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Meet Rich Single Chinese Women & Men Who Are Planning To Emigrate

There are thousands of singles who live in Australia and US looking for find rich Chinese women and men who are planning to come to these nations. As you know rich Chinese buying visas in these countries is common. The question is, why are these rich Chinese people coming to the United States or Australia?

There are many reasons behind this, such as economics, society, education, environment, investment, and so on.

Chinese rich womanThe US and Australia are the two countries that attract Chinese millionaires. Many of them have left the country and many are planning to emigrate. They either buy visas or look for marriage sponsors to come to these countries. Wealthy Chinese people fleeing China for US and Australia nations are very smart in doing business in these new countries. In America, a foreigner who invests 1/2 million in a business and has at least 10 American employees, is entitled to a green card (permanent resident).

What are pros and cons in these great nations such as US and Australia?

Generally speaking, those fleeing China are looking for a better life including good schools, clean air, strong legal system, stable political situation, better future for their children, and so on.

They will be taxed on all their wealth.

In China, there are many poor people while there are many multimillionaires. There are some people who earn about $6 a day while there are many people who earn $6,000 or more a day. Those who are rich trying to find a way to flee their country China to come to a great country like US or Australia. Every year, there are hundreds of Chinese millionaires buy visas and marriage-sponsored to come to these countries.

Rich Chinese woman in a private jet

Rich Chinese woman in a private jet

Why Asia’s Rich Are Leaving Their Home Countries?

There are millions of Asian rich people fleeing their home countries to come to the West (mostly US and Canada). China is one example. Other wealthy people who are from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, India, Pakistan and others are seeking any way to come to the West. Some of the reasons for these rich people want to come to the US and Canada are pollution, tainted food and education. In China, they survey showed that more than 60% of rich people had already immigrated to another Western country.

Again, they want to live in the greatest countries in the world where they can enjoy fresh air, clean environment, good and clean food, freedom, and the best education for their children. Another reason that Asian rich people want to come to the US or Canada is to invest their money in real estate. Most cities that have these Asia’s rich who invest in real estate are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver. They find any way to immigrate to these countries to live and invest their money, including giving birth in US or Canada to get automatic citizenship for their kids, investing in real estate to get citizenship and etc.

How do Chinese people love America?

There are hundreds of Chinese billionaires invest their money in the US real estate every year, especially in California, Texas and New York. The China’s rich love America because this is the greatest country on the world where it has “equal investment opportunity” for all people. In China, most of them must have connections with officials of the government to be successful and getting rich. That means they must give expensive gifts to officials in order to continue doing their businesses. So, their assets are not securely protected as if they live in the US. They like to invest in the US because there is no such “envelop of gift” when doing business. In America, if you have real talent, then you will succeed. So, Chinese investors like to invest their money in real estate in America because it is safe. The US is the first choice for Chinese investors who buy real estate. There are other countries as Australia and Canada that attract the China’s rich as well but America is the first country  of choice.

Sales of US Real Estate to Foreign buyers

Sales of US Real Estate to Foreign buyers

Why do rich Chinese people find love by using online dating sites?

In China, it is hard to millionaires or billionaires to find love and marriage. They set high standards on the their future soul mate because they are wealthy and successful themselves. Chinese women usually date or marry men who are better than them in everything, including education, knowledge, wealth status, materials, and so on. So, there are many single bachelorettes in China seeking love. It is easier for single rich men looking for women. They can don’t set that high standards on their future soul mate. However, rich Chinese women have a hard time to find that special someone. It is hard to find a single rich man in China because most of them are married or divorced and have children. These single bachelorettes are between 25 to 40 years old and they are looking for men who are on high social status, good physical condition, and not too old.

Rich Chinese women find love online

Rich Chinese women find love online (Photo: CNN)

So, these wealthy Chinese ladies are seeking love and marriage from online dating web sites. They focus on those men who live in China or those who live in America, Australia or Canada. There are some dating sites in China that focus on helping those multi-millionaires to find their special someone. There are millions of rich Chinese people who signed up at these web sites. There are also employees at these sites travel around the country to search for rich bachelorettes and ask them to join these sites. Their membership is too expensive, about $5,000 or up.

However, there are wealthy Chinese bachelorettes seeking single men in the US, Australia and Canada. They want to marry men oversea so that they can come to a great country where they can establish a family and invest their money. They want to get off China because they don’t feel safe about their wealth. So, these wealthy women are seeking Chinese men or native men in America or other Western countries.

If you are one of American or Australian citizens who want to find rich Chinese, it does not matter whether you are an Asian or native men, then you have some ways you can do, including friends and family’s introduction, PR, media, event planning or charity jobs, and online Chinese dating services.