Asian Men – Do You Envy Western Men Because Of Size?

Asian men envy Western men because of size when it comes to dating a white woman. Average Asian guys are around 5’8 in height so dating a 5’9 white lady is not appropriate. I mean, unless you can find a less than 5’8 girl, you should stick with Asian women. Western men are the best match for both Asian and White ladies because of their size.

Asian women

Asian women

When I hang out with my Western friends, I envy at them because of ‘tool’ size. I do. I am 5’7 tall and they are around 5’11 or 6 ft in height. Man, I feel jealous because of their size. Every time I watch adult movies, I feel embarrassed when compared the ‘tool’ size from these stars to my ‘tool’ size. Anyway, I don’t know about other people but I do envy of Western men. They look bigger than Asian guys.

Don’t you make it too obvious? You may say so but you know? That’s the truth. Unless you stop hanging out with Western friends, you look “down” behind them. Most women do like big guys regardless their size. Some around 5’5 ft Asian women hang out with 5’10 Western men. Why do they like those tall guys?

Not all Asian men envy Westerners. This is me. I do. The ‘tool size’ is not the major aspect of my envy. It is something else. I don’t list it here. You will be mad at me.

Don’t feel envy and being sad, guys. According to statistics that I read online, the largest ‘tool size’ on record belonged to a Chinese guy. So, I think a few Asian guys have big ‘tool size’ but most of them are small.

However, most Western friends hang out with me. They are friendly and never show the discrimination about small size at all. They are fine. So why do you envy at them? They are friendly and cheerful with me because they got the best at everything a man has, like height, cool face, strength and size.

How about the envy comes from your brain? That’s what you think. So stop thinking about size you will feel better?

Asian American man in Chinatown LA

Asian American man in Chinatown LA

Why do most women prefer Asian men for dating and marriage?

I think Asian men are small so they usually don’t hang out with Western men. This is a mistake. I suggest that you show your self confidence. Size doesn’t matter to most women, you know? Your confidence is very important. Most Asian women prefer to date and marry you because you can speak, write and understand their original language. It does not matter if they were born in the West or have lived her for long, most of these women have their first and second generations that speak the Asian language. So, they prefer to date and marry you as the first choice.

To tell you the truth, most White women prefer dating with a Western man because of their dignity and respect. Only a few of them mentioned about ‘size’. Most of White ladies complain about shyness of Asian men whom take too much time to approach a woman. I completely understand why Asian guys take too much time to approach a white lady. They don’t have much confidence because of themselves.

Asian man and Asian woman at Chinatown SF

Asian man and Asian woman at Chinatown SF

Asian American men or other Western Asian men

Asian American men or other Western Asian men in Canada and Australia make the best boyfriends or husbands. No doubt about that. Native Western men are strong (agree!) but they don’t understand about Asian culture. For instance, Asian American, Asian Australian or Asian Canadian men live and nurture the excellent values from the West but also rooted Asian originally. They treat the woman with respect, no domestic violence, take good care of their wife. I personally give compliments about Asian guys in the West.

Asian men are good boyfriends and husbands. This is the truth. Asian people consider work, school and family the first priority thing in their life, not friends. We tie with family relationships which we care and feel responsible towards each member. So we are awesome boyfriends and husbands. The big size from Western men is not a big deal compared with our other important traits. So, be confident.

Asian Guys Are Shy – Do Girls Like Shy Men?

There are millions of shy Asian guys who live in Asia or in the West, wondering if girls like them or not. They don’t have enough confidence to approach a girl whom they have crush on. They are wondering if the shyness turn off to girls or not. They have confidence for most of things in their lifestyle, except approaching to women they are interested. They really want to know if ladies like shy men.

Asian man at Shopping Mall

Asian man at Shopping Mall

Can you answer this question?

A shy man can be defined as the lack of confidence to approach a certain girl whom he likes. He does not talk too much in front of people whom he does not know them well. When it comes to group of new people, a shy guy is quiet and it is hard to make him talk in front of others. He is afraid that what he is about to say may not be right. He keeps thinking about the way he is going to say, which takes too long. Other people around may change to another subject once this shy man finish thinking for the best sentence. He overthinks things before saying. This is about shy men acting. Most of Asian guys are shy when it comes to approaching girls.

Asian shy guys lose many opportunities to get a girl because of their shyness which hold them back. Many shy men have a hard time to say “I love you” to their girlfriends. However, when these girlfriends left them for someone else, they will tell how much they love their ex, but it is late. Asian girls are attracted to such shy guys but most Western girls aren’t. Therefore, it is rarely to see a White girl dating a shy Asian guy.

“Oh God! Asian guys are so shy“, White girls usually said that. Generally speaking, most of Western women said Asian men are shy, does not mean that’s true, right?

Asian man at the Wedding

Asian man at the Wedding

I am an Asian, I don’t talk a lot but I am not shy. When it comes to the right girl, I will talk. I think it is about Asian culture which is different from Western culture. So, shyness in Asia is considered normally “good” because he usually overthinks before he acts. Most guys who are flirting to all girls in public are considered “bad” from general view.

In Asia, it must takes time for a guy to approach to a girl. Direct talk is sometimes bad because they don’t trust such too fast things. You saw a girl in the market, you come to her and say, “Hello there, I like your jean”, after a few minutes, you said: “can I get your telephone number?”. This won’t work. She won’t give it to you and will give you a fake number. It takes a few times to gain her trust. It is hard ’cause you may not see her again.

Sometimes Asian men are not interested in you so they don’t approach to you. This happens too. Some White women said that Asian men are shy but in fact, they don’t have crush on these ladies, that’s all.

If you compare Asian men and White, Hispanic or Black men, then fine, you’re right. They are shy. However, they are just careful guys in Asia when it comes to dating, relationship and marriage. Most Asian guys are not just in for sex but they think about seeking a lifelong partner so it takes time for them to approach a girl.

Girls, don’t fall on Western guys who are very friendly with you during the first talk, you may not be correct in understanding their characteristics. It takes more time for Asian men to approach to you but they are more serious and honest?

Golden Traits About Asian Men In Asia & In The West

There are many members at my asked me to write an article about Asian men. So, this article is about the golden traits of most Asian guys that I have seen or heard. They are good at everything including in bed, kissers, at math, sexy, movie, music, art and so on. Asians I am talking about are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Singaporean, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Taiwanese, Laos, Cambodian, Indian, Pakistani and so on.

Asian man in Asia

Asian man in Asia

Asian men are good at everything

They are generally good at everything. They are the best boyfriends or husbands in the way they take care of family and children. They are loyal and devoted to the family. You have not seen many divorces in Asian couples. Most women who married Asians admitted that these guys are prize husbands. If you live in the United States of America, Australia, Canada or other Western nations, then you may have seen Asian men married White, Black or Hispanic women. You can conclude how good they are in the West. They bring the their traditional culture to the West and combine it with the Western culture so that make the perfect role in most of circumstances for their family.

The Asian culture usually relates around the the family and working hard. The husband is the head of the household so the must bring home the money to take care of his family and children. Some guys who have their big ego complain about Asian men and not respect Asian men. You know what? I have to admit that these guys are wrong. I recommend that you should not make other men go down if you judge them by your own mind. Every race, there are a small group of bad people and the rest of them are good. Generally speaking, Asian men are good at everything.

Asian men are smart in at math

Most of Asian men have the highest IQ in the world. They are not only good at math but they could also be smart in all other subjects. The reason is that their parents push them to study, doing homework, improve their brain since the young age. Most Asian parents always stress education as being the paramount important subject in their life. Most of Asian boys study math like crazy because this course is the main one that develops their brain and creativity. Their parents put a lot of pressure on their education so of course it ends up with high marks and smart in math.

Asian men are good husbands

Asian men are very hard-working, sincere and caring husbands that most of women like about these traits. They work hard to make money and support their kids. When you marry an Asian guy, he takes care of you and your children. It does not matter you are laid off or can’t make money in the future, he is there for you, take care of you. He handles you and your kids without a problem.

Asian men are good in bed

They care about you so of course they are good in bed. From Western women’s point of view, some of us may be small in size for you. However, they are awesome in bed based on their overall performance. Generally speaking, if he cares about his partner, then he is amazing in bed.

Dating, relationship and marriage

Asian men are very smart in choosing their life partner. They don’t choose the lady for marriage they meet in a bar or club. In Asian culture, the parents usually interfere in their son’s marriage relationship. Most of these Asian guys find ladies from school, church, shopping center, market, and online dating services. The internet dating sites are too popular nowadays that created thousands of happy relationships and marriages a year. Most of these single Asian men use such a dating site to find the best woman and build a relationship with.

I don’t know what else to write because there are too many golden traits about Asian men.

What is your ideas about good characteristics of Asian guys you want to add?

Tips For Asian Guys: Don’t Be Shy To Express Your Love

Asian guys are honest and loyal in relationship and marriage but they are too shy to express their love to a woman. When they have a crush with someone, it takes too much time to approach her. They have never expressed “I love you” to their girlfriend. Why is it too hard for Asian guy to express his love? Does it have some traditional culture to do with this? Is this about religious beliefs that prevent him from expressing his love?

Asian guys

Asian guys

Even though they sign up a profile to find a lady at Asian dating site like, they are shy to upload their photos. What’s wrong with you guys? Look at Western men, they upload their pictures on their profiles to prove that they are serious in seeking a woman. Why can’t you post a picture on your personal ad? Many Western ladies or half-Western and half-Asian women complain about the shyness of these Asian men (Chinese, Filipino, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Indian, Pakistani, Japanese, Singaporean, Korean, Indonesian, etc.)

Don’t be “timid sheeps”

You have to approach to whoever you like to date with. Expressing your affection to her is a simple thing to do. If you don’t approach or express your feeling to her, then you won’t know whether or not she is interested in you or not. Don’t let the opportunity passes by. Other guys will take that chance and you will miss it. I have to admit that most Asian men don’t talk a lot with their lady but they are responsible what what they said and acted. However, I recommend you be more brave and active to express your love to your beloved lady.

timid sheeps

timid sheeps

In the old era, Chinese men have never expressed their affection towards their woman but they stay with each other to the rest of their life. They have never said “I love you” to the wife throughout their lifetime. The Chinese wife understands silently about that word, “I love you”, based on what he acts and does for her. That’s fine because it is long time ago. However, you live on this modern century, you need to express your love toward your girlfriend or wife.

Let me ask you a question, How do you feel when you hear your lover says “I love you”? You feel great, really. You want to hear it every second, minute, hour or day. So, why don’t you say it to your beloved gal? It helps improve your relationship if you express your feeling. She is happy to know how much you love her.

There are many reasons why Asian guys, especially Chinese, lack of openness towards their beloved gals. You are great people in general. If you live in a developing country like China, then you will be affected by the culture. However, I suggest you learn from Chinese American men by the way they express their affection to their beloved ones.

Be confident

She wants to hear “I love you” from your voice. This is the most important thing that you should learn to say it every time you have a feeling for her. Some of you are very successful in business and career so you have enough confidence when dealing with people. Why can’t you express your feeling with your girlfriend or wife? Try it, go home today and say “I love you” to her. She will be happy. She needs to hear that from you. She deserves to hear that from her beloved man. If you really love her, then express what you feel. Good luck!

Why are most single Asian men not dating White women?

Most of Asian single men are not interested in dating White women. It does not matter how long they have lived in the West, they dream to date or marry Asian girls. There are only a few of guys who date White girls. This article may provide some tips of why they are not interested in beautiful and sexy White ladies.

Asian Men

Cultural differences are the main barrier. In Asian culture, men are dominant while women are submissive. I have a few friends who date White girls whom they know from the workplace, all relationships don’t work out quite well. White women usually don’t want to learn about Asian culture. You don’t to date a White girl, you have to learn about her culture but don’t expect she will learn yours. So, most of such interracial relationships don’t last for long.

Dating and marriage are related. Most of Asian guys who date a girl, they want such relationship goes further to a relationship and marriage. White women don’t think about marriage when they are dating someone. They can stay and live with a boyfriend for 10 or 20 years, without marriage. It is different from most Asian couples that want a marriage after knowing each other for a few months or years. So, when Asian men who date a woman, they think about marriage. And this is a difference.

There are other barriers about such interracial relationships between Asian guys White girls, including food, lifestyle, family, children and so on. You have seen most of Asian men like to hang out with Asian friends. They prefer to date Asian girls as well.

Moreover, most of Asian single guys are afraid of rejection from White girls. You can see they sign up their profiles at Asian internet online dating services to find love and romance. So, if a white girl contacts them, they will go for it. However, to ask them to initiate a conversation with a White lady, it is hard.

There are many White men dating and marrying Asian women in the West, but not Asian guys with White ladies. There are many reasons that Asian single men not interested in dating white girls. Can you mention some of them?

Myths About Asian Men and Western Women

Let’s go find out, Ladies. There are some confuses about Asian men who live in Asia or the West. Many ladies complain about Asian guys, what they like and how they act in terms of dating, relationship, sex and so on. I am writing this article to briefly explain some myths about them. When you have questions in mind, read these answers may help to clear your brain. This is my personal experience so it is not about every Asian man out there. Every guy has different concept and opinion so again, this is based on my own experience. I don’t want those rumors keep passing on and on.

Asian Men

Asian Men


Black women said that Asian men don’t like to date or sleep with them. This is completely untrue. Last week, I went to McDonalds to get a hamburger, I saw a Chinese guy with a black wife sitting on the table next to me. They have a daughter who is half black and half Chinese, this kid is so beautiful. Generally speaking, every man has different tastes. Some of them may like only Filipino ladies, some of them like white ladies and some of them like black women. Again, this is a myth, not true.


Asian men have small and short “bananas”. It is 95% correct. I agree with you on this. If a Western man has a 8-inch banana on average, then an Asian man has a 6-inch banana. However, it does not mean that Asian guys don’t perform good sex. Again, every man is different. Some ladies complained they had a hard time to gain an orgasm when making love with an Asian guy. I think this is not always about the size, but about how they feel during the intercourse. I agree with you for some guys in Asia don’t take time for you on bed after marriage. Asian men who live in the West know how to make it perfect. I think it also depends on what a lady wants. So, just tell him what you want, then he will make you satisfied. In fact, Asian guys are very romantic in different ways, so try to find out about that.


Asian culture is different from the West. Even those who were born in the West still nurtured the culture from their parents or grand parents. Most of Asian guys don’t like to date or marry a lady who is smarter than them. They want to control their woman. This is right. They don’t want to look bad if they have a better, smarter and stronger wife on public. So, most Asian ladies prefer to let their man take the lead in the family. It does not matter whether she is more intelligent than her husband or not, he is the leader of the family.


An Asian man ties with his family and relatives. This is absolutely correct. This is part of the culture. In Asia, some families live together in a house. Some houses have more than 10 people. This is normal. Most white or black ladies complain about this too. When dating an Asian boyfriend, his family is the hardest part to deal with. Sometimes he just listens to his parents and stick with it. He does not listen to his girlfriend. Also, his parents call him and control him too much. Also, his parents ask him to do this, do that, help this brother and sister, and so on. This is, again, part of Asian culture.


“Bossy” and “control” are two things that people apply for Asian guys and Black women. Come on guys, this is not always true. In less developed countries like the Philippines, Vietnam or Thailand, most men do “bossy” and control their wives. In the West like America or Canada, Black ladies are “bossy” and try to control their men. So, if an Asian man married a Black woman, then how’s it going to happen between them? Both are “bossy” and dominating. They both want to take a lead in a family. Nothing is really happening, guys. I have to tell you one thing that I learned, every family has one submissive person, the other is dominating. You know what I am saying?


Asian men do not like fat women. This is true. Most of Asian guys are from 5’3 to 5’8 and 130 to 160 lbs. They are thin and small. So they can’t date a 200 lb woman. As mentioned above, most of Asian guys prefer to date or marry a girl who is shorter and lighter than them. Western girls complain about it is hard to find a 6’0 feet Asian guy. That’s right. it is hard. That’s why you see interracial couples between Asian men and small or short white or black ladies.

In conclusion, what I wrote on this article based on my own experience and what I read online. It may be correct in most guys but not in some. It is up to you to judge the matter. One important thing about Asian men, they are one-men-one-woman type of men. What do you think? Just tell me about it.

For Single Asian Men Lack Of Approach To Girls? Be Confident!

This article is for all single Asian men who gotta read it to learn about online dating, romance, relationship and marriage. It’s been a while since I’ve wrote about tips for Asian guys. I am back to share with you some ideas just for you, single Asian man, to learn about selft-confidence.

You should read this to learn how to succeed in dating any single girl anywhere, anyplace. It does not matter where you live, this article is helpful to any Asian man.

Single Asian Man

Single Asian Man

First of all, talking about interracial dating and relationship is too general. You know what? It is a big deal for most Asian single men who want to date white girls, black women, hispanic ladies etc. It is a big racial pool that you jump into so you need to be very confident to do so. However, “Women are women and girls are girls!”, you know what I mean? Even though there is a big gap when jumping into that racial pool, you must be confident and think about this phrase, “Ladies are ladies”.

Looking for Asian girls is the first step, right? There are some ways you can find a good lady, including public places, bars, shops, markets, church, and online dating sites. If you are interested in a girl in public, then you have to approach to her and make an initial contact. Show her about your confidence. A lot of ladies usually complain that Asian guys lack of approach because they don’t step up and take the lead. Come on, don’t let them think you are a chicken, you know what I am saying? If you know she has a crush on you, and so do you, then take a chance to step up and say “hi” and introduce yourself. Don’t just stand or sit there and smile and judge her, other guys will take your chance, okie?

Don’t just expect ladies to make the first move. Even though she is not that cute, she usually does not approach to you. You are sitting next to her on the bus or stand on the elevator, say “hi” to her. Don’t wait. Be confident. Don’t put yourself down. Do you think that other ladies around her turn into a laughter about you? No, you thought wrong. Just make the right move and they will be impressed in you.

Be confident. I have to keep saying it because it is the most important thing in succeeding on the dating journey. You must be confident about your culture. You are an Asian and you are great. If you are interested in dating a white woman, black lady, latin girl, then you are going to show her about your culture. So, be proud of yourself and be confident. If you are a single Asian man who lack of self confidence, then try these tips to be successful about how to approach to girls.

What Women Hate or Donot Like in a Man

Cheap men

Identification: What is demanded broke flat but with love, every cup of coffee next to the road to dinner. Or not, you pay today, I return tomorrow.

FA why they: Men so generous, something more li every dollar makes their image rather despicable in the eyes of women.

What Women Hate

What Women Hate

These guys are always patting his chest proudly live cultural equality, fair expenditure of the European countries. But they forget that they are living in Asia, and the male to female pay is yet to be widely accepted.

Moreover, in stories of men and women, the fair is not really scraping by.

Men who control woman

Identification: Always set a certain standard for people who love to save face for himself. For example: “I went to see his friends, beautiful to wear high heels. But why are you all dressed in black like that, wear something fresh look at it go. I had long hair “.

A smart girl will know, want to change your main man, he loved nothing yourself.

Why their FA: Si interface to create a virtual man, always create a glossy coating people praise, aspirations. And the man who will love yourself more than the love of them and put a lot of silly rules to be “with him”


Identification: strict with everyone in everything, always want lover discretion whether right or wrong. Younger lovers should definitely take him to put two hands!

Why their FA: Now it’s time to do it, but also gender inequality exposed surface?

Weak men

Identifies: Huh little call for love, do seek love, fear as fear of tigers, as well as fear of the tiger mother … sometimes two tiger conflict, he often chose to avoid solve because the did not know how and did not dare to express themselves to judge right from wrong.

Why their FA: For the girls need a shoulder to lean on, not to see them as a shoulder. And soft guys do not make them feel safe and be protected.

Bi man implications does not catch the eye of her

Type of men do not know to take care

Identification: Water to new foot jump, though five times seven lover sockets on but laugh except for career or a sleepless night thinking tomorrow then back into place. Mouth: “Live today for today’s full”

Why their FA: Listen Hoai Anh said: “The love I asked my first love, I want whatever way. paid every time he again proving to eat spiritual home, and buy all sorts of gifts, original I like too but new long accustomed to ask: “You spend so much money to save for the future?” . He said a provincial sentence butter “I worry about the future, just enjoy life for all today!”. I feel very insecure if you go far with such a man. ”

Acting like a baby

Identification: mainstream Thought “His mother is number 1”. Mouth: “Let me ask you!”

Why their FA: Because my daughter does not like a big man, but bind her little kid. This makes them feel like second will become little mothers and married that like welcoming a kid back home to take care of.

Want escape lifetimes FA, training to become the kind of man women are needed.

Men Outnumber Women in China, Single Chinese Males Cannot Find A Wife

In China, men outnumber women so there will be over 50 millions Chinese men can not find a wife. This is the concern and high vigilance of the society in this country. According to the PD Online Staff Member Li Heng, the single guys in China will have a hard time to find a wife because the shortage of ladies. This will badly affect the whole society. In some villages of China such as Beidahuang and Sanming, people can’t find young girls.

Chinese man

Chinese man

The statistics showed that the rising sex ratio among newborns boys outnumber girls will put pressure on marriage. That is, millions of single men in China can’t find a spouse, said Tian Xueyuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It is so sad to say that Chinese guys will have a difficult time on finding a wife. They must look for overseas women because of this shortage.

This is one of the reasons that online Asian dating services booming these days, that had thousands of Chinese men signed up with. I personally believe this is the way that men in China can find a foreign wife.

Without dating online services, these men in China have a hard time to find a wife. You think about this number, 50 million men in this country can not find a bride. That’s a big number. Also, there are thousands of Chinese brides come to the West by getting married with Western guys or Chinese men in the West. Oh no, I am sorry to tell you that you have no choice but you must find a wife overseas.

If you think about next 5 or 10 years, then it is even harder to seek a bride in China.

Asian Women – How To Find Rich Men Quickly!

Many Single Asian Women think that their lives would be changed and they do not have to work ever gain in their life. This may be true for some Asian girls, but not true for some. You have to understand that wealthy men are not easy to find and win their heart. This article is for single Asian ladies who want to find rich guys. Whether you are seeking a rich guy or marry him, this article is for you.

Rich Asian Man

Rich Asian Man

It is not very tough to find wealthy men. You do not have to go to bars or clubs to find them. Gone is days you flirt with guys in public and shopping centers. This is the electronic world. Online dating sites and social networking sites are the way to go, ladies. Come on, just a few simple clicks, you can search for many single rich men online. 

Take action to go on your computer and choose the best Asian dating sites or general dating services and register a profile. This is the most important step that you have to sign up a good personal ad. Make sure you upload your pictures to attract it. Write a good description about yourself is needed. Once your profile is approved, it is the time to search for members. You should contact as many men as you could. Usually, you can find these rich guys online at ease. They are flaunted with expensive cars, luxury villa, etc. You know which one you should contact with.

Asian women are shy. This is the true. So, looking for rich men online seems to be the best method for them. Don’t hang out at a local club or bar, you will get a little change. Just go online and find him at Asian dating sites or social networking services like, Mylife, and etc.

There are many dating sites now cater to wealthy guys seeking women and ladies looking for rich men. You only need to do your homework. Looking for a rich man who can treat and respect us is the dream of thousands of single Asian women for dating & marriage today. Take your time and find your true mate today. Good luck!