Coming To America – Things to Do Before You Come To Us


There are many members from our Asian online dating site, asking me questions on what things to do before coming to the United States of America (USA). So, I am writing this article to list some important things you should do before coming to the land of opportunity.

Rich Asian ManLearning English is the most important thing when coming to America. So, study how to read, listen and write English in your country before you come here. In US, there are some schools that you can go to learn English but it is better if you have the basics of English before you come here. Also, you may have to go to work during daytime so you won’t have enough time to learn English here.

You should complete a thorough medical exam in your country. When you come to America, make sure you are in a good health so you can work and make money in the land of dream. It is terrible if you have to deal with any medical problem in this country. The cost of hospitalization is high in US. Making an appointment to see a doctor here is not as simple as you do in your country. Sometimes, you have to make a doctor’s appointment in one week or one month in advanced.

You should complete a thorough dental exam in your country. If you have any filling that needs to be done, then you do it in your country. Do not wait until you come to America. The cost of dental care is expensive in US.

Getting a driver license to drive a car is a must in US. It is better if you learn how to drive a four wheeler in your country first before coming to America. In this country, you have to obtain a learner’s permit before you can learn how to drive. So, it takes time.

It depends on where you stay in US. Some US states are very cold while some are hot. If you are migrating to live in a cold state, make sure you have warm clothes like sweater, jackets, etc. You should gather as much information as you can about where you will live in this country.

You have to learn how to cook. Most of people in here know how to cook the basics. Life in Us is busy so most people go to work, school, etc. You should know how to cook some basic food. If your wife usually cooks daily meals, then you may have to cook for her in this country (smile!). So, learn to cook the basics, it helps you.

You have to get US money to use in this country. Make sure you have some US coins in your pocket to use for phones, buses, and etc. As you know, no shops or stores in US accept international money.

Your passport is the most important document so you need to keep it safely. It is better to have one or two more documents with photography it will help to prove your identity.

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  1. I think: we need to learn English well, keep a good healthy, visit our friends, eat anything we like in our country and travel around our country. That’s it

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