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Why Do Many Asian-American Men Have Tough Times To Find A Wife?

Asian-American are popular in the United States because they are more educated and wealthier. They value work, friendship and relationship, family and marriage more than native Americans. However, many of them have tough times to find a girlfriend or wife in their own race because of the shortage of Asian girls in the US. So, many single Asian men in America must use online dating sites to find a date around their city and some of them open to international women who live in Asia.

Asian American couple

Asian American couple

Statistics showed that more than 60% of Asians have a college degree. Most of Asian immigrants choose Information Technology major (IT) and some of them choose other majors. Asian-American men work hard during their college years to pay their tuition without asking help from their parents. After graduation from college, they work and earn high income. Many of them go to finish their master degree as well. Indian men are rated as the highest paying groups amongst Asians. There are other high paying groups of Asians including Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese.

The first Asian generations who immigrated in America are refugees. Many of them escaped their home countries to come here as political refugees. Many of them are men which created the shortage of Asian females in America. In other words, Asian-American men outnumber Asian-American women in the US. If you go to an Asian club in New York or San Francisco, then you will see the reality about the shortage. The number of men is about 2/3 of women. I mean, Asian-American women have advantage to choose the best man but Asian-American men have disadvantage because of the shortage.

Many Asian-American men who have low paying jobs can’t even find a wife in the US. They work as waiters, food servers, cleaners, and so on. They can’t find an Asian girlfriend in this country. Because of the shortage of Asian females in America, most Asian women set high standards on the soul mate they are seeking. Some women work in low paying jobs still look for their life partners who work in high paying jobs. This is the truth. They look for men who have a Bachelor or Master degree. So, those guys who don’t have a college degree can’t find a girlfriend here. So they have to find single Asian women in their home country.

However, some Asian-American guys must find a girlfriend from another race. That’s why you can see Asian-Americans (AAS) dating White, Black and Hispanic women, which is a common thing in the US. Of course, if they are open to other races or native American women, then they have no problem in seeking a date. The problem is the size of Asian men is small so many of them don’t have enough confidence to date a White, Black or Hispanic girl. This is the problem that you hardly see Asian Male and White Woman in this country. Most Asian men are about 5’8 in height and most White girls are 5’8. Usually girls prefer to date men who are taller than them so they can wear high heels and look pretty. Another important issue that prevent Asian men from dating a White or Black lady is the “tool” size.

Asian-American man & woman

Asian-American man & woman

Asian-American guys are good. They have excellent traits about being a ideal husband. When they came to this country, many born here, learned good stuff about this culture, added to their original culture, which made them the perfect boyfriends or husbands. In other words, they know how to treat the woman with respects, value family and marriage, work hard, treat elders with respects, but they have hard time to find an ideal life mate. This is because of the shortage of Asian females in the US, not by their fault.

I am an Asian man who lives in Los Angeles, California, so I know how it is hard to find an Asian date here. I used to drive to the Chinatown or most of Asian markets to flirt with girls but couldn’t find one. I also went to all parties that my friends invited me there but couldn’t find one either. As I said, there are more men than women so the chance is rare. I finally joined an Asian date site and found one who lives in San Francisco.

Come on guys, don’t let American men marry all Asian girls. As you know, most Asian girls prefer to marry you over American guys. So, I recommend all Asian American single men out there, if you can’t find a date then you should try to sign up a profile at an online dating site for Asia people. Good luck!

Something About Life In The US Of Asian Americans

More than 20 years living in America, I wanted to write one short essay on the life of the Asian Americans, based on personal experience. If what I wrote here is not as you think, would you sympathize. I only write the truth about Asian American women and men, girls or guys, of family, work, lifestyle, etc. The reason I write this is because there are thousands of Asian singles who signed up at our online dating service, who are from Asia like Japan, Singapore, Korea, China, Philippines, Thai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and etc, asked about life in America. Even if you are planning to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife in the U.S., and want to know about true life in the USA, this article is for you.

Asian American couple
Busy Life

I want to say to this, for it is very accurate with Asian Americans here. In the U.S., people usually worry to pay rent, insurance, food and other living things bending. There are many people who work extra hours to make more money to support themselves and their family. Since there are many stores that are open 24 hours a day basis, such as Walmart, McDonald, etc. Most Asian people in the United States owe a home mortgage. This means that they can pay a down payment from 3% to 99%, then they pay monthly to the bank, up to 15 or 30 years. The food does not cost you much but the medical insurance is extremely important so I would recommend you to buy health insurance because the hospital is very expensive. This is one of the important things that an Asian American should do.

Education In US

In the U.S., students from grades K-1-12 is 100% free. Students do not pay any fees, only the cost of daily meals in cafeteria in school. If students whose parents are poor, the government will provide free lunch every day. The bus will drive to a centered place that is close to the home of each student and take them to the school. After school, the bus will drop them off at the same place. There are also many parents who send their children to school by themselves. The school sometimes take students to field trips to help them see real things that relate to what they learn, such as farms, museums, White house, and so on. Generally speaking, I have to say that education in US is the best that I have never seen in other places.

College and Universities

When you go to college, every student can borrow money from the government, with very low interest rates for students. After graduation, they can pay back. Good students with high scores in High School, they have scholarship to study 100% free in university.

Jobs and Income

Minimum wage for each job category depends on each state. US States where the standard of living is low, the minimum income is also low. Three states with the most Asian women and men residing, California ($ 8.00 per hour), Washington ($ 9.04 per hour) and Texas ($ 7.25 per hour). This means that if you live in the state of California, no matter what job you take, the company must pay you $ 8.00 dollars per hour worked. This is the minimum wage set by the government.

The income of new graduate students is also subject to skills and qualifications of each person. In 2012, salary for accounting major is about $ 40,000 the first year ($ 3,500 per month) and salary for computer programmer is about $ 50,000 one year ($ 4,200 per month). Each year, they increase from 2 to 10%.

I just want to share with you about real lifestyle in America based on my own experience. If you are planning to migrate to the United States of America, then you should know about this. It is very different from Asia. Asian people in US are busy and most of them have to work to pay for bills. To tell you the truth, when you come here, your children will have bright future, because the education program in America, for me, is the best. Asian American People are busy, this is the true. 

What do you think about life in US? Please share you thoughts on the box below. Thank you and have a nice day!