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Smart Asian Women Should Find Single Men In The West To Marry

The pursuit of a better life materially, environment and bright future for themselves and their children is the main reason that millions of Asian single women have been searching for their husband overseas. They are from the Philippines, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, and so on.

Singaporean man and Filipina lady

There are tens of thousands Asian women search for Asian men and native men in developed countries like the US, Australia and Canada each year for marriage. Among these, about 50 percent Asian brides found their husbands in the West through the website of online dating because they do not have relatives in places where they settled for marriage. The rest of foreign brides who came to these nations is through the introduction from a relative, sibling, uncle, aunt, uncle, and friends.

The main reason that single women in Asia is attracted to men in the West because of material things, clean and fresh air and food, great education system, gender freedom and so on. Some of these ladies are rich and they want to do business in these countries where they can’t do in their own country because of unsecured rules. Many Asian millionaires try to flock to these Western nations to safely keep their money and invest it. There are many reasons that Asian ladies want to come to these countries.

Filipino (Philippines) and India or Middle Eastern immigrants often say to each other when they live in the United States are:

1. Immigrants often HATE America in the first year
2. Immigrants do not HATE America when they lived in one year
3. Immigrants
LOVE America when they live more than 3 years

Exactly. Immigrants often feel very lonely and sad when they first arrived here the first year because of the weather, the environment, and the crestfallen and others. They did not know much English so they just stay home and feel the loneliness. Plus the homesick with the memories of their homeland, friends, relatives will make 1st-year immigrants feel more lonely and tedious. By the 2nd year, they become familiar and in the 3rd year, they can stabilize and get used to life at this place.

There are Asian girls even go one further step, when choosing a foreign husband. If you like to get married with Western men, you should be careful because there are so many handsome guys on the website to cheat innocent women. Be careful about what type of men you want to get acquainted with from Asian online dating services. If they ask for money or business partnerships, received gifts, etc, then you should stay away. Remember, no one gives you free things ever. Usually Asian divorced, widowed women with children, the opportunity to marry Western men is easier because foreigners usually accept them at ease. Asian men in the West are more careful in choosing the life partner. Most of Asian guys overseas prefer to marry young and beautiful women who live in Asia.

Poor Asian women usually accept a man for marriage because all they want is a better life and a place where they can build up a future. Wealthy Asian ladies are pickier than poor ladies in choosing the man for life. There are opportunities in these Western countries where international women can have. They can make more money than their home town. For example, blue color job workers in the US can earn $1,500 to $3,000 a month. Professional workers can earn from $5,000 to $10,000 a month. However, you have to pay tax in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and so on.

Filipino lady in America

Another reason that smart Asian women should marry men in the West is the gender freedom. Women are treated fairly with more respects and manner. Because of the clean and fresh air, women look younger and prettier when they come here. Their husbands can share housework such as cleaning, washing dishes, cooking, laundry, child care, baby diapering, bathing children, etc.

If you are happy to live in your home country, then it is great and I suggest you stay there. If you are a rich Asian woman who want to come to the West to do business, then you should do so. If you’re an Asian lady who lives in poor condition, then you should find a single man in the West. Good luck and God bless you!

Why Do Many Asian-American Men Have Tough Times To Find A Wife?

Asian-American are popular in the United States because they are more educated and wealthier. They value work, friendship and relationship, family and marriage more than native Americans. However, many of them have tough times to find a girlfriend or wife in their own race because of the shortage of Asian girls in the US. So, many single Asian men in America must use online dating sites to find a date around their city and some of them open to international women who live in Asia.

Asian American couple

Asian American couple

Statistics showed that more than 60% of Asians have a college degree. Most of Asian immigrants choose Information Technology major (IT) and some of them choose other majors. Asian-American men work hard during their college years to pay their tuition without asking help from their parents. After graduation from college, they work and earn high income. Many of them go to finish their master degree as well. Indian men are rated as the highest paying groups amongst Asians. There are other high paying groups of Asians including Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese.

The first Asian generations who immigrated in America are refugees. Many of them escaped their home countries to come here as political refugees. Many of them are men which created the shortage of Asian females in America. In other words, Asian-American men outnumber Asian-American women in the US. If you go to an Asian club in New York or San Francisco, then you will see the reality about the shortage. The number of men is about 2/3 of women. I mean, Asian-American women have advantage to choose the best man but Asian-American men have disadvantage because of the shortage.

Many Asian-American men who have low paying jobs can’t even find a wife in the US. They work as waiters, food servers, cleaners, and so on. They can’t find an Asian girlfriend in this country. Because of the shortage of Asian females in America, most Asian women set high standards on the soul mate they are seeking. Some women work in low paying jobs still look for their life partners who work in high paying jobs. This is the truth. They look for men who have a Bachelor or Master degree. So, those guys who don’t have a college degree can’t find a girlfriend here. So they have to find single Asian women in their home country.

However, some Asian-American guys must find a girlfriend from another race. That’s why you can see Asian-Americans (AAS) dating White, Black and Hispanic women, which is a common thing in the US. Of course, if they are open to other races or native American women, then they have no problem in seeking a date. The problem is the size of Asian men is small so many of them don’t have enough confidence to date a White, Black or Hispanic girl. This is the problem that you hardly see Asian Male and White Woman in this country. Most Asian men are about 5’8 in height and most White girls are 5’8. Usually girls prefer to date men who are taller than them so they can wear high heels and look pretty. Another important issue that prevent Asian men from dating a White or Black lady is the “tool” size.

Asian-American man & woman

Asian-American man & woman

Asian-American guys are good. They have excellent traits about being a ideal husband. When they came to this country, many born here, learned good stuff about this culture, added to their original culture, which made them the perfect boyfriends or husbands. In other words, they know how to treat the woman with respects, value family and marriage, work hard, treat elders with respects, but they have hard time to find an ideal life mate. This is because of the shortage of Asian females in the US, not by their fault.

I am an Asian man who lives in Los Angeles, California, so I know how it is hard to find an Asian date here. I used to drive to the Chinatown or most of Asian markets to flirt with girls but couldn’t find one. I also went to all parties that my friends invited me there but couldn’t find one either. As I said, there are more men than women so the chance is rare. I finally joined an Asian date site and found one who lives in San Francisco.

Come on guys, don’t let American men marry all Asian girls. As you know, most Asian girls prefer to marry you over American guys. So, I recommend all Asian American single men out there, if you can’t find a date then you should try to sign up a profile at an online dating site for Asia people. Good luck!

Asian Men – Do You Envy Western Men Because Of Size?

Asian men envy Western men because of size when it comes to dating a white woman. Average Asian guys are around 5’8 in height so dating a 5’9 white lady is not appropriate. I mean, unless you can find a less than 5’8 girl, you should stick with Asian women. Western men are the best match for both Asian and White ladies because of their size.

Asian women

Asian women

When I hang out with my Western friends, I envy at them because of ‘tool’ size. I do. I am 5’7 tall and they are around 5’11 or 6 ft in height. Man, I feel jealous because of their size. Every time I watch adult movies, I feel embarrassed when compared the ‘tool’ size from these stars to my ‘tool’ size. Anyway, I don’t know about other people but I do envy of Western men. They look bigger than Asian guys.

Don’t you make it too obvious? You may say so but you know? That’s the truth. Unless you stop hanging out with Western friends, you look “down” behind them. Most women do like big guys regardless their size. Some around 5’5 ft Asian women hang out with 5’10 Western men. Why do they like those tall guys?

Not all Asian men envy Westerners. This is me. I do. The ‘tool size’ is not the major aspect of my envy. It is something else. I don’t list it here. You will be mad at me.

Don’t feel envy and being sad, guys. According to statistics that I read online, the largest ‘tool size’ on record belonged to a Chinese guy. So, I think a few Asian guys have big ‘tool size’ but most of them are small.

However, most Western friends hang out with me. They are friendly and never show the discrimination about small size at all. They are fine. So why do you envy at them? They are friendly and cheerful with me because they got the best at everything a man has, like height, cool face, strength and size.

How about the envy comes from your brain? That’s what you think. So stop thinking about size you will feel better?

Asian American man in Chinatown LA

Asian American man in Chinatown LA

Why do most women prefer Asian men for dating and marriage?

I think Asian men are small so they usually don’t hang out with Western men. This is a mistake. I suggest that you show your self confidence. Size doesn’t matter to most women, you know? Your confidence is very important. Most Asian women prefer to date and marry you because you can speak, write and understand their original language. It does not matter if they were born in the West or have lived her for long, most of these women have their first and second generations that speak the Asian language. So, they prefer to date and marry you as the first choice.

To tell you the truth, most White women prefer dating with a Western man because of their dignity and respect. Only a few of them mentioned about ‘size’. Most of White ladies complain about shyness of Asian men whom take too much time to approach a woman. I completely understand why Asian guys take too much time to approach a white lady. They don’t have much confidence because of themselves.

Asian man and Asian woman at Chinatown SF

Asian man and Asian woman at Chinatown SF

Asian American men or other Western Asian men

Asian American men or other Western Asian men in Canada and Australia make the best boyfriends or husbands. No doubt about that. Native Western men are strong (agree!) but they don’t understand about Asian culture. For instance, Asian American, Asian Australian or Asian Canadian men live and nurture the excellent values from the West but also rooted Asian originally. They treat the woman with respect, no domestic violence, take good care of their wife. I personally give compliments about Asian guys in the West.

Asian men are good boyfriends and husbands. This is the truth. Asian people consider work, school and family the first priority thing in their life, not friends. We tie with family relationships which we care and feel responsible towards each member. So we are awesome boyfriends and husbands. The big size from Western men is not a big deal compared with our other important traits. So, be confident.

Asian Women and Men in US: How’re They Interested?

Asian women have been sticking within their race to date Asian American men and to marry them. This might sound like they are limiting themselves but the truth is that Asian women who marry these men are often likely to feel happy for themselves and comfortable with who they are. They like themselves for having been able to get with men that they like to be around.

Asian Women Marrying American Men

Asian Woman Marrying American Man

The first reason is because they want to be happy with men who are in the same culture that they are. They want to be with others who are going through the same things in society. This is an interesting point that simply suggests that an Asian woman will want to be in touch with a man for now and well into the future.

Also, there are often opportunities for Asian women to have more money. More Asian men have been able to get into high-paying jobs than ever before in recent years, thus improving the potential for Asian women to have better lives. The fact that Asian women themselves are getting more money certainly helps just as well.

Asian women are always going to avoid the conflict that comes with other family members when they are married. It is often easier for extended family members to link with each other when they see that there’s a sense of unity and understanding between all the parties in a certain relationship.

Finally, these women are getting into marriage because they want to raise kids in an environment where they will not be judged. Women want to have their kids raised in consistent households because they want to make sure they are comfortable with their upbringings and that they will not face any pressure from outside parties because they come from very different backgrounds. This is an interesting factor but it is all done to make sure everyone has a happy life during a marriage.

There’s a clear need for Asian women to think about Asian American men when dating. There is always going to be a better potential for Asian women to have better lives when dating within their race.