Asian ladies

Western men & Asian ladies

Why do they treat these White foreign men that favor?

I have an Australian friend who lived in China for a few months. He found a Chinese girlfriend the first week. He said he didn’t do anything but she just came to him and started talking when he was walking in front of a food market. He just speaks English as a Native language and he is tall and white. No one knows he was laid off and have not found a job yet. He got all attention from local single women in China for just being a tall and White Expat. There are many Asian girls seeking American or other Western guys for marriage these days.

White foreign men are very popular in Asia because they were born and raised in greatest countries on the world. They are white, tall and sexy so most Asian ladies look at them with respects. No, this is the truth. If you are a Western man walking in China or the Philippines or other countries, then you will see how you are impressed by local Asian women over there. When you go to a bar, oh no, you’ll get all girls approach to make acquainted with you.

There are some advantages that White Expats have to attract local single Asian ladies:

  1. Asian women are friendly towards Western men, especially Caucasians. They are very kind and polite to treat tourists and expats who are from the Western countries like America, Australia, Italy, Germany, UK, Canada and so on.
  2. Most Western men are strongly in bed which is one of the favorites of some Asian women that you need to unleash it. Local Asian men will be rejected by small size. Some of single women in Asia have a wild sexual desires hidden in them, you are a white man so you will opt to unleash it.
  3. A White Western man is considered as a “winning lottery” for an Asian woman. Many local women are living in poor economic condition so they want to marry with a White Expat to have better financial situation. Sometimes this turns out untrue because some Western guys are very poor.
  4. Most White Expats are good people. This is true. They travel to Asia to have fun so they don’t want to cause troubles in a foreign country.
  5. Caucasians treat women with respects and honor. Asian ladies think about this and it seems to be right. When they were born and raised in the West where strict rules are applied towards violence to women, so most of these guys never hit on their woman, no matter what.
  6. When an Asian lady introduces her boyfriend or husband as a White foreign man to her parents, relatives or friends, she is judged as the utmost respects and talent.

There are more reasons why Western guys too popular in Asia. However, I have to say one bad side about a few guys who come to Asia and cheat on naive Asian women. Don’t do that. You guys have all advantages that local men don’t. Most Asian women are raised by traditional custom, one-woman-one-man, you shouldn’t hurt their feelings by cheating on them. So, Western men, especially white Expats are popular in Asia because they are viewed as the dream husbands for Asian women.

Why do single wealthy Asian ladies look for men in US, Canada & Australia for marriage?

In Asia it is hard for rich ladies to find love and marriage because of their high standards for partners. Most of these wealthy Asian women choose the online dating sites to find their partner in the West.

Single wealthy Asian women

Single wealthy Asian women

There are not many men in Asia who can meet these standards of rich women. Some of them are willing to pay a lot of money to find love online. They are either inherited from family wealth or successful in their business to be millionaires. Most of them are young, talented and beautiful in the outlook.

There are more Asian women using the online dating services to find love and marriage. There are millions of single ladies who signed up to find online love from these web sites. They don’t set high standards for partners who live in the West including America, Canada and Australia. They consider men in the West are the great men who live in great countries. They love the gender equality in these countries so they want to come there to live. Men in those countries are popular by the way they treat the woman.

Men in the U.S., Australia and Canada are viewed as high social status from the point of view for these Asian women. Most of them have learned the great Western culture so the way they live is different from local men in Asia. It does not matter how rich you are in Asia, you will be a boring housewife, caretaker for your children, and even a sex slave for your husband after marriage. Some wealthy ladies who live in luxury villas admitted the boring life, with nothing to do daily.

The rate for wealthy single Chinese women leaving China to emigrate to Australia, Canada and America is higher than other races such as Filipinos, Vietnamese, Thai, Cambodian, Indian, Pakistani and so on. There are also single Asian men who emigrate to these nations by business visas. Some of the most important reasons that these rich single people want to leave their hometown to live in the new Western country are the gender equality, cleaner air, fresh food, political freedom, and so on.

There is also financial related reasons that they want to live in these countries. They are rich so they want to live in a nation that is safe for them to keep the money and invest their money. In some countries in Asia, rich people worry about the financial distress because of insecure  investment. You can make good money in a short time but also broke in a short time. The financial system is not secure.

So, the main points that wealthy Asian ladies looking to find guys in the West are the gender freedom, clean air, good and natural food, stable political situation, good future for their kids, and financial security. They set the high standards for partners so there are only a few Asian men meet that. If you are seeking a rich lady in Asia, then you can find them online now.

Asian internet dating market has been developing rapidly in the last few years. There are millions of single rich ladies in Asia posted their personal profiles to look for a great man in the West. Thousands of single rich Asian women seeking men in the U.S., Australia or Canada are waiting to meet their life partners online.

Meet Rich Single Chinese Women & Men Who Are Planning To Emigrate

There are thousands of singles who live in Australia and US looking for find rich Chinese women and men who are planning to come to these nations. As you know rich Chinese buying visas in these countries is common. The question is, why are these rich Chinese people coming to the United States or Australia?

There are many reasons behind this, such as economics, society, education, environment, investment, and so on.

Chinese rich womanThe US and Australia are the two countries that attract Chinese millionaires. Many of them have left the country and many are planning to emigrate. They either buy visas or look for marriage sponsors to come to these countries. Wealthy Chinese people fleeing China for US and Australia nations are very smart in doing business in these new countries. In America, a foreigner who invests 1/2 million in a business and has at least 10 American employees, is entitled to a green card (permanent resident).

What are pros and cons in these great nations such as US and Australia?

Generally speaking, those fleeing China are looking for a better life including good schools, clean air, strong legal system, stable political situation, better future for their children, and so on.

They will be taxed on all their wealth.

In China, there are many poor people while there are many multimillionaires. There are some people who earn about $6 a day while there are many people who earn $6,000 or more a day. Those who are rich trying to find a way to flee their country China to come to a great country like US or Australia. Every year, there are hundreds of Chinese millionaires buy visas and marriage-sponsored to come to these countries.

Rich Chinese woman in a private jet

Rich Chinese woman in a private jet

Why Asia’s Rich Are Leaving Their Home Countries?

There are millions of Asian rich people fleeing their home countries to come to the West (mostly US and Canada). China is one example. Other wealthy people who are from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, India, Pakistan and others are seeking any way to come to the West. Some of the reasons for these rich people want to come to the US and Canada are pollution, tainted food and education. In China, they survey showed that more than 60% of rich people had already immigrated to another Western country.

Again, they want to live in the greatest countries in the world where they can enjoy fresh air, clean environment, good and clean food, freedom, and the best education for their children. Another reason that Asian rich people want to come to the US or Canada is to invest their money in real estate. Most cities that have these Asia’s rich who invest in real estate are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver. They find any way to immigrate to these countries to live and invest their money, including giving birth in US or Canada to get automatic citizenship for their kids, investing in real estate to get citizenship and etc.

How do Chinese people love America?

There are hundreds of Chinese billionaires invest their money in the US real estate every year, especially in California, Texas and New York. The China’s rich love America because this is the greatest country on the world where it has “equal investment opportunity” for all people. In China, most of them must have connections with officials of the government to be successful and getting rich. That means they must give expensive gifts to officials in order to continue doing their businesses. So, their assets are not securely protected as if they live in the US. They like to invest in the US because there is no such “envelop of gift” when doing business. In America, if you have real talent, then you will succeed. So, Chinese investors like to invest their money in real estate in America because it is safe. The US is the first choice for Chinese investors who buy real estate. There are other countries as Australia and Canada that attract the China’s rich as well but America is the first country  of choice.

Sales of US Real Estate to Foreign buyers

Sales of US Real Estate to Foreign buyers

Why do rich Chinese people find love by using online dating sites?

In China, it is hard to millionaires or billionaires to find love and marriage. They set high standards on the their future soul mate because they are wealthy and successful themselves. Chinese women usually date or marry men who are better than them in everything, including education, knowledge, wealth status, materials, and so on. So, there are many single bachelorettes in China seeking love. It is easier for single rich men looking for women. They can don’t set that high standards on their future soul mate. However, rich Chinese women have a hard time to find that special someone. It is hard to find a single rich man in China because most of them are married or divorced and have children. These single bachelorettes are between 25 to 40 years old and they are looking for men who are on high social status, good physical condition, and not too old.

Rich Chinese women find love online

Rich Chinese women find love online (Photo: CNN)

So, these wealthy Chinese ladies are seeking love and marriage from online dating web sites. They focus on those men who live in China or those who live in America, Australia or Canada. There are some dating sites in China that focus on helping those multi-millionaires to find their special someone. There are millions of rich Chinese people who signed up at these web sites. There are also employees at these sites travel around the country to search for rich bachelorettes and ask them to join these sites. Their membership is too expensive, about $5,000 or up.

However, there are wealthy Chinese bachelorettes seeking single men in the US, Australia and Canada. They want to marry men oversea so that they can come to a great country where they can establish a family and invest their money. They want to get off China because they don’t feel safe about their wealth. So, these wealthy women are seeking Chinese men or native men in America or other Western countries.

If you are one of American or Australian citizens who want to find rich Chinese, it does not matter whether you are an Asian or native men, then you have some ways you can do, including friends and family’s introduction, PR, media, event planning or charity jobs, and online Chinese dating services.

Why Do Americans Pick Filipinas For Marriage & Bring Them Out Of The Philippines?

It seems to be unfair to other women from other countries including India, Vietnam, South Africa, etc, American men select Filipinas for marriage and bring them out of the Philippines. However, foreign women from these nations don’t have the same reputation as Filipina women. I mean, Filipino ladies are unique, appealing, extraordinary, sexy and fresh in the bedroom.

Americans seeking FilipinasI don’t want to mention about our history when American people came to the Philippines and helped us from the Spanish long time ago. By that time, we have learned many amazing things from Americans like technology, education, lifestyles and so on. As a result, Filipino people were impressed about who American people live, act and treat others. We all have “good impression” about Americans, especially men in the United States who treat women with respects and the perfect human rights with “gender freedom” in America, make us want to marry and live in this dream land.

Now let’s face the truth about the current era in the Philippines. Poor and unhealthy lifestyle are two things that we all want to migrate to America to live. By viewing many violent and/or “in controlled” husbands, most girls don’t want to get married with Filipino men when they grow up. There are a few good Filipinos in this country. People in another country envied and said that these ladies want money and others said that they want big and long penis so they marry American husbands. I don’t care what they said, this is reality. Who does not want such things in a husband?

Filipina women marrying an American husband to escape poverty in the Philippines. It does not mean they are lazy or they don’t want to work, or just want sex. They want to get married with a husband who treat them with respects and love them by heart, this is the main thing. The materials and sex are just the bonus in love.

Americans select Filipinas to be their wife is from several reasons. Most of these Filipino ladies speak English so the communication is fine. They are small, lovely and sexy. They are very good in the bedroom that men feel like to sleep with a new bride every night. You will experience this by marrying and living with one Filipina. The way they dress and perfume they wear, you will love it. Trust me on this.

There are many articles writing about Filipino women in terms of relationship and marriage. I mean, they are popular that make the rest of ladies from other countries envy. Just look at some profiles at our Filipino dating service at, you know what I am talking about here.

Golden Tips Of How To Marry An Asian Millionaire

There are more than 90 percent of single women who at least once in their life think about marrying a millionaire. To tell you one golden tip, you can meet and marry and Asian millionaire at ease. It is even easier if you are a white lady who want to meet and marry a millionaire Asian man.

Asian Millionaire ManYou must remember that Hispanic millionaires are different from Asian. You need to understand about Asian culture before you meet one if you are non-Asian women. You can’t approach them the same way. To make friends with wealthy men, you should learn these tips. Asian rich men are careful in choosing the life partner. If you are one of single Asian ladies seeking an Asian millionaire, then you should know about this culture already. Most of Asian men are considered as “bossy” or “controlled” men. They don’t usually listen to your ideas. Especially for Asian millionaires who are successful in life, they are even more “bossy” and “controlled”. In fact, they are dominant. You must be submissive to be matched with an Asian millionaire husband.

European, American, Hispanic and Asian millionaires have different taste and preferences about women they select for a life partner. For example, American wealthy men like to marry celebrities or Hollywood stars. If you want to marry an American rich man, you must be beautiful, sexy and clean. Russian millionaire men like young and beautiful women. These ladies must smell good all the time. Arabian rich men love virgin women. English wealthy guys love models and they usually don’t get married with them.

Asian millionaire men are generally looking for beautiful, sexy and young women for marriage. There are Asian wealthy men in everywhere, Europe, the United States or Asia. Asian millionaires who live in America usually look for appealing and lovely white young women for marriage. They also look for beautiful and sexy Asian women. They like to marry submissive women. Again, they are dominant so they look for submissive ladies.

Where to go and meet an Asian millionaire?

You can find him at luxury restaurants and hotels or get a job that relates to PR, media, event planning or charity. Nowadays, you can find millionaire men at the Asian internet dating sites. Have fun and good luck!

Why do cross-cultural relationships run into racial strains?

Cross cultural relationships usually run into racial prejudices. When people from different races date each other, there are some strains in such relationships. They can get over it if they know what they are doing. Nothing is wrong with such inter-racial relationships, however, people look at it with different or impressive eyes.

Cross cultural relationships

They have to know how they handle their relationships the right way. Where it comes from is thing you must know to handle such racial prejudices. It does not matter what color you are, whether you are an Asian, Hispanic, Black, White, handling such racial strains is not easy. It is different from each culture so you must use different strategy for your own case.

You must understand where you are from or where your partner is from. To deal with the problem, you should learn about that culture. You have to monitor and judge the strains accordingly. You are dealing with cultural differences so make sure you keep the body language in good standing. Don’t try to break the relationship and give it up. Of course, the most important issue is the respect other culture beliefs.

There are advantages and disadvantages about inter-racial relationships. You learn good things about another culture while your partner learn a new culture as well. So, try to be patient to treat each other in a good manner.

Cross cultural dating and relationships are established with increasing trend. People attract with others in different races. So, if you are the one who is attracted with different race, then go to free dating site to find a relationship.