Why are most single Asian men not dating White women?


Most of Asian single men are not interested in dating White women. It does not matter how long they have lived in the West, they dream to date or marry Asian girls. There are only a few of guys who date White girls. This article may provide some tips of why they are not interested in beautiful and sexy White ladies.

Asian Men

Cultural differences are the main barrier. In Asian culture, men are dominant while women are submissive. I have a few friends who date White girls whom they know from the workplace, all relationships don’t work out quite well. White women usually don’t want to learn about Asian culture. You don’t to date a White girl, you have to learn about her culture but don’t expect she will learn yours. So, most of such interracial relationships don’t last for long.

Dating and marriage are related. Most of Asian guys who date a girl, they want such relationship goes further to a relationship and marriage. White women don’t think about marriage when they are dating someone. They can stay and live with a boyfriend for 10 or 20 years, without marriage. It is different from most Asian couples that want a marriage after knowing each other for a few months or years. So, when Asian men who date a woman, they think about marriage. And this is a difference.

There are other barriers about such interracial relationships between Asian guys White girls, including food, lifestyle, family, children and so on. You have seen most of Asian men like to hang out with Asian friends. They prefer to date Asian girls as well.

Moreover, most of Asian single guys are afraid of rejection from White girls. You can see they sign up their profiles at Asian internet online dating services to find love and romance. So, if a white girl contacts them, they will go for it. However, to ask them to initiate a conversation with a White lady, it is hard.

There are many White men dating and marrying Asian women in the West, but not Asian guys with White ladies. There are many reasons that Asian single men not interested in dating white girls. Can you mention some of them?

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. One major disadvantage about Asian men is the lack of self confidence. They don’t make the move. They wait for too long. White ladies do love Asian guys, you know? However, Asian men don’t approach or they are afraid to be rejected by white girls.
    Come on guys. You won’t know unless you ask them out so be confident. White women are very polite even if they reject you. Don’t be afraid. At my work place, one white lady who has a crush on me. After work, I asked her out right away. She is so sweet. I am an Asian man who dates a white woman. I am not rich and not big, you know? I am 5’7 tall and 160 lbs in weight. She is 5’6.
    So, dating a white woman is not hard. They like Asian men, trust me on this. What you need to do is to make a move immediately. Don’t be shy.

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