What To Do If Girls Just Don’t Like You?


Perhaps you are seated there wondering how you are going to ever hear a ‘yes’ from a girl – well, as much as this can be true, it may not always be the case. The question of what if girls just don’t like me should not dominate your mind. You should be more positive and optimistic before asking a girl out.
One thing you should never loose as a man is confidence. Girls like people who are confident and if you are going with a negative mentality, you are likely to fail. This is because your pessimism is likely to be portrayed in terms of fear and nervousness. Whenever a lady sees you as a nervous person, she will definitely go nowhere with you. Women need confident guys who will encourage them, give them hope and inspiration to continue pressing on when the going gets touch.

Asian Girls Looking For MarriageStop doubting your abilities to attract women. If girls don’t like you can just be an assumption. You never know how much girls appreciate and yearn to be in your arms until that day you try wooing some to your team. The greatest mistake you will ever make is to doubt yourself. The way you are – you have many admirers. There is always someone for everyone and you are not out of the picture.

It is good though to realize that everyone has different admirers. That is to say that it is not everyone who is going to love you. What if girls don’t like me – yes, some girls really don’t like you. It is because you are not one of their admirers. It is normal to everyone to have preferences and these girls are also exercising their right. It is wrong for you to start judging yourself on the basis of other people’s feelings. You have probably met a small portion of women; there are many other women that you have not yet met. It is still early to make such a conclusion.

What you need to do is to shift focus from those girls who don’t like to the ones that appreciate you. You can start by going outside your neighborhood and trying your luck with others. It is possible for you to discover that your chosen woman was hiding somewhere. In doing so though, do not carry grudges on those ones that don’t like you – learn to appreciate them.

Love is a game of mind and emotions too. It is good therefore for you to put your mind into task and woo someone into your side. Always make someone love you – this means that give someone a reason not to hate you. It is up to you to know the state you are in and how to make women around you not forget you.

Sometimes the problem is with you. Always research on your failures, mistakes and wrongs so as not to repeat them; you can change some of your principles if need be – it is possible that some of the things you stand for portray you as a bad person. Therefore, know what girls like and what they hate.

Finally, learn to appreciate who you are. What if girls just don’t like me – then like yourself. It is possible that the problems you are having result from you giving girls too much attention to the extent that if they don’t love you, you feel inferior. Ensure that you appreciate who you are; this will give you confidence to take any answer from ladies.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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