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Myths About Women In Vietnam & Vietnamese Men in the West (Viet Kieu)

Many people are getting confused about why Vietnamese women in Vietnam like Vietnamese men who live in the West (Viet Kieu). There are some myths about this that I will briefly explain on this post. What you knew or heard about why single women in Vietnam like Vietnamese Western men may not be absolutely correct. Let’s start the myths and answers.

Vietnamese women

Vietnamese women

Vietnamese men in the West are popular in Vietnam because of their wealthy… not really true. As you know, there are many local men who are richer. These guys can spend hundreds of dollars in one night. They got money from their rich parents. Viet Kieu does not spend that much money in a night. They earned money from their hard work in the West so they spend with thorough care. Also, Viet Kieu are willing to marry with poor local girls as well while local men don’t do that. Gender equality is the important thing that Viet Kieu learned from the West. They are open with any girl for marriage.

Women in Viet Nam like Vietnamese men who live in US, Australia or Canada because of the way they treat women…true. Most of Viet Kieu are open-minded. They have been living in the West for long so they respect women and let their wives more freedom. They don’t “control” on their wives too much. They let their wives share ideas and discuss things in the family. They treat their wives with more respects than local men in Viet Nam.

Vietnamese women marry Vietkieu because of opportunities…true. There are many open opportunities that people can work and be successful. Vietnamese ladies like to get married with Vietnamese guys who live in the West so they can come to a new country and make money. There are not many jobs in Vietnam to earn as much money as in these Western countries. They are pursuing a dream to marry with a Viet Kieu to have a better future for themselves and their children.

So, I hope that this short article helps you to learn something about why single women in Vietnam like about Vietnamese guys in Western countries. If you have any question or suggestions, then please let me know. Thanks.