What Stuff Black People Like


Black people is a term which is usually used to define a racial group of human beings with darker skin color. Some definitions of the term include only people of relatively recent Sub Saharan African descent (see African diaspora), while others extend the term to any of the populations characterized by dark skin color, a definition that also includes certain populations in Oceania and Southeast Asia. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Black people)

We all know that Black people are different from White people, in skin color and characteristics. There are three main likes that Black people like Black people, they love their freedom, and they like going to the church. Some of the other likes that Black people like are freedom, education, hair preparations, cell phones, church, loose clothing, basketball, dancing, poetry, buffett, picnics, etc.

According to love, relationships, and marriages, Black people love to get married with Black people but some Black men get married with Asian girls and Asian women as well as White girls and White women.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. Ok, I hope that I can help.
    I am a black man, and I love Asian people. I love people in general.

    There are some parts of the article that are offensive stereotypes, and some parts that NEED explanation. Black people actually love Asians and Latinos. It’s because we share some of the same kinds of struggles and pains throughout history, mostly because of long term mistreatment by white people all over the world. We often find it puzzling when some Asian people dislike us.

    Black people like church in America, because it was the only place black slaves were allowed to associate freely with each other, and later became the means of our emancipation from slavery. The Church was catalyst for our civil rights movement in America and Africa.

    Hair preparations is a negative stereotype based in competition. Some of us have a personal desire to “out-shine” each other, kind of like the male peacock with the biggest brightest feathers gets the mate. Picnics and Buffets are not things we necessarily like. They are something we do for economic reasons, as in much of the world, our populations are systemically kept at the lower end of the economic scale.

    And yes, we love freedom. Our sense of pride comes from our freedom. It’s why so many others are always trying to take it away.

    I hope I can help clear up some of the awkwardness.

  2. Other races commenting on what blacks or asians like. Hilarious. It’s called stereotyping folks. Maybe if you actually spoke with us, you’d find our personal likes are as diverse individually as any other people.

  3. I think it’s ridiculous to see black men going after Asian girls like puppy dogs. Most Asian women prefer white men. Asian woman think blacks look dirty or creepy, like a criminal. Please leave our Asian and white girls alone and stay with your black girls.

  4. Black people love violent movies. I meant, most of Black movies have violence, killings, guns, jails, etc. The good thing is that we all learn a lesson after watching a movie.

    Black people also like going to church, reading bibles, blah blah blah.

    • “Violence and blah blah blah”? That’s completely racist!
      That’s how we are presented by people who want you to think that way.
      Grow up and actually meet some black people.

  5. Black men love Asian girls, sure. I do too. You know what i’m saying. I live in California so too many Asians are here to meet. Can you hook me up with an Asian lady? just kidding…

  6. Black people are excellent in football and music. By looking at top famous singers like Michael Jackson, they make millions of dollars. Most of Black people love church and they go to the church as routines on Sundays. And, they greet with other Blacks as “what’s up, man”…

  7. Asian women are the best women to get married with. Most of Black people love Asian girls, but all people around the world loves Asian girls as well. Asian girls are so popular these days because of their charactertistics and the way they take good care of their children. Sure, I love Asian women.

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