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Indian Wedding Ceremony for Indian Women & Men

You have met a girl or guy at Indian Online Dating Sites, now it is time to get married with each other. We write this article for those who want to learn more about how wedding is organized in India.

Indian Dating Sites

Indian Dating Sites

Indian wedding ceremony is considered as the most sacred bond of life between a boy and a girl. Moreover, this ceremony not only connects two people but two different families in one knot. This ceremony marks the beginning of new life for both the bride and the groom. The Indian wedding ceremony means to introduce a new family member in the family. At this ceremony the family members recall the wisdom that they will be inheriting from their forefathers. This ceremony is very wide and big. Several functions are organized prior the marriage ceremony. Indian wedding is one amongst the most appreciable and wow giving function around the world. 

Both the families have been saving money to spend heavily at this memorable day. They do not care much about the expenses. I have told you earlier in this article that Indian wedding is marked by several customs, rituals and ceremonies which are very meaningful, amusing and interesting. There are so many religious beliefs attached to this ceremony. The bride as well as the groom is not allowed to meet each other prior marriage that is about 4-5 days till marriage. Different people have different views towards this belief. The Indian wedding ceremony is very colorful and full of music here and there. 

Whether you meet your lover at any Asian Dating site, these tips will help you to learn more about wedding in India.The marriage rituals can alter from one social community to another but the standard tenets will always remain the same for all types of Indian weddings. Once you will get the opportunity to see the Indian wedding, you will become its fan for sure. The Indian marriage rituals are divided into three main stages that are pre wedding rituals, main day rituals and post wedding rituals. The talk of the town is Indian Hindu wedding ceremony. It is just awesome. The Engagement ceremony is an important part of pre wedding rituals where in the couple exchanges the rings in front of their families and sometimes relatives and guests too. It depends on the financial status of the families. After this Sangeet ceremony is organized where friends, relatives and guests of both the families celebrate with dance and music till late night. It is all about merrymaking. On the day of Sangeet, “mehendi rasam” is completed. You must have seen the beautiful henna (heena) designs on the hands and foot of Indian bride. 

The wedding day is a big day for both the families. The groom comes to the bride’s place with “Baraat”. Barrat is the complete group of people who are from groom’s side. The whole side of the groom receives best hospitality from the bride’s family. The bride and the groom take seven vows around the holy fire along the recital of holy mantra. All the wedding rituals have to be performed with perfection and in entirety. As the rituals are being performed, the guests are treated with delicious cuisines, snacks and eatables. Everything is arranged by the bride’s family. 

When the marriage is complete “Vidaai” a post wedding ceremony takes place. At this time, the bride leaves her parent’s home to live with the groom at his parent’s home. The next day, groom’s family throws a reception party for their near and dear ones.

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Indian Girls and Women, the Color of India

The color, spice, naughty smiles, bright eyes, happy faces of the beautiful Indian girls in India who in their part as being daughters, friends, college students, a goal oriented person are the symbol of pride for India. Once they take the responsibility of being women, running a family they are entirely changed in their character, they are more giving, ever sacrificing, comforting, supportive, protective literally a light house of their family.

Indian Girls

Indian Girls

It is these girls and women who bright the world around them and yet they are deprived of the deserved respect and status. If on one hand she is at the peak of ladder of success, on the other hand she is mutely suffering the violence afflicted on her by her own family members. As compared with past women in modern times have achieved a lot but in reality they have to still travel a long way. Still biasness exists about giving birth to a girl child. According to the latest survey the ratio of Indian women is 933 per 1000 men. It is much below the world’s average of 990.

When it comes to education Indian girls have proved themselves but in India women education never got its due share of attention, not even education it’s same about health. The mortality rate of women in India is highest among other countries. When we talk about their daily life it is very difficult for them to even move yet they are making so much progress and passing all the hurdles. The control of their lives is still not in their hands being an Indian girl, their parents select her choices and once she gets married her husband decides everything for her. The sacred commitments of marriage are always engaged and yet they do not go against their parents and culture. The day they are born to the day they die they live up to the expectations of others but still some how they manage the real colorful essence of their personality. Doesn’t these efforts counts for anything? A girl who grows up in being a strong women who is bringing pride to her family and country who wants to take part In building the new India, who wants to bring a happy change and make the country and culture more strong and life long, and how do we treat them in return in every 51 minutes an Indian girl or woman is sexually harassed and is molested in every 21 minutes. These women are our daughters, mothers, wives; the angels of our life think of a life without them, they are not just the exotic creatures of love and sex they are more then that. They are the bright light of our homes, our institutes, our culture and more importantly our generation.

Indian women looking for men are pretty and sexy and their characteristics are extraordinary. The Indian girls with their positive attitudes, subtle nature, sharp mind is taking India ahead on the way of progress they are a strong contributing factor to the economic status and the women of India who sacrifice their comfort to raise a new generation who will make India a respectable and developed country in the world. They surely need our support, our confidence which will bring out the repressed abilities and beauty of their minds.

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Indian Single Women Seeking Men Online at Indian Dating Sites

This modern century helps us to find our true mate on net. There are thousands of Indian single women seeking men at Indian online dating sites. Looking for an Indian relationship and marriage on the Internet has been popular in the last few years.

Indian single women

Many Indian dating services have been helping single women and men locally and Mumbai as well as other big cities in India. Online dating services in India have also helped foreign men to find single Indian girls to marry. The world of dating online is great. Single Indian men locally or from Western countries can go back to India to get single with these single Indian brides. After they get single, these men will sponsor their wives to the United States to live. These women are called Indian mail order brides.

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