What Japanese Women Really Want In A Man


Japanese women are the most modern women since they were born and raised in Japan, a greatest country in Asia continent. What a Japanese woman wants in a man is the question that you want to know. There are men from different countries who live in Japan get confused about these ladies. Even local men want to know about what Japanese ladies want from the man.

Japanese woman

Japanese woman

There are two most important things that most Japanese women love in a man:

  1. Japanese women want a man who is there for them when they are lonely. They are afraid of the loneliness on nights in the room. Sometimes they don’t have any plan so they feel sad and empty, they want to have a man there for them.
  2. When they are tired or sad, they would want a man who can talk to them, hold them in their hands, kiss them and say to their ear “I love you forever”.
  3. They love a man who make love well and perform well in the bedroom.

There are other things about what they want in a man. It does not matter if you are a Japanese man or a Western man, a Japanese woman usually likes a man with these characteristics:

  1. She likes a man who listens to her and speak sweetly to her.
  2. She likes a man who takes care of her on daily life, especially when she is sick.
  3. She likes a man who hugs and kisses her when he goes to work and gets home after work.
  4. She likes a man who pay attention to her whenever she is sad and happy.
  5. She likes a man who thinks her as a priority, instead of his male friends.
  6. She likes a man who does not look at other ladies when he is walking hand in hand with her.
  7. She likes a man who gives her gifts and flowers on every special occasions like birthday, valentine day, etc.
  8. Most important, she likes a man who treats her with respect.

There are more things that Japanese single women want in a man. Do you know why single women in Japan go for Western guys? Because these men know how to treat a woman with respect, so women fall on them. Most Japanese men are culturally developed so they don’t value a woman as much as foreign men do. There are many foreign guys living in Japan dating beautiful and sexy Japanese ladies and we’ve seen it. A Japanese man rarely say “I love you” to his woman even he loves her very much. A Western man says “I love you” every time he speaks with her. Why is it too hard to say it to your sweetheart?

Japanese women want a man who treat women with honor and respects. They like men who are kind to women and apply concepts like “ladies first” when dating.  They like men who treat them like a princess and always behave like a gentleman. The concept “ladies first” has been applied by European and American men for a long time. This is what a Japanese lady likes from a man.

Do you feel good when someone treats you well? Women are the same. The feel good when they are treated with respects. Women in Japan are different from women in other developed countries. They are strong, powerful and high educated. They are still women, you know? So, what they want in a man is the one who make them feel good.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. What you have described is what every woman wants from a man. The Japanese don’t have a monopoly on this. Speaking of Japanese women.. if I was a man, the mere picture of the cow you posted would turn me away.

    I guess you have forgotten that Japanese women were the whores of Western men, perhaps that’s why they still cling on to the idea. Western men are no better than Asian men. They don’t treat women that much better. The woman usually has to work to support his lazy butt. What Western men do well is lie. They will tell you anything to get free sex. Grow up and quit retelling a myth.

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