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Single Chinese American Women Find Online Dating – Sheng Nu Gone – Hopes For China

Chinese American singles find online dating and romance is common these days. This is the hopes for China as there are thousands of single Chinese Americans in the United States nowadays. In USA, many single Chinese American women choose to pursue their education and career goals before getting married. They are unmarried even at the age of 25s and up to 30s.

Chinese American singles

Chinese American singles

As you know, these Chinese women in America have changed their view of life when they come to this country. In China, most women get married by the age from 20s to 25s. If any Chinese lady pasts her 26th year, she is considered “unwanted ladies” or “Sheng Nu”. This traditional norm is still the same. Luckily, when they came to the United States of America, they learned from the Western culture. They are single but they are not afraid to become a Sheng Nu. They want to pursue the good education and career goal first before they get married. Chinese American men are the same. They don’t care about getting married with a girl who is under 25 years old anymore. This is one of the reasons that there are thousands of Chinese American singles in US who use online dating sites to find love and romance, relationship and marriage. One of the reasons is that they don’t have many chances to find their life partner once they are out of school or university. Another reason is that most Chinese singles don’t like to go to bars or clubs to find a life term relationship so they use online Asian dating services to find their perfect match.

The traditional marital rule in China pressures the young girls to get married in their early 20s. Whenever a Chinese girl comes to visit her relatives, she will be asked this question, “when are you going to get married?”. In the modern society, you won’t hear such nagging questions. Chinese women in US want to pursue their other goals first. They want to be successful in life. They want to focus on their education and career. They want to achieve high levels of education and they want to get a good career.

Therefore, Chinese American dating sites have provided a good way to help these single ladies find love online. In fact, there are hundreds of happy couples and relationships that generated from such online dating sites every year. It does not matter how busy they are, online dating can help them connect with their partner.

The rapid growth of Chinese dating sites boom out nowadays. There are different diverse of Chinese American singles who want to find online love and romance. Sheng Nu is gone. These China dating sites can help them find their ideal marriage. The boom in online dating sites deliver good results. They can find a perfect life mate online. asiandatenet.com is one of the free Asian dating sites that have connected many Sheng Nu with their life mate.

Common Asian Wedding Traditions In Asia

Asian Wedding Traditions are different from modernized weddings. Some countries in Asia still cerebrate their weddings by these traditional ceremonies, occasions and rituals. Most of Asian wedding ceremonies are spread in three days. The bride, groom and their family, relatives and friends come together to celebrate this joyous event. Asian weddings are usually pre-wedded from a few months or even a year before the actual rituals are celebrated. These pre-weddings are the engagement where the groom’s family comes to bride’s family to give her the flowers, fruits, and the rings.

Asian WeddingAsian wedding traditions vary from country to country in Asia. Each country has different culture so the wedding ceremony is different as well. Even though millions of Asian people live in the West as US, Canada, Australia, and so on, many still celebrate their weddings with most of these traditional customs, except they skip some parts. In Asia, a marriage is the most important event of the bride and groom so they prepare it carefully, in a few months or even years ahead. The great Greek word, wed, is something that means powerfully and strongly, of how the husband and wife living together. Since this article can’t be too long, I like to summarize the wedding dresses on some countries below.

Japanese weddings

Most Japanese brides wear a purple gown to show the faithful and loyal longiness of love. They want to show the life-time commitment they are to their husbands. In Japan, this dress shows the sacred love, which is forever.

Chinese weddings

Chinese brides usually wear a bright red gown on their wedding event. This color of gown shows the luck in their future life. There are golden phoenixes, chrysanthemums and peonies attach somewhere on this dress to bring richness and luck to their family. Chinese grooms wear a black silk coat, which is embroidered by dragon symbols. 

Indonesian weddings

Indonesian weddings are more modernized than Chinese and Japanese weddings. Basically, the Indonesian bride can choose a beautiful gown to wear on her wedding. The Indonesian groom usually wears either white or dark suit.

Korean weddings

Korean weddings are more modernized than Chinese and Japanese weddings. Basically, the Korean bride can choose a beautiful gown to wear on her wedding. The Korean groom usually wears either white or dark suit. The difference is that both the bride and groom come to Kung-Hap, where a fortune teller will tell the future for them.

Philippines weddings

Philippines weddings are different from others. Usually, the groom gives a golden ring to a bride on their engagement. In the old days, many Philippines grooms have to work for the bride’s house, until the bride’s parents approve. Nowadays, most of Filipino brides can choose a beautiful gown to wear on their wedding. The Filipino groom usually wears either white or dark suit.

Indian weddings

Indian weddings may have some differences that you don’t know of. In some places, the bride’s parents have to wash the feet with milk and water to purify their souls for the brides and grooms. During the wedding ceremony, the Indian brides and grooms hold grains of rice and oats to symbolize the good fortune and love in the future.

Vietnamese weddings

Vietnamese weddings vary from those who live in the West and those who live in Viet Nam. In the West, Vietnamese brides can wear their favorite dress or gown and grooms can wear a suit. In Vietnam, some Vietnamese brides and grooms wear traditional customs.

Asian Weddings Traditions vary from place to place and country to country. I just list some differences about wedding ceremony in each country. If you have any other idea, then please share it in the comment box. Thank you!