Why Asian Women Are Popular To Western Men


Most single Asian women are too popular to Western men because they are skinny, pretty, and sexy. When you see a white man and an Asian woman, what do you think? The question that comes to people mind would be how an Asian woman attracts to a Western man that much.

Lovely Asian woman

Lovely Asian woman

You may figure it out by judging her. Do you see the difference between a Western girl and an Asian girl? There are a lot of differences, including the skin, figure, body, eyes, hair, face, and others. When you just look at these girls who walk on street, you must give them a compliment about their lightly figure. This is only the out look. How about their characteristics? This is the most important factor that an Western man wants to date or marry an Asian woman.

Asian women have beautiful characteristics that Western women don’t have. One of the characteristics that are observed is the way they behave with their husband. They cook meal daily. They do the housework. They take care of their children. They do these errands while the husband watches the television. Do they have a full time job? Most Asian women have the full time job as the husband but they still take care of the housework. An Asian woman likes to help her husband any work that she can. She respects her husband and let him to lead the family. Even though some Asian women are as smart as their husband, they want to let him to take the lead in the family. She respects her husband.

Beautiful Asian girls

Beautiful Asian girls

Asian women and Western men have been a phenomenon these days. The beautiful thing that makes Western men attracted to them is that an Asian women care for their partners and families. They work hard on their full time job but they still take good care of the housework. You can watch the football games while she cooks dinner. Therefore, the way that these Asians attract to the Western men is the beauty and behavior. The language they use to talk to their husband is so sweet. An Asian woman wants to prove to her husband that she is a woman. She wants want him to be happy and proud with his friends and relatives that he has a good wife like her. She wants to protect him, care for him, and love him. This is the best beautiful characteristics than Asian women behave.

The main reason that a Western guy wants to get date or marry an Asian woman is the look. Asian women have shiny black hair, slender figures, and appealing eyes which attract to men a lot. Asian women put high value in their relationship and marriage. They are faithful with their husband. They don’t do anything to damage their marriage. An Asian girl will stand by your side no matter what you do. She will help and support you. The way that she behaves plus the beautiful slender figure, who would not be attracted to her? Asian women are good house workers. They manage and organize the household very well.

Beautiful women in Asia

Beautiful women in Asia

Moreover, most Lovely Asian women are family-oriented, caring, and respectful. There are many good qualities why Americans choose Asian girls to date or marry with. Asian women are too popular to Western men today. They live in America, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, and others. You can find a local single Asian woman at online dating services.

Generally speaking, here are some golden traits about Asian wives (even just girlfriends) that they do for their boyfriends or husbands. Again, I say “most” of them have those ten traits:

  1. She lets you take the lead of the family. You make decision because you are the head of the household.
  2. She is submissive. She listens to what you say no matter what.
  3. In the morning when you wake up and climb out of bed, there is a cup of fresh coffee on the table. She stays there, chats with you and waits for you until you finish it.
  4. She puts your clothes and bath tower in the bathroom when you take a bath every day.
  5. She cooks delicious daily meals for you. After you finish eating, she washes the dishes.
  6. She is a good money handler. She will ask you every time she spends the money on the house.
  7. She keeps herself in good shape even after she had babies. She will sacrifice herself to eat less food to get a good body for you to enjoy.
  8. She does not go out with her friends without you.
  9. She does not give you “cold shoulder” when you want to make love with her even though sometimes she is not in a good mood.
  10. She is the fresh “new bride” in the bedroom.

Who don’t want to get married with an Asian wife to have these benefits?

Asian-Western women (Asian American, Australian, Canadian, so on)

Asian women who live in the West may act almost like most Western women in certain things. The difference between Asian and Western women is the femininity, where Asian women seem to be softer and more fluid feminine manner and primal sensual appeal to men. There are some traits about most Asian women in the West.

  1. They are still more submissive than other women. When they live in rapidly growing economies they may work harder and take more responsibilities about themselves and their family. They have learned the culture of the West and may act as Western ladies in certain things. They seem to be more subservient and tolerant to their husbands.
  2. Femininity is the best trait about them, which they embrace and maintain it. This is one of the ancestral cultural characteristics about Asian women for promoting a more feminine and gentle way toward males.  Generally speaking, Asian women always try to be more feminine while Western women try to be more mannish.
  3. They don’t like conflicts or arguments with their husbands or boyfriends because they value harmony on high priority. Asian ladies are non-confrontational when dealing with their men.
  4. They have exotic beauty and sensitive nature.

Even though Asian women are successful in their careers, they are still sweet, caring, and patient wives at home. They are willing to do the household stuffs and they are happy serving their husband. They do for love, not because they are dependent.

We need your input, guys. What other reasons that Asian women are too popular to Western men in terms of dating, relationship and marriage?

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. #1 stop sterotyping
    #2 stop spreading yellow fever
    #3 Every women is different
    #4 Your article is clearly wrong and includes zero facts

  2. Much of what you say is true… and it is not just the Asian woman’s physical attributes.. It is also cultural… So, Asian women that are born in western culture are not that different than women of other races in that relative culture… However, those raised in their original countries are quite different… Much of the juxtaposition is due to the archetype of equality that has been in evolution, in the western world for 50 years… and this archetype is not just with women but with all groups that feel they have been marginalized in the past… What fact is missed is that most of the western men of today , were not responsible for that marginalization… and now are still viewed as the cause of it.. Thus many of them now feel like the community punching bag and marginalized by current special interest groups themselves… When this applies to the western woman… many, many western men are simply tired of it… So they seek elsewhere… I, myself have done so.. and do so more for the reciprocal treatment I receive from her.. In my case she is from Hanoi, me California.(yea sunny California with millions of women – I don’t want to take a chance on any of them).. I value every trait you have outlined in your article, however, I am not seeking dominance…to the contrary just an equal relationship… where I can appreciate all of the aspects you stated and also value her intelligence, quick wit, kindness and humor. Guys in the western world are increasingly getting sick of being trampled under foot by this movement or that one… and it is one reason that the highest profits for dating sites… are those from Asia.. This of course is not to indite all western women… but the field has changed in the past 50 years and many western men now see western women as self centered… I have personally received much blowback from my decision…from female friends and family… and after they come up for air… I simply tell them… did you hear yourself ? You answered your own question and it is why I looked elsewhere.. and I warn all western women… this trend is growing for exactly the reasons I outlined

  3. but it is generally observed that western men who date asian women tend to be uglier, short, or substandard looking and in fact have a small amount of money. I think that western men prefer their caucaisian women, and only western men that are rejected by their caucasian women are dating asian women. In fact, asian women who date western men are a certain group of self-hating female who reject their asian fatherly ancestry. most of these asian women try to show off they are superior than the rest of the asian women who are pleased with their asian men. Sorry i am a thai girl.

  4. I’ve had the pleasure of longterm relationships with three different Asian women in my lifetime. They have all told me directly or indirectly that American and Western European men are more aggressive sexually and make love more often then their Asian counterparts. Simply put: ‘Western men take more time out for sex.

  5. There are some really shallow people that have messaged here. There is beauty in all ethnicities. There are some beautiful asian women just as there are some beautiful caucasian women or afro-carribean women. Beauty is beauty and it matters not which race, religion or creed you are. It is granted that some of these women are only out to gain one thing but then so are some of the men, it works both ways, but there are also plenty of genuine men seeking real love just as there are women wanting the same in return. Clearly a lot of you here are very subjective

  6. only desperate old ugly inadequate men f@@k asians they are hideous with dead slitty little eyes and fat blobby faces , the most beautiful women in the world and all time are western eg. monroe hepburn bardot elizabeth taylor .

  7. White women are the most beautiful. Oriental women are just very plain with no hips or breasts and very short and no blonde hair or blue eyes, wide faced, and noses with no form.

  8. I am a Thai woman, and I prefer to see a western man date his western woman, and an asian woman date her asian man.
    1. a western man vs an asian woman makes the world become dark, nothing romantic, just a strange thing. their bodies do not match.

    2. an asian men vs a western woman makes the world become dark, nothing romantic, just a strange thing. their body do not match.

    • No, you’re wrong. 5,000 years from now there may be only one type of person. A human with a mixture of all races. ‘A Superior being with light brown skin and a high IQ.

  9. I am a Malaysian woman and I totally disagree with what the writer has written. I don’t cook or do housework, nor am I submissive to my partner regardless of race.

    The so-called Asian women traits described by the uninformed writer are only true if the women come from impoverished Asian countries and want to get a free ticket out of their country and poverty hence why they are willing to serve their “white masters” hand on foot.

    I really wonder who this writer is. All I can say is that all the “facts” from numbers 1 to 10 are all inaccurate.

  10. I’m an indonesian 18 y.o girl
    I dont want to say that all of asian girl is pretty and calm and sweet or anything but i kinda agree with what the author write. I dont know about other asian girl, but mostly indonesian ladies really do chores and take care of their childrens even though they’re working. We always told by our mother to do so.
    I’m not saying that all asian is like that tho
    And for beautiful eyes, i dont think every asian has a beautiful eyes. Real Indonesian girls really DO has a big eyes, but that’s not the case in other asian countries such as korea, china, japan etc. They have slanted eyes, but they really do have a good manner. I’m an indonesian-chinese girl you see, so i have a tanned skin and slanted eyes and i never think that it would be a problem when i go to other western country (yes i’ve planned to go to western country for college)
    I always admire western girl and boys because they’re pretty and looks so classy and glamourous.
    But after seeing other white girl comment about us asian, maybe i should consider that plan all over again. I never though so many white girl that feel hatred toward us so much like this. I kinda sad actually

  11. I am Rachelle here to meet a nice man for marriage. I live in the Philippines. I am single and sweet. I like to meet a husband in the West like USA, Canada or Australia. You like me here? OK, reply to my comment here. I can speak English good.

  12. Hi Melissa

    I am totally agree with what you have said. This author knows anything. Most of what she have said is rubbish. I am Asian married to a Western guy and, I disagree to what she said. Asian women are not attractive but they are cheap, especially “The non speaking English one with no education background”. The problem is that, they are too obedience and they love others to tolerate them. My father in law engaged to an ugly nasty Thai women who barely speaks English. They have nothing in common and plus she just love to sit on her ass. In fact, she’s fat and doesn’t even know how to cook. My brother in law also married a Cambodia woman. Would you call someone attractive when she’s barely survive. I mean she’s only 34 kg. You can only see her big nose and her big eyes. She’s also barely speaking English and doesn’t know how to cook. C’on ! I mean she has no idea what she is talking about.

  13. i’m a thai woman and my career is Thai-English translator from Thailand. I am never interested in any western men or farang because they not are interesting physically. I think Tai race men, chinese, kroean, and japanese are very handsome men, and in Thailand, there is Korean Wave in which thai teenagers become crazy for Korea. Western men usually end up with ugly, dark prostitutes, the insulted class of Thai society because they are not at all interesting. they have yellow hair and their skin is not more white than tai race men, chinese, korean men.

  14. Im asian girl vietnamese. I feel interesting with white men and i only marry with them one day The white men so handsome more then asian guys. They have height. Tall. Colour eyes colour hair. White skin. Hairy chest sweet so manly….. Asian guys only short. Mostly of them is traditional minds…i feel live with whos different appearance each others so fantasty. ..sorry english : ))

  15. Melissa two wrongs don’t make a right . The author and you are both disgusting creatures. Not all Asian women are submissive and trust me not all white women have beautiful bodies or good intentions. I’ve seen my plenty share of huge t-tex white women. Why don’t you walk in to a wal-mart in American and then come talk to me. All women of race have beautiful and not so beautiful and for you to put down an entire race is racist and prejudice. I don’t agree with what the author has written about asian women but you putting down asian women and superiority of white women makes me wonder if your part of the kkk why don’t you move to a more diverse city and learn more about other cultures before you put your “white women rant” on a pedestal. I’m sure you never had any friends outside of your own race. Oh right because white people killed the true inhabitant of the good USA who are Native Americans you pig. Trust me there are other racist that are better looking than white women try googling Brazilian, Venezuela, Columbia, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, flippinas, Russian,India, island beauties and trust me Russian women don’t consider them white more like I’m from Russia and I’m from eastern European not that American white bullshit.
    Thoughts from a Russian/Brazillian/Korean/ French women
    Have a good day!

  16. What do I think when I see a white man with an Asian woman? I think I want to vomit to be quite honest.

    The article is insulting and puts down white women. The article is rude, not to mention completely moronic.

    So I’ll be rude too but logical. I will not compliment Asians on their lightly figure. LOL. Please! They are shapeless, like a pencil. No chest, no hips, no butt, no curves, nothing. I don’t think they deserve a medal because they look like pencils void of a sexy, curvy female form.

    Eyes? You’ve got to be kidding! Many Asian women tape their lids and use special contact lenses to make their eyes look larger while others are getting eye lid surgery! Asians do not have attractive eyes… you can barely see them!

    Skin? Hair? No and no. Asians skin is naturally quite oily and prone to acne. It also has a yellowish tinge. Their hair is jet black, pencil straight like their bodies and oily. Sexy? Now that’s funny.

    Most Asian women have wide flat faces. They are short with awkward proportions, the torsos are much longer than the teeny tiny legs. They all look like carbon copies of one another. There are very few exceptions. If there is a cute one here or there, she’s likely mixed race, has had surgery, and/or is wearing massive amounts of makeup. And online, there’s Photo Shop! Asian women are usually NOT natural beauties, end of discussion.

    White women have unique individual features. Tall, short, fat, thin, fit, curvy, average. Different hair and eye color… with lots of variety. Their faces, noses, mouths, eyes are different shapes and sizes too. Their skin can be pale or deliciously olive in color with different textures. There are way way way way way way more natural beauties that are white. This is also true for black women. Asians? No way in hell.

    I don’t know about personalities but I think a lot of stuff mentioned in the article sounds like BS. And sounds pathetic. While some attributes are admirable, things sound grotesquely exaggerated to the point of utter foolishness.

    I think many Asians want to hook up with a white man to escape their pathetic lives, gain status, and have babies that look more white. Maybe they want to get their green card, and grab some American $ with their oily little fingers! White men that chase them have been rejected by attractive white (possibly black) women over and over again. He can be undesirable but the Asian lady will go out with anything with a pulse!

    Asian women, do us a favor and keep taking these white men. They’re losers anyhow and we’re better off without them! Keep up the good work, bravo!

    • Hi Melissa,

      I think you have made some good points and also lot of illogical points lol !

      About the asian women shape, what you said is the typical jealous reaction towards asian women which is so common among western girls.
      You said they have no shapes, they are just skinny piece of shit, I live in Taiwan now and there are many foreigners out there and guess what 99% of foreigners are very attracted by the local women and don’t give damn shit about white women.

      None all of asian women are eager to find a white guy to escape their “pathetic” life as you said. They are also attracted by foreign culture, they also like the personality of western men which put a higher esteem on women personality.
      The author of this article is partially right, women here are more family and also “duty” oriented however they are not as submissive as they look. I guess the author doesn’t have deep understanding of asian women. They are more feminine, they use their femininity as a “weapon” (lol) to take control of the relationship over men.
      Whereas western women are obsessed with this while battle of sex thing, asian women are aware they are weaker (it’s what they think, not what I think lol) and do their best to act to emphasize this fact, they want to make their men feel needed, make they feel they are the MAN ! But actually the women are the one who make the decision in the couple.
      It’s like using their extreme femininity to get the guy do what they want.
      So trust me, they are not as weak and obedient as you may think.

      So Asian women are sweeter, cares a lot more about their appearence (according to their standard of course) that’s why south korea got the highest rate of plastic surgery.
      I guess that much sweetness and prettiness is like a fresh thing of western men who are constantly challenge in their country by women.
      The dark side of it, just like it’s the case for asian men, asian didn’t get a critical education due to this fact they follow what they are told by they parents by the people who have influence on them.
      They don’t think much by themselves and usually don’t like to have deep conversation about deep topic like we do in the west such as politics and philosophy. It’s just their culture, it comes from Confucianism …

      I admit it I have had the yellow fever since forever, in my opinion asian women are great and have all the assets it takes to be a good girlfriend/wife but for most of them they miss one very important thing :
      Their opinion ! As the author of this article said most of women in Japan, China, Taiwan or Korea take their wife role very seriously, and they feel happier to be on the side of their husband than challenging them and claim their own opinion.

      I beg you not to have already made stereotype (which is the speciality of asian) about asian, I just did my best to share my experience with you about the average asian women. It doesn’t mean all of them the way I described.

      In my opinion the best people are the one mixed with two cultures, so they can take advantage of the best assets of their culture. Which is why I think the best ones are the asian women born and raised in more “civilized” countries lol 🙂

      Peace Melissa !

      Jean-Loïc from France

    • It also puts down mixed race women, especially those who look ambiguous and have Caucasian features. It says Asian women are better than all races and I’m a mixed ambiguous Asian myself. It sucks because everyone is a carbon copy.

  17. I’m sure there are exceptions but from everything I’m reading here I’m just appalled at reasons why western guys date Asian women. It’s basically an outlet and escape from the world evolving into men and women being treated as equals in a relationship.

    I appreciate the sense of respect that an Asian woman has for her men… but I think Western women just want the respect to be mutual. They see the relationship as a partnership or a team. Guys are quick to blame a white woman for acting ‘crazy’ but they don’t see how their own actions are driving her to feel that way.

    Going for a submissive woman is just a cop out. Sorry this whole thing is ridiculous and anti-women rights. Both men and women should be treated with respect. There are times for the woman to be making coffee in the morning and there are times for the man to be washing dishes too.

  18. Looking for petite small breasted Asian women from Malaysia for marriage ages from 24 to 32 years old only looking for marriage and to come to the United States to be with me I am buying a very nice home here in southern California it is nice almost every day here it gets hot too this year so far it was 115 degreese I love to sun myself nude and swim also nude I an very easy to be with no drama just fun and lots of laughs I like to go dancing and surfing I swim every day I am athletic and I am totally respectful of women they are special and need to be treated special all the time for they are your best friend to hold hands with to cuddle with nude to talk to and deside things together as a team or couple married enjoying life together loving each other with all of your heart I am very passionate lover I love lots of sweet passion from both of us making love for hours me giving her lots of great oral even on her gorgeous rear and all over her sweet body lots of it all the time never a dull moment traveling being together always doing things together enjoying life as a married couple should and do that is who I am inside and outside just a fun person to be with having lots of sweet fun I love to please and pleasure a sweet women all the time to bring her flowers off and on or a little gift just to show her u are thinking of her all the time and loving her in so many ways I love to cook for her I am a very good cook I make the food taste really good it is never blan tasting and I have direct lines to ording kipper smoked salmon front Alaska big kings with lots more fat and oils so they taste do much better and socki salmon that is the very best in salmon and it coast lots more I use to fish up in Alaska for salmon and halibut and herring so I know my way around a boat and gill net fishing sets or drifting with 900 feet of net out I love it so much And if u are so beautiful I might be able to get u a try out to modeling so u would have and very good income I go by Dan

  19. I did not start out interested in Asian women in particular. As a guy I like just about all women. I make a good living, but I am not rich. I compete in a variety of different sports and I am good shape. I own a nice house on a half acre, a little inland, in San Diego California. The women younger than me seemed to be looking for someone with more money and status. The women who would consider dating me were typically older, divorced, and did not want children (I’ve never been married or had children). In frustration I tried an international dating site and was amazed by the quality of the women on it. Especially the women from Vietnam. I ended up marrying a woman from Vietnam, and we now have a son. Life is good!

  20. I’m a Canadian and I agree with this article…..I find western women to be stuck up!!!! I’ve dated many Asians ….they are all humble people…..I’m currently in Love with a Filipina……she is awesome…..we share every house hold chores….there is no drama !!!where a lot of western women bring….and no attitude!!!!!you know that attitude I am women hear me Roar!!! I treat this girl very well like my one and only ….,and she treats me the same way……but if it be a western women they take advantage and not show any appreciation….that is why I choose Asian women any day..,.

  21. There are a few items that I think the author gave too much compliments on Asian girls. I am a Polish man who is dating a Filipino lady in Manila. She is perfect in making love but not very good in cooking. I mean, every time I want to have sex with her, she never says no, to make me happy. I think she is afraid that if she gives a cold shoulder to me, I will leave her for another woman, that’s all. In the Philippines, you can find a hot Filipina lady easy.

  22. Talk about the stereotypes…

    I am married to a Japanese girl, but the thought of me watching TV with my mind in neutral while she races around cleaning A) Doesn’t happen (Maybe because I have ADHD…) and B) Sounds a bit odd these days.

    To be a lot more simple about what I like in many of the Asian girls I have dated is that they did seem just a little more reasonable and a little less demanding than others. This meant that a lot of pointless bickering over nothing was avoided – I’m not just here for an argument. I save that for work.

    But dont believe the hype or the generalisations, biatches are everywhere, in all shapes colours and sizes, just like the good girls are. You just gotta hunt for them.

  23. The idea that Caucasian men seeking Asian women are looking for submissive nannies or housemaids (or concubines) is just rhetoric from bitter Western feminist women who have clearly priced themselves out of the dating market. There are many reasons why I am attracted to Asian women in general, but “subservience” and “submissive” are not among them. I think Western women confused *grace* and *poise* with submissiveness. Western women are now too loud and boorish and harpy. Sure, it’s fine to have opinions, but it’s another thing to have a LOUD opinion about everything, all the time. Also unattractive is the Western women’s constant need to put down men at every given opportunity, along with head shaking and eye-rolling. Yes, we know you’re just doing your “feminist duty” to help “smash the patriarchy” but it’s seriously unattractive. Also, Western women all seem to want to “Bradley Cooper” with a six-pack and 6.5 figure income, yet they seem to be just getting larger… and larger and larger. Many of them also think that becoming morbidly obese and eating for 12 during pregnancy is normal, and not dropping that weight after pregnancy is also normal. They also get enraged when men (or people in general) won’t accept them, and they get ravenously jealous when they see white men with thin, attractive and pleasant women from other countries. I vote with my feet – I just completely ignore 98% of white women. If they’re angry, bitter, man-hating, excessively feminist (looking for conflict) or just too high on themselves, I move on and don’t even pay them any bother. I don’t even look at them, or acknowledge they exist – to do so would perhaps validate their poor behavior and I think more men need to stop accepting just how low the bar has gotten and start responding with a resounding “No, ma’am”. I get lots of smiles and interaction and pleasant conversation from women from other ethnicities – with most white women I get this “attitide” like it’s some kind of priviledge to be speaking with her – or even just being in her mere presence! I think Western mommies raised their daughters to be “princesses” – well, a princess is an attractive woman living in a castle who also happens to be independently wealthy from a powerful family. That, my dears, is not you. So lose the princess act and stop acting so surprised and so offended when you see white men (and men from all nationalities) voting with their feet and looking elsewhere for love and affection. Caucsasian women with their entitlement, hook-up culture and bad attitude (and their poor imitation how they perceive male behavior) has just gone too far. For me, anyways. I’m just not interested. Whether they are or are not is of no interest or conseqeunce to me. But I do love the scowls of contempt I get when I with a well mannered, well dressed, thin and lady-like gal from a minority group. And some of these women – wow – if they come from a group where women are oppressed, if you treat them well (as you should treat all people) they respond with warmth and kindness. If you treat a Western woman this way, they won’t know how to react and will call you “nice” and label you a creep. Western women are bitter spiteful creatures and you should avoid them! Spoiled. Rotten. And. Miserable. Avoid.

    • You are so ignorant, omg. ‘Western women’ does not equal ‘white women’. Idk if you knew this or not, but there are not just white women in the West. If you’re talking about American women, there is a WIDE range of backgrounds and nationalities in America, so what you’re saying makes no sense. And I LOVE how you’re grouping all white women into one biased catergory when you haven’t met EVERY SINGLE white woman in America.

  24. My stepmother was from Japan and was married to my father, an American man for 25 years until her death. He might have married a sweet, submissive girl but she ran our house with a steel fist for the entirety of their marriage. I was looking up tips for how Asian women keep their skin so beautiful and came across the site. I’m appalled. I have many Asian-American friends and they are feisty, creative, intelligent women that aren’t classified in the above description.

    The men I know that seem to want to go overseas to find women are literally men that are unable to find anyone stateside…white women, Asian women, black women…none of them would date these men.

  25. Everyone needs nanny ! And guys would love toy for their physical need ! I don’t want to be asian girl even though 10000000 guys live me for these reasons ! 😉

  26. I like the way that this article’s author described about Asian women even it is like in the movie. Who else doesn’t like submissive girlfriend or wife? I am not an Asian but an European American guy and of course, I love to choose a wife who is feminine, subservient and tolerant to me. I think the author wants Asian women to act like that as the traditional women in Asia do. That’s nice though.

    As you know most of Asian American women who live in Los Angeles CA are not as traditional as described on this article but they are more feminine because of the way they talk softly and usually smile in exchange for an answer. That’s cute. Anyway, I like Asian women, really do.

  27. Haha, I am so glad I ran into this site. I am Asian, I have studied in the U.S. for 10 years. I am 25 years old. I don’t know what your background is, and why you are thinking all this, but let’s not forget that every Asian country has it’s own culture. Not all of them are submissive, and whatever else you posted. I am none of those things you listed. I hope you were generalizing the characteristics of them. Also, Western guys don’t like girls who are like robots they just control. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years, and he is from the U.S. He literally hates the idea of women being submissive and doing everything for him. It is about personal preference, and… I don’t ever say that I have an American boyfriend. I say, I have a boyfriend and he’s from America. He’s Swedish anyway, and he just has a U.S. citizenship. I do give my boyfriend cold shoulder when he wants to have sex, because I am tired. And as far as I know, most of my friends who are Asian and who were raised in Asia do it all the time.

    You don’t sound very cultured.

  28. hey was just seeing if you minded a comment. i like your site and the theme you picked is super. I will be back.

  29. After reading that article, I feel so sorry for my boyfriend as he has an Asian gf that failed to do everything that listed up there.

  30. I am a 34 year old Asian woman dating a Caucasian/Assyrian man. I’ve always been attracted to white men. Anyways, I feel like who ever wrote this needs to pull her head out of her you-know-what. I like to cook for my man but he better help with the dishes; house chores will be done equally, more or less; I will raise my voice and curse if my man pissess me off; if my man don’t have the balls then I will wear the pants; I’m 5’4″ 140 lbs with big thighs who can only wear 2 of 10 pair of pants, meaning I’m not slender; and I have damaged over-colored hair. I know plenty of Asian women who are the complete opposite of what this author wrote. I understand it’s free speech but at least word your opinion right and not throw every female asians into the same pool.

    • i’m a Thai woman and am never interested in dating any whiteman. I ‘m bored with a kind of person like you. Even if some asian women married to a caucasian man, please do not generalize that we asian women prefer whitemen. Average Thai woman and chinese women do not want a caucasian man. A man man of 185 cm height got a chinese woman as his wife too.

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      Sgnt Sonia.

  31. This article was appallingly written. I’m a 22 year old white woman dating a 28 year old Asian man. His male friends don’t mind him dating a white woman, but the Asian women in his life sure do. They have said some awful things that I simply chalk up to jealousy and brush off. These characteristics that you attribute to Asian women are found in women of all races. Hopefully you can mature and become a real woman someday who has a positive attitude towards women of all races. We need to build each other up, not tear each other down.

  32. i am from vietnam and look for a polite and faithful british man who are interested in vietnamese people and culture.

  33. My husband of 35 years had an affair with a MARRIED Vietnamese woman 16 years younger than us, him-53, her 37 (the age of our daughter). He is also her boss! It was going on for several months and I suspected something was going on with him but it wasn’t until I found some emails, then the “secret phone” that she purchased for him, while we were on a cruise meant to help save our marriage! They continued seeing each other for several months even after I found out and even though he told me he was ending it. And she also purchased him a second secret phone after I confiscated the first one! We are barely still married, in counseling, and I am desperately trying to hold on to the man I love and father of my children. They have since made amends with him but it was not easy and only because I insisted. She is still married to her husband who is also mid-50’s. He does not know about the affair and if I knew his name or how to find him I would tell him even though it could put my husbands job in jeopardy and our counselors have advised against it. They (her husband too) work for a large defense contractor so I am never allowed into the facility as there are locked gates and no one other than employees and vendors are allowed inside. And it is a huge place. It has been over a year since I found out and it devastated me to the degree that I contemplated ending my life. It’s been a long, traumatizing, painful journey. Especially during the time when he could not decide who he wanted…me or her! I know, some say I’m a fool and idiot for staying with this man. I did file for divorce last year due to pressure from friends and family but could not go through with it. We have been together since we were 19 and I’ve mostly been a stay at home mom and grandma. So it is complicated and mostly because I still love him and can’t imagine my life without him. I have been faithful to him and taken care of him my whole life and then this piece of human garbage parades her big boobs and tiny ass in front of him all day every day, sometimes seven days a week. I am slender and not bad looking in fact most say I’m very pretty. I’m loving, patient, kind, trusting and loyal. And this woman who destroyed our family, (our children would not even talk to their dad and almost wrote him off for good and would not let him see the grandkids because of his torturous behavior to me). He was unapologetic to me and them for months and she is an arrogant, selfish, self-serving wh**e. She has not uttered any kind of remorse or apology to me for the devastation she caused us. I have never seen her face to face though I have communicated with her by text a couple of times. I would love to be able to tell her in person what I think of her and what she has done to me. And I have good reason to suspect that she is still trying to win him back. So anyone that says Vietnamese women have a strong sense of family and don’t do anything wrong are just not right. All people fall prey to the same evil things, no matter the ethnicity.

  34. I have an OZ bf. A few days ago his ex (white fat woman) called me a slanty eye, prostitute etc. I never asked for money from my bf. And i never asked him about moving to Australia. She was out of control and the only thing i could see was she was ugly outside and inside. So, not all white women are good looking! There are good looking white women but there are also heaps of ugly fat ones. Same in asia, we have ugly women too but mostly the good looking ones 🙂

      • Wow. Do you run a dating site? Many of the Philippine women I’ve met are NOTHING like that. They pretend those things until they get a man to marry and then they turn into a different person. They were selfish, overbearing and greedy. American men who chose those women are lonely and can’t get white women. Its easy to get Philippine women. They will marry any man no matter what he looks like just to get that green card. I’ve met 2 men who were used for that exact purpose. They are definately not more beautiful than American women. With the same features and long straight dark hair many look alike just different sizes (most are heavy).

        Not all Philippine women are out to use men but the majority are.

  35. Don’t forget white females may look pretty when they’re young, But oh boy do they age fast compare to asians.

  36. Asian woman like any other ethnic races have there own appeals. Everything depending on what physical and mental characteristic a man is looking for. Lets not get into accents as that can be a turn on as well… There are much more diversity today than 50 years ago but I cannot say one specific race is the best… as I fancy light skinned woman.. Maybe it’s called genetics!

  37. this lady really isn’t too smart.

    i think it would be prudent to address the sociological reasons of western standards of beauty and the imprinting of the anglo-saxon-looking archetypal hero figure in most media.

    not to mention the eroticized, fetishized, hyper-sexualized and submissive delicate flower asian women are portrayed to be. just a bunch of people that are brainwashed by western hegemony.

    i don’t know who you are– but think, for once.

      • The problem I’m finding is that most of the sites I’ve been to seem to want money and they hold both the man and the woman hostage. One site says that a woman’s contact information is free but only after you’ve bought 3000 credits for one woman that translates to 600 US dollars per woman of interest. Don’t get me wrong I can put a price on finding my true love but I don’t want to be giving money over to these greedy sites. Many times these same site will have translators putting up canned messages from women so lure men into sending a text to her only to realize that she’s not really online but she’s very popular on the site and makes then lots of money. And that’s why it’s difficult for me to believe that these women are really looking for or even interested in me. I think more Asian women should seek free to use sites or at least sites that charge by the month and not the letter or text. I realize this is a business but the sams and the tricks to get money are out of hand and not something I am willing to keep doing.

  38. Well I’m an Asian girl, who is studying abroad in US. Personally, I feel inferior to white girls sometimes, because they’re tall, slim, stylish, and athletic. They have smooth skin, beautiful blonde hair and long legs ( at least most of my friends look like that ). Not to mention, they also treat me nicely, smile all the times, and are really sociable as well as energetic. I think Western women are really amazing!
    But Asian girls also have their own special points, too 🙂 My mom, for example. She’s pretty short, about 5 ft 1 or something, and she seldom has make up on, but I think she’s the prettiest woman ever. She has a beautiful soul, she devotes to her family 24/7. After work, she goes straight home, prepares the meals, then takes me or my brother to our extra classes. Then she goes back home, washes the dishes or do other chores ( of course my dad helps her too), and goes to our classes to pick us up. Sounds like a typical and submissive housewife, right? But she’s not a dependent and gullible woman 🙂 My mother always has creative ideas, she formed a small company with my dad (our family company is doing pretty well), she doesn’t know much about art or politics, she doesn’t like debating about philosophy either, but she could always find a topic to talk about. She’s funny and interesting too.
    I don’t mean that all the Asian girls are like my mom. But most Asian girls I met have these common characteristics: they are faithful to their lovers, they are smart and educated, they respect the elderly and treat other people nicely. In traditional Asian families, children are taught to be respectful and grateful for the things they received. And girls are taught to become LADIES, which means polite, thoughtful and graceful women. I remember I was scolded as a child when I forgot to say hello when I met older people, or when I didn’t say thank you when I received the lucky money on New Year Day, or when I got into a fight with a kid in my elementary school. As a result, well-brought-up-Asian-girls seldom lose control of themselves or use inappropriate words to insult other people. They could still be independent and extrovert and out going and all, but they understand the limits. They don’t go to the bar, get drunk and wake up in the morning find themselves in bed with a stranger. ( I’m not implying that western women do this, don’t get me wrong. And I know that there are many Asian women that do this kind of thing too). In relationships, Asian girls are also a little bit shy and reserved sometimes, but they really do care about their partner. (ex: One of my friends always blushes whenever her boyfriend holds her hand or hugs her, and she’s pretty quiet, but her boyfriend loves her really much because she’s considerate and always supports him. They’re a lovely couple.) That maybe is what attracts western men. Additionally, most Asian girls look fragile and gives off a feminine vibe that makes men want to protect them. (Personally, I think that it’s good if women could depend on men sometimes, because that’s what love means right, caring and helping each other. Of course I don’t like the clingy and princess-like girls either.)
    To sum up, I think every woman has uniqueness. It’s judgemental and racist to say that all Asian women are financially controlling, demanding, and go for western men for the green pass. 😛

    • Stop generalizing. I am thai in Thailand and have ever seen some western women who were shorter than me. A of western women are in fact of the same height as that of thai women. Every race has its own unattractive and attractive people.

  39. My white blonde ex boyfriend cheated on me with an asian girl (he always had a fetish for them) and she even knew he was taken. Then a month of them going out (they went out in less than a week after our break-up), she confessed to him that she had a 3 year old child then he came crawling back to me. -.-‘
    I’m still very heartbroken and he said that he would have came back to me “even if she didn’t mess up”. Yeah right.
    We went out for almost a year and I can’t believe he did this..
    She was sending him pictures of her in a short black dress at first while we were still going out and she lied to him that she was “18 years old” when she was 20 like me.
    He told me he plans to break up with her because her mom is pressuring him to marry her and she even introduced him to her whole family..
    I have no beef with asians and I had a lovely asian boyfriend in the past but..I’m still in shock.
    Men…have any liking you want..just don’t hurt someone over it.

  40. i highly agree. i meet my indonessin gf online on facebook of all things. i was allways in bad reninships one after the other speically with white woman they like to cheat and to be honest no woman in the us where that good. me and the love of my life now talked for about a year then i came and meet her in her counrty i married her there. and i bring her back. asains are the best i belive. what this man wrote is all true guys. why go for some girl that thinks shes pure gold ,picky a cheater, and after awhile they treat you like crap. my wife which is asian im a white guy have been happly in lovd for about 5 years now. we never fight, sex is good, and she watchs after the young ones while i work. they treat you great. they are beatufal, and smart i feel more man be happy if you dumped the woman who are not asian and treating you like crap and listen to this and above it well change your life trust me.

  41. I’m sorry but in this entire thread, the only counter argument in favor of white women that I’m hearing is that they are prettier. Well 1stly, a man needs much more than a pretty wife to form a stable long lasting marriage, relationship. 2ndly , dont form opinions on races based on media, because most white women in real life aren’t half as pretty as those shown on tv. 3rdly, Stats show it all, white women/non-white men marriages have the highest divorce rates, a glaring example of the incompatibility of white women.Not to mention even black women/white men marriages have a lower divorce rate than white men/white women marriages.4thly white women age very badly 5thly, White women on average are taller, broader, and have a more masculine bone structure than asian women. In short, I see Asian women win 5-1, 1 only for their looks which btw many guys do love.

  42. I get annoyed about supposed ‘yellow fever’. I have ‘yellow fever’ and I also have ‘red fever'”. I am particularly attracted to red hair. I don’t think red heads are ‘firey’ and therefore ‘hot’ in bed. They are the same as anyone else except colouring. They can be from Europe, Australia or siberia. Whats important is that they are nice and we/I can get along. Same applies to Asians. I like thay ‘look’ and don’t care if they are born and raised in the USA by white adoptive parents or from central China. What matters is that they have a nice personality and I/we can get along.

  43. As a 25-year-old, college-educated Asian girl…this entire article made me throw up a little in my mouth. I’m all for letting the husband watch a football game while I whip him up a nice stir-fry, as long as he also has the grace to occasionally return the favor.

    Jesus, people. If you want an organized household when you come home (although since she’s working 9-to-5 as well, one wonders who is doing all the “organizing” during the day) – hire a maid. If you want “delicious home-cooked meals”, get a cook. Or, heaven forbid, learn to cook yourself. We’re human beings, not some racist stereotype you can aspire to obtain.

    Of course the wife will do some housework, of course she will cook (and all power to her, personally I love cooking). But the point I’m trying to make is that a marriage is a partnership grounded in love, mutual respect, and equality. Every partner in every relationship will at some point find themselves in the submissive or dominant role, but the point is to integrate that into a healthy relationship, not a racist powerplay.

    • You said it!!! I told my White man that since you can’t cook, at least microwave me some frozen dinner. Both of us are working full time and going to school full time. I’m majoring in Accounting so I have a heavier course load. So there is no way I’m going to be your full-time chef, maid, and lover. Sure I let him hang with the guys and play his video games but he had better have his priorities straight, too.

  44. Ok so if I date an Asian woman then I will be considered as insecure or have a fetish? Why is it that if a white woman slums around with a black thug then that is fine but a western man cannot date an Asian girl? You people sound like hypocates and loser. If Asian women hate western men that’s their choice and all they have to do is say no. Dam you people have crazy opinions on who a man can date and who he is not allowed to date. I can date whoever the hell I choose and if western women don’t like it they can shove it.

  45. White male here. Every race has attractive members in its own right. I prefer my own. This article does make a good point that gender roles in the western world have become confused. It makes looking elsewhere tempting but that is not the answer. We need to get our own house in order; we need to patch the holes instead of abandoning ship.

    • Exactly! Not all white men are attracted to Asian women. Even some Asian men don’t go for the “submissive” Asian women. Some men, in general, may want someone who is a little feisty because there is some excitement (as I was told by a white guy I once date). It’s beside the point, but sadly some Asian women have the same notion as the author and strongly believe that with those qualities they will get their White men. The grass ain’t always greener on the other side.

  46. From my personal experience the Chinese women are poor workers and get tired very easy. Also far more bossy the the western women.

  47. Asian women are pretty my ass! Their noses are wider than their faces and their faces are always greasy so is their hair and they always want to eat nonstop, and they always have yellow teeth, not beige, yellow. Not to mention their eyes and how they look like they’re incapable of sight. I am sorry but that’s my opinion.

    • You are so wrong. You say it’s an opinion, but then you say that “all” Asians have yellow teeth, squinty eyes, greasy faces, and wide noses. It’s wrong to generalise like that, especially in such a racist, demeaning way.

  48. White western women are envied for they beauty in almost all Asian countries. White women come in all shapes, have different looks to them. They can have shiny black, brown, red, golden hair and light or olive skin! White western women are the most beautiful women on earth and movies and magazines see that! They are everywhere because people want to see them. Asian women have one look to them but white western women have so many beautiful looks to them. They ate more beautiful.

    They are also kind, intelligent, funny, charming, healthy, vibrant.

    Men who don’t like White women could have really bad taste in women or can never get a white western woman so they settle for Asian lady.

  49. Okay, it’s all very well to have these Caucasian men with Asian women. But spare a thought for their mixed raced offspring. My dad is Australian and my mother is Filipino, and my life, growing up in Australia has been hell on Earth, with racist bullying I endured for not being full Asian or full Australian. And I’m an old maid, now. Asian men don’t want me and Australian men don’t want me. Just so you know, it may be fine for your little romance, but your children won’t have any romance at all, and will have a very lonely existence! The world is still very racist towards mixed childten! That will never change.That’s the problem with ‘romance.’ It’s all fantasy, and not based on reality!

  50. Men With An Asian Fetish Are Not In Reality

    Do you ever wonder if the men on this website like you just because you are Asian and have preconceived ideas about you that actually have nothing to do with reality?

    Why would a man be looking for women in a third world country expecting that woman to actually love him when she is 25 or 30 years old and he is 60?

    White men can obtain young woman in the U.S. but it will cost him a lot of money to keep her. In Southeast Asia a man can gain the interest of a young woman for a fraction of the cost, regardless of his age or looks.

    I knew a guy who was going through a divorce and was very hurt by his former wife. He was a bit older, bald and not a handsome man but he was nice.

    He was excited to know that his new online girlfriend from the Philippines was going to take him directly to her mothers house in which he thought was great.

    I warned him that she was going to show Mom that she scored an online ATM machine from the United States. He refused to believe me because he was in fantasy mode which most Asian Fetish guys usually are until they get burned a few times.

    So I asked him to look at reality, “Why would a young attractive Southeast Asian girl be interested in an older bald, ungly average income earning white man?”

    I asked him this question? “You are from New York and you have quite a few Philippina women who live in New York who are U.S. citizens. Did any of them contact you or show any interest in you?”

    He said, “No.” I said, “Exactly, they do not need a guy like you because they already have a green card or are U.S. citizens and young good looking Asian girls can find a man already in the U.S. who is better looking, half the age of the guy online and has more money.”

    When a white man lives in Southeast Asia he is the commodity because the Asian gals know he has more money than the local Asian guys.

    However, when you bring a gal from Southeast Asia into the U.S. your exotic half your age wife notices that you do not have as much money as other guys in the neighborhood nor do, nor do you look as good as the more handsome guy down the street because after all if you are on this site are you not just another creepy old white pervert?

    I am not trying to hurt your feelings trust me you will appreciate my realities now if you listen to them to help you avoid a serious heart break and a short lived 2 year marriage followed up by finding your wife in bed with the younger, richer and more handsome neighbor guy down the street. Not to mention that you must share half with your young ex wife who never loved you to begin with 🙂

    After all, he is young, good looking, and has more money than you do and he didn’t have to spend all the time, money and travel across the world to a third world country to obtain a thrill like you did. He just borrowed your wife when you did all the heavy lifting.

    After all he only traveled down the street to get what you paid for and spent years online trying to court. Sorry to be honest with you, he just stayed at home with his webcam because your wife traveled down the street to go see him actually.

    Why do you think that your wife is a sexual dynamo in bed and willing to anything that you want? Why do you think she is exotic looking? Why do you think she is easy to get into bedroom?

    Lets looks at the Socio-Economic reasons you are exploiting in the first place. With little or no education, with very little connections or any sort of future in sight and with a predominately male oriented society, she is hoping that she will not have to work in the beer bars as a prostitute or become a from home webcam sex worker.

    So getting married to a white man from the states is a better alternative don’t you think? considering her options? So what does she have that she can sell? Belongings? No..So what? Well her youth to the highest bidder and her looks and sexual performance that is guaranteed to make any man fall to his knees.

    After all most men mistake good sex for love anyway…Question? If your future depended on a great sexual performance, wouldn’t you make your best effort to fool whoever was bidding? Don’t forget she is still in Southeast Asia so she knows that she has tons of competition, little does she know that the competition will dwindle once she comes to the U.S. because she will not be competing with the white gals, she is competing with other Asian gals who are usually older and have been in the U.S. for a while.

    So in a sense she has limited competition and is a major commodity and the sky is the limit for her once she divorces you. But first she has to hook you and the only weapon that she has to do this with is her looks, body, youth and sexual performance in which she is willing to do a repeat performance with another bidder usually behind your back.

    Don’t hate on this woman, she has not only herself but also her mother and father to take care of and she knows that you will pay more if her performance is good and if she acts like she loves you.

    Sorry what gal would ever volunteer to do this because she has a major, old white creepy pervert ugly, bald, blue collar worker pay fetish? I think not guys…

    So all these preconceived ideas that you have about the fantasy Asian girls that you obsess about are hopefully destroyed by now. I have never seen anything so obviously ridiculous on this site which is old, bald, ugly white men with young good looking Asian women profiles side by side.

    This site should be renamed grandfathers looking for granddaughters to date in Asia. Why is this not blatantly obvious to the men who have Asian Fetishes on this site?

    There is no fantasy here, this is pathetic and it is taking advantage of a socio-economic crisis. These ladies are trying to survive and take care of their elderly poor in bad health parents who have nothing but their young daughters looks and youth to bankroll.

    If you where in their shoes where you had the responsibility of taking care of your parents which is an Asian thing, here in the U.S. the obligation is the other way around.

    What if your parents where dirt poor, had major health issues, no food and no medical insurance? Lets dig deeper, what if they had a child in hopes that it would be a girl so that the daughter would be born for the sole purpose of providing for the family? Its getting really awful now right? In Cambodia this is a truth, the parents have no education, live on a dirt floor and sleep on a plywood table with no air.

    Ok lets go even deeper shall we? Do you also want to know why the Southeast Asian girls in Cambodia are so good in bed? This is so sad but true, because they start out as young as 5 years old and they get plenty of practice by the time they are 19 they have already perfected their sexual skills for 14 years already if they started out at age 5.

    I hope this is destroying your Asian Fetish Fantasies by now by simply speaking a harsh and brutal reality into your life.

    So the daughter is the designated prostitute of the family, they cannot provide for her or themselves, its all up to the girl to provide and that is the only thing that makes the young girl Ok with this whole ordeal meaning dealing with you, is knowing that her parents will be taken care of.

    I know that I have been blunt and to the point, but I think its important to break through the stereo typical fantasy of men who have Asian Girl Fetishes. Trust me, an Asian girl will resent you liking her because she is Asian, she wants you to like her because of who she is.

    Yes its true, Asian girls bankroll guys with Asian Fetishes, however don’t be fooled into thinking that she has even one ounce of respect for you in any way. Remember the age old saying, “A girls got to do what a girls got to do?” That means being with you dude!

    Article by: Mr. Reality Check

    • I am a Malaysian girl with Chinese origins. I have lived in Australia for 7 years. After moving to Newcastle(NSW) from Adelaide I couldnt believe how many older white men have approached me with the such intentions and its true I do find it offensive. I feel like these older white men are looking for low maintenance companions and they think Asian women will fit that bill. Some probably have. I myself am completely appalled that they keep coming up to me JUST because I am Asian and young (gullible looking).

  51. White Western women are ugly ugly and facially masculine compared to those beautiful, feminine Asian dolls, and their beautiful, girly faces. South American women are quite unattractive in regards to another post.

    • Is that why most Asian women try to look White through surgery and makeup?

      The world knows the most beautiful women are White western women, it is their feminine beauty has has captured the world and beauty pageants.

      Most supermodels are White western women;)

      • Whatever you said may be fine but hearing opinions from most white and non-white men say that white women are only good for sex ie their open mindness towards sex. Beauty is not everything bro, and even if it is, Asian women are pretty. I haven’t heard a single man say in his life that white women make better wives than Asian women. Most men who go after Asian women are into long term relationships ie they want a stable marriage, and we all know how unstable marriages are that involve white women. So in your opinion, sacrificing a petite, feminine, supportive, cute asian girl for a blonde haired blue eyed, beauty(that too not for long) who doesn’t give anything to a relationship apart from her willingness to have sex. Naah, I’m gonna take the former.

      • Then why White girl try to look tan? it’s just a preference, no need to say which nation is better or more beautiful than others, stop being so shallow.

        Beside no one can judge other on how they look, beautiful or ugly is depends on people personal taste. Just like when you see ross as the most beautiful flower but it is not for someone.

      • i dont think so. btw only korean do surgery ok. and my bf is caucasian and also so death blonde. esp with his light hair and blue ayes. and he hate girls with ton of make up. and sure! i never do make up. and yeah he like nature girl like me.
        just stop judging other race. they have own type.

  52. Hi everyone! I’m sixteen years old and i live in vietnam:). In my opinion, i think the reasons that white guys like asian girls because they have an tiny appearance, and western guys have a big tall appearance (so w.g think asian girls very charming and cute) and they have brown skin look very healthy, and they often do the housework. 😛

  53. I am a 16 year old white male, that is only attracted to Asian women. When I first saw Asian girls it was a complete culture shock for me. They were more beautiful than anyother type of women. Then when I saw people like Megan Fox and Sara Underwood, I wasn’t attracted to them anymore. Some of my friends tried to get me back but they are growing to accept the new me. But some people will probably say I have a bad lifestyle, but I don’t care

  54. Makeing statements about people based on their race is really ignorant. I’ve met both pretty and ugly women form all races. I’ve yet to see an asian woman who is almost as wide as she is tall, several white and black women like that.

  55. I am Australian and have a Chinese wife that is well educated and reasonably financial. The main reason I love my wife is that we have compatible gender roles. She is not my slave and i am not hers. We both like doing things for each other and it works well. The west is mixed up and i find many women(not all women) are selfish and at times have no respect for their man.

  56. I am Indonesian woman and have serious relationship with western man. I have my own business, well educated. My boyfriend is very well educated and have very great career. He’s a global director for international company. We love each other after we met at Thunderbird university – the best Business management university in the world ( I wish Brenda and Lucy know this – LOl ). We talk about many deep conversation : philosophy, art, politic, economy etc. So I think love is universal language. Beyond race, age, distance. And yes, I am proud to be smart, educated, attractive asian woman. And in love with great western man with good career, education and personality. Plus handsome !

  57. Anyone can have their own opinion about Asian Woman.
    However we cannot always judge a person by the nation.
    Brenda, Lucy, Keith, Laticia….just so you know..Not all of asian girls are ugly, selfish,have a little squinty eyes, pushed up faces, only want to get a green card,look for the good life, very vain, dominating, controlling, nagging, temperamental, loud, rude, ..etc as you all said.
    NO gals, you’re absolutely WRONG!
    I am an Indonesian girl which is asian and I have a beautiful big eyes,shiny black hair,tan skin, white teeth,well educated woman and I am not looking for a rich western man to marry with 🙂
    I am not saying that I am perfect, I just want to let you know that not all of asian woman as bad as you thought. Maybe you have met the one who wasn’t very attractive or have bad characteristic.
    I suggest you to come and visit some asian country so you would know and understand how we treat western people here and how lovely and friendly we are 🙂
    We won’t steal your money, no worries. Otherwise you can have a better live in our country because everything is very cheap here. Maybe in your country you are NOTHING, but in asia you are SOMETHING. I can say all this because It happened to some western men that I’ve ever met in person here. In their country, they were not very rich, but when they moved to asia (let say Indonesia) they life changed. Now they become a RICH western men in our country and live like a king.. lol

    • That’s why little Asian boys that dress up as women are hotter than the actual ladies themselves?
      My uncle married an Asian she popped out 5 children, never sees him.. He cheats and she doesn’t care so long as he pays her.
      She is super controlling now and arrogant and judge mental.
      I recently had my heart broken by a young man who left for Asia, he “rented” pros for “talking and company while eating” so he says lol.. I’m a beautiful blue eyed American girl with Sicilian roots and I love to cook, pamper, love and be the “woman” of the relationship and love having my man be the man of the house or relationship.
      However this last boyfriend taught me about a type of American spoiled mommas boy that just wants to be groveled to and even to demean his women… I find it a direct reflection of the majority or American men who do this of their selfish and usually ignorantly arrogant ways.. If your a good man you will get a good woman.. You don’t need to pay for one or maybe you do if your that shallow and selfish.
      Passion and love is priceless and faceless.. Not based on how meek and submissive your woman can be. Be a man an deserve one not pay for one.

  58. It’s true,asian women do look like monkey’s….The true reason western men get asian mail order brides is because they either have a really small size or they want their toe nails cut every week by his asian mail order bride…

    • You are disgustingly rude and racist. (FYI: being a bigot isn’t a great quality to have.) There are beautiful Asians, and there are ugly Asians. There are pretty white girls, and ugly ones as well. Saying all Asians look like “monkey’s” (which, by the way, is grammatically incorrect- I think you meant to say “monkeys”) is wrong and stereotypical.

      It’s like saying, all Americans are fat.

  59. I’m 28 and i’ve been dated this Thai girl for more than 6 years. She’s the most beautiful and graceful girl i’ve ever met. Before her, I had only been with white girls but after I had met this Asian girl, no man could turn back! Asian girls are so sweet in their nature, unlike white girls who are always superficial and bitchy about everything. White girls are the most boring species of all. They get old and fat so easily while my Thai girlfriend is still look like she’s 25 even though she’s 30. She’s petite, polite and lovely. She makes me happy like no other girls can do.

  60. Lucy, I totally agree with you… Asian women like to look for the good life, very vain, dominating, controlling, nagging, temperamental, loud, rude, foul letter words from their not too perfect sweet mouth, financially controller, jealouse, dominating…. The only way to keep them happy is make more money send money to their families back home, travel more, show off their wealthy white miserable fat husband….. I have seen so many asian women from China, Phillipines, Thailand …..doing that to their caucasian husbands. Westerners man out there who are looking for your sweet gentle beautiful sexy exotic wives. BE WARNED…….no doubt they are beautiful in yours eyes……

  61. Asian women are popular with insecure Western men who can’t handle dating people with opinions and self-confidence. They are also popular with Western men who are totally shallow and judge women based on their appearance only. How wonderful to know your husband married you for your “lightly” figure! The type of Western guy who goes for Asian women tends to be someone who has been consistently rejected by Western women. These men are rejected for a reason, whether it’s because of their enormous/fragile ego or their shallow materialistic nature or their desire to be babied. My husband lived in Asia before we were married and was totally uninterested in dating Asian women because he couldn’t carry on meaningful conversations with them about topics like philosophy, spirituality, literature and politics. Conversation, common interests and what’s inside are more important to him than high heels and meek behavior. Anyway this meek behavior shit is partly bullshit. Plenty of Asian women nag their Western husbands to pieces over things like gaining weight/making money. Keep telling yourself that all Western women are fat/ugly/bossy/etc. The truth is you’re getting our leftovers and putting up with more shit than we’re willing to.

    • Exactly. The western men that go after Asian women are rejected by western women mainly because western women don’t need green cards. Asian women act like the description in this article until they get the man to marry then once owned that man meets a whole different person. By then its too late. Classic Jekyll and Hyde.

  62. The internet is full of beautiful asian women and many men start to become interested in asians this way. Not the most flattering reason but from my own and many other guys I’ve talked about this with that seems to be the case.

  63. I am dating a 30 year old Chinese woman for 8 Months now. She’s divorced, has a daughter of 4 years old. Yes, she is very (in my eyes) beautiful, slim, University degree, and her little one is as well a very nice girl (she doesn’t speak English, but I can communicate in basic Chinese with her). Western women are too bossy, want you to bring in the bacon, and also work around the house, take care of the children, etc .. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind tending the house, or go shopping, .. however, the western women is never satisfied to what you do. They’ll complain always … Coming to the older age: the western woman tends to break-out – she get’s fatter, loses interest in her figure, smears a lot of junk on her face / body to look good (?) Whereas the Asian woman looks good by herself, without all these oitments … and she maintains her slim look, far in to her old age. Other thing is that most Asian men, do not take care of their children after divorce / separation … for them, it is then all over. Another issue why Asian women prefer western men. We take far more responsibility than the average Asian man. I’m sure I’ll receive the necessary comments, but hope that these are not so simple minded as BRENDA.

  64. I think they are not beautiful with their strange facial features. I think the most beautiful women are from South America: Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. They are white with pretty faces, big eyes and good body.

  65. oh brenda brenda!watch your words im an asian from philippines and i have a bf he’s a japanese…then think why some of the asian race are not fond of searching western girls?

  66. I’m very well educated. 40 years old. Dated many educated, beautiful, white women (am white myself). Could never figure out why it seemed that none of them knew what they wanted out of life. Usually they only wanted to “have a good time”…usually meaning they wanted me to spend a heck of a lot of money so they could drink and party every weekend or go on trips.

    I finally dated 1 Indonesian girl and went out with 2 Vietnamese girls, all educated (college degrees) and all very attractive. It was a total about-face in terms of attitude. I am now marrying a Vietnamese girl from Hanoi this coming spring. She has a teaching degree and has mostly taught herself English. Fantastic to find a woman who knows what she wants in a relationship, enjoys romance to the full, and doesn’t try to play games. She works incredibly hard and yes, she’s a knockout!

    Bitter much, Brenda? We’re not out to criticize YOUR love interests! Why diss on those who find love and commitment wherever they might?

  67. Asian women tend to be very beautiful – generally much more beautiful than American women. Most of the white men I see dating and married to Asian women are well-educated and intelligent. Unbelievable response, Brenda; are you retarded?

  68. Brenda I disagree with your narrow minded views. I find them offensive as well as unintelligent. Asian women are generally good looking (there are a few exceptions but not too many) and what is more, we look great well into our 40’s. So there.

    However, I do agree with you about Western men who only date Asian women. I think there is something mentally wrong with them. And the Asian girls who only go out with Western men. Disgraceful.

  69. Oh bull. Asian women are ugly with their little squinty eyes, pushed up faces. Usually they have ugly rotten teeth and bad skin, lots of zits. If you look the men who are attracted to asian women are the losers who fear rejection. Very few men like skinniness if it involves them having no curves and little boy bodies. Who are you trying to kid? They are all passive and pleasing til they get their green card, then the true selfish grubby women comes out.

    • oh brenda brenda!watch your words im an asian from philippines and i have a bf he’s a japanese…then think why some of the asian race are not fond of searching western girls?

      • I agree with capricorn. Brenda, did you get cheated or rejected from an Asian girl? That’s why you said with an angry sound for Asian girls.

    • Actually most men like skinniness… obviously you are a fat American, you should know your own culture? ever bother to look at what your kids are imitating? You obviously been watching too many Mcdonalds commercials. Don’t be mad because your fat and ugly.

    • Brenda,

      Jealous, much? Clearly, you have some kind of a complexity issue with Asian women, as Asians are some of the most beautiful, gorgeous ladies to grace the face of the Earth. Honestly, I wish I were Asian. C’mon, you should be HAPPY with yourself. Don’t put others down for the sake of making yourself feel good. Telling someone they’re ugly doesn’t make you any prettier.

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