Is Asian Women Who Date White Men Happy?


Asian Women Dating White Men is spreading widely in USA, Canada, Australia, and other Western nations. There are thousands of Asian women white men relationships created every year. During the Vietnam and Korea war, such relationships were increasing until this modern era. Vietnamese women or Korean girls and white men are one of the first experiences during the war in these countries. Thousands of soldiers patronized or had casual sex with local women the pass the time they stayed there.

Asian Women Dating White MenHowever, on this modern era, Asian women dating white men refer to the ‘Yellow Fever’ as they describe white guys who are attracted to Asian girls. I am not talking about stereotypes of Asian women. I am speaking of single Asian women dating white guys and where they find each other. There are thousands of white men looking for Asian women because of these ladies’ behavior. Most importantly, the reason that white men seeking Asian women is the physical beauty. Another things that attract these single white guys are small body size, actions, sweet talks, characteristics, and behavior.

Generally speaking, Asian women dating white men because they are treated as Queens. These guys love Asian women because of their physical beauty and inner traits. So, they come together and live with each other happily. Currently, there are thousands or even millions of children who are half blood color from white and Asian. They are so beautiful.

Where do they meet each other?

Asian women looking white men and vice verse register their personal profiles at Asian dating sites or general dating services to find their dream mate. Some of them got hooked up from friends or relatives. However, most of them met each other through online at Asian dating site. Please click here to find them.

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  1. Tom: why are you lieing.. I been to so many Asian countries. I had no problem getting wit Asian girls in these countries. When I was in China I was talking to a Chinese girl and even the girl family gave me the thumb up and let me know if there daughter wanna to married me we’re had there blessing. In Japan it was the same way..But I found my 4yrs true love in the Philippines. So don’t come off and say bad things about Asian girl. Plus these girls asking me do I have any single black friends that like Asian girls. Like I said I found my true love in the Philippines. We’re got our house being built there and opening up our own business next yr. The woman I found she well educated and her family members well educated. Not a poor family. I have money they have so we well put together. I bet your girl probably over from Manila or some place close by. Not my style. The last three months here in las Vegas..I been seeing more black guys/Asian girls then white guys together with Asian. This one Asian girl told me.. White guys out/Black guys in. So before you say this and that about Asian girl. Tell the truth. Come to Las Vegas and then go to California and see for yourself. How Asian girls all over black guys

  2. Everyone say white men with Asian women is because of yellow fever but Asian woman with black black men is true love.i call bull on that 1st Asian women with white men is true love in 51 years with my Asian I have only seen about 3 most Asian women don’t want want black men I have lived in Asia and in different states about the only tone you see Asian women with black men is bar girls in Asia but these women only do it for money I know what the bm treat these women

  3. I still do not understand it and I have been married to two Asian women of different types. I am a white guy and not especially attracted to Asian women at all. My perfect girl is white, sandy brown hair, and green eyes. But I am not considered tall, athletic, or good looking in their minds. I am very intelligent, successful, and a good conversationalist. The Asian girls are all over me. I can be very selective and have turned lots of them down for dates and more. To this day, I have never slept with a white girl (the four mixed race I count as Asian), but Asian girls are easy, even if they are virgins. I’ve been told flat out on a first date “I will not have sex until I get married” only to have them forget about that two days later. It doesn’t matter what kind, Filipino, Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, Christian, Moslem, or Buddist. They are all easy. I used to have a contest with myself, I’d give myself four hours to meet an Asian girl I would sleep with before the end of the day. Most of the time, I could do it. I can’t do that in 25 years for a white girl. Age does not matter. The average age was 22 years old for the first Asian I was with about 25 years ago, and that has not changed; I am now 45. There is no way a 19 or 20 year old white girl would sleep with me, but smart, pretty, Asian college students will, and even real models! And no, I don’t mean the kind you pay, they are not even slutty and most had never been with more than one guy before. They are very nice, sweet girls. A lot of Asian women, especially Filipinas I know say they would never date anyone who was not white. I think some of the Indonesian girls just want to have a white guy before they get married as some kind of trophy they could brag to their girlfriends about, but would not marry for religious differences. I’ve known three that got their trophy after they were married. Maybe size matters. I don’t know why Asian women like white men so much. I just go with it.

  4. Im a white man and I kinda lean more towards being attracted to a asian woman then of my own race, also.. if I dated one I wouldnt mind being shown off lol.. I think it woud be cute and in a way a very high complament.. to me atleast it would show how much she cares about me to be proud to be with me and in a way its a honorable thing. if I could find one that wouldnt mind if Id atleast do that to in return aswell.. not as a trophy but in a way a sign of commitment.. so asian ladies Im still single! lol

  5. White men dating Asian women and vice verse is common in the United States of America. This country has thousands or even millions of interracial relationships and marriages happened so it is normal.

  6. As we live on this modern Era, Asian women dating white men is common, nothing is wrong with this interracial relationship.

  7. Asian girls dating white men because they want to show off to their family and friends… In fact, I think Asian girls should date Asian guys…

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