Hi friends, I am Tony. I like to share this clip with you guys about one friend,. Bena, who lives in Manila Philippines. Bena likes to ask some questions about life in America, such as how to search and get married with a Western man, and some other stuffs like driver license, jobs, and so on. So, let’s get started.

Tony: Hi Bena, how’re you doing? How is Manila tonight? I am Tony, good to see you tonight.

–Hi Tony. I watched some of your clips on Youtube, that talk about Pinoy and Western men, life in the US, so I like to ask you some questions about that.
Tony: Thank you very much! I wrote some articles on my website as well as created some clips on Youtube to share my experience about life in the US for those Filipinas and Western men get know of. How a Filipina girl can find a Western man and vice versa? Thank you for watching my video clips.

Filipina girl

Filipina girl

–I like the way you said on one clip, nobody give you free things if they don’t gain anything, or, why most of Filipinas migrated to the West made better life?
Tony: Well, I remember I said “nobody give you free things if they don’t gain anything” on one article I wrote about scamming online through social sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Tango, and online dating services. If anyone send you messages about winning lottery or any big gifts, and ask you to pay the fee to receive it, then you should not believe it. I think this is the internet scams.
I also said “most Filipino women migrated to the West made better life”. I think a woman life that’ s happy or miserable depends totally on her husband’s attitude. According to our culture, most of Filipinas getting married is like to enter a gambling of life. When they get married and have lived with each other for some time, then they know if they are lucky or not, which depends on the husband. If she is lucky to get married with a good man, then her life is happy, joyful with laughs. On the other hand, if she get married with a bad husband, then her life is as miserable as hell, that filled with tears. As I have seen most of Filipinas got married with men in the West and migrated over here, they made better life. I mean, they can work and make good money in the West. I think in 2017, the Western countries like Canada, Australia and the US are still considered the land of opportunities.
Bena, can you please introduce yourself to the audiences?

Filipina woman

Filipina woman

–I currently live in Manila Philippines. I am a hairstylist. I am 22 years old. I am single.
Tony: You live in Manilla huh? I used to live in Manila too. How ‘re you doing over there?

–My friends told me that I am beautiful. Do you think I am beautiful, Tony?
Tony: They are absolutely right about that. You are pretty and sexy.

–Thank you, Tony.
Tony: You’ll welcome. Do you have any question for me? I’ll try to answer all of questions to the best of my knowledge. I have been developing and maintaining an dating site to hook up Asian women with Western men, especially Filipinas with Western men.

–I like to get married with a Pinoy or a Western man, how do I find him?
Tony: There are some ways to make friend with a Pinoy or a Western man. You can ask your relatives or friends in the West to hook you up with him. If you don’t have any, then you can find him through social sites such as Facebook, Zalo, Tango or Asian dating services. You can sign up a personal profile at any dating site and find him. I created since 2003, you can register a profile to get started. Anyone who sign up at an online dating website can read other profiles, but they can not see your email address. This is a hidden field so no one see it. Whoever is interested in your profile, can contact you and you two can go from there. So you have a chance to chat with some guys and choose the best one to marry with.

–When I get married with a man, how long does it take to come to America?
Tony: It depends. It takes about 1 year to sponsor a spouse from the Philippines to the US. When you and him know each other for a long time and decide to get married. He can meet you in the Philippines. He can sponsor you by Fiance or Marriage category. It takes about 6 months to sponsor a Fiance to America by K-1 Visa. After you come to the US, you have to get married with him within 3 months. There are some cases that he doesn’t have to travel to the Philippines to meet you. In this case, you have to travel to the US on your own, and get married with him in America.

–What kind of work can I do in the US? Where do Filipino people live when they immigrate to America? What do they do for a living?
Tony: Well, by far, about 50% immigrants from the Philippines have settled in Los Angeles and San Diego counties of California state. The second state they live is Honolulu County in Hawaii. And, only some live in other US states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and Texas. When you come to America, if you have a Bachelor degree in the Philippines, then I recommend you go back to school to get a BS degree. After graduating with a BS degree, you can get a good job and your income may be doubled or even tripled compared to no-BS-degree job. For example, you can get a job that pays you 30 thousands pesos a month. With a BS degree, you can get a job that pays you 90 thousands pesos a month.

Filipino woman

Filipino woman

–I heard that Filipino men outnumber women in America, so Filipino women have a lot of rights, right Tony?
Tony: That’s right. On one statistic I read, there is about 2 millions of Filipinos who live in the US. So, there are not many single Filipinas available. Thousands of Pinoy go back home to get married with a local woman in the Philippines and sponsor her to America to live. Because of this, most Filipinas in American set high standards on a man they get married with. They are independent, confident and strong. When looking for a boyfriend or husband, they set high standards. Yes, Filipina girls have a lot of rights in America. So do all American women.

–I heard some people said that men in the US are very good in housework, they work hard, help their spouse all errands like cleaning the house, wash the dish, take care of children, is it right?
Tony: Absolutely right. Men in the US are very responsible. Beside the main job, they can do any errand of the house. As you know that women in America do work to pay the pills at home too, so they have to share errands at home. I think American men are excellent husband models.

–Woh really? As you know, men in the Philippines are boring you know? They always go drink with friends after work. And, the wife don’t dare to say any thing. If they do, they will get hit.
Tony: I heard about domestic violence in the Philippines. In the US, it is different. After work, most men drive straight home. Even if he calls a friend to go out after work, nobody is available to go with him. They have to go home to take care of errands at home. However, I think there are some men in the Philippines are good too.

–Yes. It’s hard to find a good man in the Philippines. Is it easy to find a husband in the US?
Tony: There are thousands of Filipinas get married with American men and immigrate to the US every year. On the last decade, it was easy. But at this time, it is not easy because some men and women don’t believe from each other anymore. There are some American men who are afraid that their wife coming here and leaving them. There are some Filipinas who just want a US Visa when they get married with American man. So, I think if you want to find a good man in America, then you need to give him trust. It’s not too hard to find a good man.

–OK. Why do American men find women in the Philippines? Why can’t they find a wife in the US?
Tony: Women in the US set high standards who choosing a husband so it’s hard. Some men who have bad experience with their ex-wife so they don’t have confidence with American women. They try Asian women instead. Also, there are some men who are interested in young woman so they have to go find her in the Philippines. For instance, a 50-year-old man who like to get married with a 25-year-old woman, and there is no way he can get that young woman in the US, unless he is a millionaire, then he must go to the Philippines to find her.

–How’s weather in America? I prefer to live in cold area so my skin is whiter and prettier.
Tony: It depends on what state you live in. The weather in California is so beautiful, not hot nor humid, not very cold too. Of course when you live in America for some time, you will look prettier and sexier.

–Is it easy to get a driver license in America. Can we take a test by Tagalog? I heard that Filipinas also drive a car right? Is it easy to drive in the US.
Tony: In America, most of people can drive a car. There are some states that allow you to take a test by Tagalog. Most roads are huge and every car must be going in its own lane so it is easy to drive in the US. The car price is not expensive in here. If you work for a few months, then you can afford to buy a used car.

–How do I figure out if a man is serious or playing around with women? I have seen some men lying and not serious?
Tony: Of course, I know that. You have to use your own sixth sense to figure it out. I think it is easy to regconize whether he is serious or not. For instance, when you know a man online, he asks you to chat on Skype, he asks you to show him your body in the first chat, then you can conclude that he just want to play around. That’s simple. I think a good man for you is the man who talk with you every day, who share with you all joys and happiness, take good care of you when you are sick, and love you from the bottom of his heart. Finally, I think a good man is the one who love your own personality, and always make you feel you are the happiness woman on the earth.

–Thank you very much. You share many experience with me about life in the US. Thanks.
Tony: I thank you too for speaking with me today. Your questions are excellent. I think a lot of Filiinas back home don’t quite understand about life in the US so I hope my answers also help them about that too. Thanks very much.

–Oh, Tony, when you go back to the Philipines, I will volunteer to be your tour guide? It’s free for you okie, Po Tony.
Tony: Thank you so much for that. I will remember that. I wish you keep this young and pretty look forever. I hope you find a good man in the near future. Good luck and good bye.

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