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Why are Filipino women and white men’s marriages the phenomenon nowadays?

Every year, thousands of Filipino women and white men’s marriages are created. I mean, Filipino women who married white men have become the well-know phenomenon nowadays. The question is, why are they attracted and how’s happened. Online dating sites are the bridge that connect these relationships with each other.

Filipino women and white men

Filipino women and white men (taken from Youtube.com)

Why are white guys attracted to Filipino ladies?

There is a good definition about Filipino women. They are brown-skin, petite, loving, charming and caring. Sometimes you may hear people call them “Filipina” or “Pilipino”. They work hard and be faithful. When they are sponsored to a new Western country, they don’t divorce their husbands, unless they found out something terribly wrong. Otherwise, they don’t divorce even after they have a green card. It does not matter how old these guys are (most of guys who marry Filipino girls are old), they don’t divorce you, trust me on this.

The Filipino girls understands about their family, which is the utmost important thing in life. They are good wives and always treat their husbands in a good manner, let them do the lead. In terms of being a housewife, they are excellent. They are trained by the young age about how to be a good housewife so cooking and organizing homes is a piece of cake for them. 

From white men point of view, it does not matter how old you are or what type of job, as well as low financial background, you can still find and marry an excellent Filipina wife in the Philippines. To testify it, you travel to the Manila and walk on street, you will be impressed of how young girls like you by looking and smiling at you.

Why are Filipino women attracted in white men?

They want to look for an opportunity to come to a Western country to work and make money so help their parents and siblings. This is the truth. Most of these girls live in a poor family and has many siblings to take care of. Sometimes they don’t have a choice. They will accept an old white man to be husband. When it comes to marriage, most of them willing to marry old or even ugly white guys to have a chance to help themselves and their family.

So, they are connected to each other through the Filipino online dating sites or regular dating services. White old men can marry a beautiful young wife in the Philippines. And, poor pretty Filipino girls can marry a rich and handsome white old husband. Both come together and live happily ever after.

White guys always like to find submissive Filipino girls for marriage because they might have heard or seen them on the internet dating sites. White men come to the Philippines to find a wife is for love and sex. These young ladies are popular about their “submissive” characteristics. They don’t give you the cold shoulder even when they are not in a good mood. They were trained to be a good girl, wife and mother since the young age. So, if you are a white man who marries a Filipina wife, then she treat you as a true husband. You are the “real” man of the family.

Generally speaking, most Filipinas have high self respect and family values. They are compassionate and romantic in marriage. And, they love their husbands sincerely and loyally.