What Kind Of Stuff Asian people like


Asian people are honest so they like faithful people in terms of dating, relationship, and marriage. They hate dishonest people who just want to play around. In terms of automotive, Asian people prefer Toyota.

Hot Asian ladies

Hot Asian ladies

Most Toyota cars are small and matched with small body size of Asian women and men, boys and girls. Toyota is made in Japan and it maybe a reason why this car is small compare with American cars. About money, Asian people spend a lot of money when spending. They like to cover for their friends, their family. About education, Asian people are smart and quick. Some of Asian people are successful in business not only in their original countries but also in other countries they live in such as USA, Canada, and others.

Asian girls like to have a happy and warm family with beautiful children. Asian men like to work hard to take care of their family and children. Asian people are popular in the last few decades. The world has known Asians by the strong and powerful energy. We are proud of ourselves by being an Asian boy or girl, man or woman. Whether you live in your own country or elsewhere, you are an Asian and you must be proud of yourself. We have yellow skin color that distinct us from Western people. Asian men and women prefer to go to Asian restaurants to eat such as Today or Chinese buffet if they live in America. Asian singles prefer to find their Asian girls or boys to date with and get married with.

Asian people, Asiatic or Asian Continental Ancestry Group is a demonym for people from Asia. However, the use of the term varies by country and person, often referring to people from a particular region or subregion of Asia. Though it may be based on residence, it is also often considered a “racial group” or an ethnic group. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Asian people). Asian people have become popular in the last few decades because of their success in business. They work really hard to support their family and they save money for their family too. Asian men and women are educated in terms of marketing and business. They like to maintain their culture in Asian countries. Some Asian people live in America or other Western countries, they still maintain their Asian custom.

Asian persons like friendly people. I think Asian people are different from White people and Black people. Asian people like Asian people, certainly. Asian people pay more attention to family (parents, brothers, sisters). They like to live with their parents in a house until they get married and move out. Asian people like fashion. They also like education. Most of Asian girls and Asian women get married with Asian men, but some Asian ladies get married with White men and Black men. In terms of relationship and marriage, Asian people like to get married with their pretty Asian women and men, some married with White people and Black people as well. Asian people do not get divorced easily as other Western people.

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  1. I was born in America so I love to get married with Asian American men because they are so sweet, educated, and faithful. American men are not as faithful as Asian men.

  2. No, most Asian girls do not like to get married with Western guys. We love Asian boys only because Asian men understand us more, love us more, and we match together more. If I walk with a White guy, I can feel I am lower than him somewhat, etc…

  3. Asian girls love Western men because they are rich. So, Asian women who live in Western countries get married with Western men are common. They are using from each other.

  4. Asian people, especially Asian guys, love only Asian women because Western ladies never treat us like Asian girls, am I right? White girls want to be equal between men and women. Asian girls treat us better, love us more, and sacrifice if neccessary. So, I love Asian girls because I am an Asian guy.

  5. Japanese girls, you are lucky to have a White guy does that. Not all Asian women get lucky as you.
    Here are some stuff that Asian people like to do:
    1. Save money
    2. Work hard
    3. Cook meal
    4. Wash dishes
    5. Study

  6. Talking about Asian Japanese girls, we like all American guys because they are the best guys when dating with us. They always open car door, give flowers, gifts, presents. And, they always ask us what we want before they approach, like kissing, etc. Not like Asian guys who usually don’t ask us first but approach to us…

  7. Hmm, all of the asians I know seem to want nothing to do with other asians per say (or rather don’t seek asian partners). They also all lived alone before getting married. However I am referring to first generation north americans.

  8. It is hard for an Asian guy to get married with a White girl or a White lady, unless the Asian men are very successful in life. Also, most of Asian guys are shorter or just even in height with White women, so most of White girls don’t like to get married with Asian men.

  9. I think Asian people like to get married with Asian girls and Asian women because they are matched with each other. I don’t like to see Asian brides with White people or Black people. Come’on, do you want to see White people and Black people steal Asian brides from us???

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