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Men Outnumber Women in China, Single Chinese Males Cannot Find A Wife

In China, men outnumber women so there will be over 50 millions Chinese men can not find a wife. This is the concern and high vigilance of the society in this country. According to the PD Online Staff Member Li Heng, the single guys in China will have a hard time to find a wife because the shortage of ladies. This will badly affect the whole society. In some villages of China such as Beidahuang and Sanming, people can’t find young girls.

Chinese man

Chinese man

The statistics showed that the rising sex ratio among newborns boys outnumber girls will put pressure on marriage. That is, millions of single men in China can’t find a spouse, said Tian Xueyuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It is so sad to say that Chinese guys will have a difficult time on finding a wife. They must look for overseas women because of this shortage.

This is one of the reasons that online Asian dating services booming these days, that had thousands of Chinese men signed up with. I personally believe this is the way that men in China can find a foreign wife.

Without dating online services, these men in China have a hard time to find a wife. You think about this number, 50 million men in this country can not find a bride. That’s a big number. Also, there are thousands of Chinese brides come to the West by getting married with Western guys or Chinese men in the West. Oh no, I am sorry to tell you that you have no choice but you must find a wife overseas.

If you think about next 5 or 10 years, then it is even harder to seek a bride in China.