Why are Filipino women and white men’s marriages the phenomenon nowadays?

Every year, thousands of Filipino women and white men’s marriages are created. I mean, Filipino women who married white men have become the well-know phenomenon nowadays. The question is, why are they attracted and how’s happened. Online dating sites are the bridge that connect these relationships with each other.

Filipino women and white men

Filipino women and white men (taken from

Why are white guys attracted to Filipino ladies?

There is a good definition about Filipino women. They are brown-skin, petite, loving, charming and caring. Sometimes you may hear people call them “Filipina” or “Pilipino”. They work hard and be faithful. When they are sponsored to a new Western country, they don’t divorce their husbands, unless they found out something terribly wrong. Otherwise, they don’t divorce even after they have a green card. It does not matter how old these guys are (most of guys who marry Filipino girls are old), they don’t divorce you, trust me on this.

The Filipino girls understands about their family, which is the utmost important thing in life. They are good wives and always treat their husbands in a good manner, let them do the lead. In terms of being a housewife, they are excellent. They are trained by the young age about how to be a good housewife so cooking and organizing homes is a piece of cake for them. 

From white men point of view, it does not matter how old you are or what type of job, as well as low financial background, you can still find and marry an excellent Filipina wife in the Philippines. To testify it, you travel to the Manila and walk on street, you will be impressed of how young girls like you by looking and smiling at you.

Why are Filipino women attracted in white men?

They want to look for an opportunity to come to a Western country to work and make money so help their parents and siblings. This is the truth. Most of these girls live in a poor family and has many siblings to take care of. Sometimes they don’t have a choice. They will accept an old white man to be husband. When it comes to marriage, most of them willing to marry old or even ugly white guys to have a chance to help themselves and their family.

So, they are connected to each other through the Filipino online dating sites or regular dating services. White old men can marry a beautiful young wife in the Philippines. And, poor pretty Filipino girls can marry a rich and handsome white old husband. Both come together and live happily ever after.

White guys always like to find submissive Filipino girls for marriage because they might have heard or seen them on the internet dating sites. White men come to the Philippines to find a wife is for love and sex. These young ladies are popular about their “submissive” characteristics. They don’t give you the cold shoulder even when they are not in a good mood. They were trained to be a good girl, wife and mother since the young age. So, if you are a white man who marries a Filipina wife, then she treat you as a true husband. You are the “real” man of the family.

Generally speaking, most Filipinas have high self respect and family values. They are compassionate and romantic in marriage. And, they love their husbands sincerely and loyally.

Asian Women and Australian Men – How’re they connected?

Asian women seeking Australian men for relationship and marriage has become popular in this modern era. There are thousands of Australian men Asian women relationships created every year. There is nothing new about single Asian women looking for Australian men for marriage. So, how are they attracted to each other?

Asian women seeking Australian men

Walking at the shopping centers, markets, movie theaters, parks etc in Australia you will see many of these interracial couples. They seem to be very happy with each other. Plus, there are so beautiful kids that have half Australian and half Asian. In Australia, when Asian people came here to live, they have learned this modern culture lifestyle so they are like native Australians. Dating and loving an Australian man is common just like Asian man. They do speak English fluently so the communication is no longer an issue. However, there are thousands of single Asian women in Asia pursue to find Australian men for marriage. Why is that so? You know, Australian men are too popular in Asia because they treat women with more respectful manner than Asian men do.

The Asian online dating sites are the best solution for these single women to find men in Australia. Every day, has hundreds of female profiles from Asia signed up on the site. Most of these Asian female profiles state that they want to find single men in the West, like Australia, and others. On the other hand, Australian men signed up at this website to find Asian girls. So, both come together to find one another online. Asian girls are too popular in this country because of their outlook beauty and inner traits. Every year, there are thousands of Asian brides come to this country through marriage with Asian Australian men and native men as well. When we are speaking about Australian men, it means both Asian Australian guys and native men.

One of the most important reasons that single women in Asia looking for Australian men is about the land of opportunities and gender freedom. They want to come here to work and make money to have a brighter future for themselves and their children. The gender freedom is so attractive to Asian ladies. I mean, there is no more domestic violence in family as they have seen many in their hometown.

It is no doubt that thousands of interracial Asian-Australian marriages take place every year, on this modern world. Many Asian dating sites in Australia provide services to connect these singles with each other. You can create a profile in a few minutes and search for singles you like and contact them. Many of these Asian online dating websites are 100% free.

Do Japanese guys like to build relationships with White girls?

Japanese guys white girls relationships

Do you eat the same Japanese food every day, every month and every year? Japanese guys dating white girls is a question that people want to know. Why are Japanese men seeking white women? What are some tastes about this type of relationship.

Japanese guys

Japanese guys

I am a Japanese American man who have lived in the U.S. since I was eight. So, I have to admit that I am American style. I don’t remember anything about Japan, where I was born. I am a college student in one community college. I am dating a white girl. She is so cool. She is my second girlfriend. My first girlfriend is Japanese. I can compare two girls from my own point of view. They are different completely.

My Japanese girlfriend is not straight by the way she talks. Sometimes I have to guest what she said. She says “no” but mean “yes”. It is too hard to understand about her. We are not happy, at least I am not. With her, I have to be a leader who decide most of things. However, my parents like her.

My White girlfriend is straight. If she wants something, she asks for it. She loves flowers and gifts. On snowing day, she helped me to remove snow off the car. She is like a friend to me. She helps me to decide whatever possible. I have to admit that I am very happy to date a white girl. She is my type.

However, to build a relationship with her, I have to think about it. I know I am happy now but what happens after we have kids. People say that white girls are stubborn sometimes. You know? I have to think about whether to marry a white woman or not. My parents don’t care about that. They said it’s up to me to make a decision.

I think I am one of the strange Japanese men who live in the West so I have different concept of the girl I like to be with. I have heard people said that most guys in Japan prefer traditional girls who take good care of themselves and smell good all the times, and certainly, be ready for bed anytime.

What do you think, guys?

Why Are Asian Wives Cheated By Their Husbands?

Asian wives are cheated by husbands

Asian wives are the most women who are cheated by their husbands, not only in their hometown but also in the West, where they have moved there to live. The main reason is that Asian women are submissive. 

find an Asian wife

find an Asian wife

In Asia like China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thai, Vietnam, India, many men cheat on women. I mean, the ladies don’t have much control over their men. The husband go out and work, make money to support for the whole family. The wife stays home and take care of her children. The man of the house controls everything and sometimes he changed his wife to be a servant of the family. For those Asian people who live in the U.S. or Canada etc they have learned the Western culture.

Why do they cheat on their wives?

Asian wives are submissive. In other words, most of these ladies don’t understand thoroughly about their roles as being a wife, a mother of the family. They think that men go out and work so they can do anything they like so having a mistress is fine. They think that women are those who must take care of the family. So, there is no gender freedom. As a result, they don’t talk freely to their husbands, what’s wrong or right. Then, the time goes on. The husband can do whatever he wants to. He controls his wife and make her become a servant of the house.

Many Asian wives who were cheated on are sad, certainly. Some men come home and apologize to the wife after she found out. The truth is that he knows he did wrong. This is a good thing. Some guys never say “I am sorry” to the wife. This is cultural, guys. So, don’t expect a lot from Asian husbands. They usually don’t say “I love you” or “I am sorry” to the wife.

It is not about his self esteem or self perception for cheating on his wife. He is just playing for fun. Again, some guys will tell their wives when the affair happened or they felt guilty about that. That’s good, isn’t it?

My suggestion to you is to be strong when it happens to you. I am a woman and so are you. I understand how you feel about your husband. Be strong, okie? Don’t think about divorce yet. Think about the reason he is cheating on you. Then, change yourself and see how it progresses.

For reference, you can find an Asian wife online for free.

Why do Asian Women Must Date Foreign Men

Asian Women Seeking Foreign Men

Asian women have been actively looking for men from places well beyond Asia over the years. While Asian women have plenty of options to choose where they are from, they prefer to go with men outside of Asia for many reasons. They are people who will certainly be appealing for whatever it is a woman might want to get out of someone in particular.

Asian women

Asian women

One good reason why so many Asian women look for foreign men is because they want to be with people who might be capable of earning money. The problem with life in Asia is that many jobs do not pay all that well. Women in Asia are willing to look for foreign guys who might have better jobs in their own countries where they can get paid more. This can help to bring women out to these countries to become more likely to actually get money in the long run in their own new jobs in these different places.

Some women also like different men who might have different appearances. These include men who might have brighter hair or darker skin. It’s often tough for women in some parts of Asia to find men who are like this but it’s possible if they look well enough. Women will often tire of the same men in terms of what they look like and will want to be a little more advantageous.

Charisma is a great point that many Asian women like to find in their foreign men. They like to find foreign guys who are a little more interested in communication than Asian men. The thing is that many different people from other countries might be more appealing and open than others in Asia. This is a unique part of many men outside the continent that Asian women are interested in.

Foreign men are also extremely confident in who they are. They like to act as though they are positive and comfortable with everything that they want to do. They know their roles and they want to show that they can do anything they want. It’s an impressive point about foreign guys that many people have. They want to see foreign men as people who are positive and willing to enjoy sex no matter what it is a woman wants to get out of someone in particular.

One interesting point about foreign guys is that many Asian women like to believe that foreign men do a better job with sex above all else. Many Asian women are unsatisfied with their Asian sexual partners because they think they aren’t giving them enough when trying to have sex. It’s a real burden for many women to deal with but it is often easier for them to enjoy sex if foreign guys are involved because they might be a little more experienced.

Asian women should see how many different foreign men are great for them. Asian women are interested in these men because they know that they like to find all sorts of people of interest.

Asian Women and Men in US: How’re They Interested?

Asian women have been sticking within their race to date Asian American men and to marry them. This might sound like they are limiting themselves but the truth is that Asian women who marry these men are often likely to feel happy for themselves and comfortable with who they are. They like themselves for having been able to get with men that they like to be around.

Asian Women Marrying American Men

Asian Woman Marrying American Man

The first reason is because they want to be happy with men who are in the same culture that they are. They want to be with others who are going through the same things in society. This is an interesting point that simply suggests that an Asian woman will want to be in touch with a man for now and well into the future.

Also, there are often opportunities for Asian women to have more money. More Asian men have been able to get into high-paying jobs than ever before in recent years, thus improving the potential for Asian women to have better lives. The fact that Asian women themselves are getting more money certainly helps just as well.

Asian women are always going to avoid the conflict that comes with other family members when they are married. It is often easier for extended family members to link with each other when they see that there’s a sense of unity and understanding between all the parties in a certain relationship.

Finally, these women are getting into marriage because they want to raise kids in an environment where they will not be judged. Women want to have their kids raised in consistent households because they want to make sure they are comfortable with their upbringings and that they will not face any pressure from outside parties because they come from very different backgrounds. This is an interesting factor but it is all done to make sure everyone has a happy life during a marriage.

There’s a clear need for Asian women to think about Asian American men when dating. There is always going to be a better potential for Asian women to have better lives when dating within their race.

How Asian Girls Treat Their Men in Relationships and Marriage

Asian women tend to treat their men with care and respect in all of their relationships regardless of how far they go in those relationships. This is a part of dating that often adds to what might happen between a woman and her man. Here are some details on just how Asian girls treat their men while dating or while they are married.

Asian Girls For Marriage

Asian Girls For Marriage

First, Asian girls treat their men with plenty of support to make sure that they are able to start their days off right. A woman will want to make sure that a good breakfast is prepared every morning before he wakes up. It is an interesting part of caring for someone that often adds to the comfort that comes with such a relationship.

Next, women try to make sure that they don’t complain or get upset over anything when trying to control their attitudes. Asian women often treat their men with plenty of respect and support. They understand that the opinions of their men are just as important as the opinions that they set out for themselves. Therefore, there is never a need for an Asian woman to nag to her man in any relationship. It is all needed to keep a relationship safe.

Togetherness is a virtue that many Asian women like to emphasize in their relationships. They want to focus on getting people to stay together as well as possible if they are to keep their relationships going well. Much of this involves working to make sure that all Asian women are capable of being there for their men when necessary.

Part of this involves Asian girls treating their men with plenty of attention when they need it. They are more likely to be attentive to their men than other women. In addition, they are willing to go out of their way to make sure that they are there when their men need them the most. This is all provided that it does not get into one’s work schedule or any other kind of schedule for important events in one’s life.

Asian women do not like to feel stressed out when they are in good relationships. They want to make sure that their problems with their men are controlled as well as possible. This includes adjusting their actions in accordance to whatever a man might want provided that it is all as responsible and controlled as possible. A woman can be willing to treat her man with this respect provided that it is all within a sensible boundary and that it is all controlled the right way.

The ways how Asian women treat their men are interesting ways relating to how they keep their relationships going. Women who treat their men with care are more likely to be in great relationships that can last for a while. Asian women are willing to cater to the needs that their men might have and will make sure that they treat them carefully without risking problems in their relationships.

Coming To America – Things to Do Before You Come To Us

There are many members from our Asian online dating site, asking me questions on what things to do before coming to the United States of America (USA). So, I am writing this article to list some important things you should do before coming to the land of opportunity.

Rich Asian ManLearning English is the most important thing when coming to America. So, study how to read, listen and write English in your country before you come here. In US, there are some schools that you can go to learn English but it is better if you have the basics of English before you come here. Also, you may have to go to work during daytime so you won’t have enough time to learn English here.

You should complete a thorough medical exam in your country. When you come to America, make sure you are in a good health so you can work and make money in the land of dream. It is terrible if you have to deal with any medical problem in this country. The cost of hospitalization is high in US. Making an appointment to see a doctor here is not as simple as you do in your country. Sometimes, you have to make a doctor’s appointment in one week or one month in advanced.

You should complete a thorough dental exam in your country. If you have any filling that needs to be done, then you do it in your country. Do not wait until you come to America. The cost of dental care is expensive in US.

Getting a driver license to drive a car is a must in US. It is better if you learn how to drive a four wheeler in your country first before coming to America. In this country, you have to obtain a learner’s permit before you can learn how to drive. So, it takes time.

It depends on where you stay in US. Some US states are very cold while some are hot. If you are migrating to live in a cold state, make sure you have warm clothes like sweater, jackets, etc. You should gather as much information as you can about where you will live in this country.

You have to learn how to cook. Most of people in here know how to cook the basics. Life in Us is busy so most people go to work, school, etc. You should know how to cook some basic food. If your wife usually cooks daily meals, then you may have to cook for her in this country (smile!). So, learn to cook the basics, it helps you.

You have to get US money to use in this country. Make sure you have some US coins in your pocket to use for phones, buses, and etc. As you know, no shops or stores in US accept international money.

Your passport is the most important document so you need to keep it safely. It is better to have one or two more documents with photography it will help to prove your identity.

What To Do If Your Ex-Girlfriend Has a New Boyfriend

You still love her. It was not your choice to end the relationship. Just as the pain of the breakup began subsiding, you heard the news–she is in a new relationship. Your heart drops to your stomach and your throat feels like it is closing. The stinging in your eyes begins as you fight back the tears. So what now? Life does and will go on. All hope is not lost.

Asian couples

Asian couples

1. Let Go

This is much easier said then done, but it is the only place to start. There is a mantra you *must* live by at this point in time. You cannot change the past, you have to live in the present and you cannot worry about the future. The present may hurt; however, you only have so much control over it. You have to take care of you right now, not worry about her. The more you repeat this statement to yourself, the better you will feel.

2. Learn Not to Hate

It is easy to hate her new boyfriend. After all, he is with the girl you love. You must remember, though, that it is not his fault. He came into the picture after the picture was erased. Hate brings negativity, and negativity is going to hold you back from living your life.

3. Take Time for Yourself

Do whatever you can to make yourself happy. This is both strategic and emotional. First, if you want her back–which is still possible–she needs to see a confident man who can live life without her. She is not expecting this. The emotional is for you. Becoming the confident man she needs to see requires emotional healing that only you have control over. Keep yourself occupied with friends who can stop you from dwelling on your feelings. Laughter is the best medicine for a broken heart.

4. Be the Bigger Person

If you happen to run into the happy couple, be the bigger person, put a smile on your face and shake his hand. Introduce yourself to her new beau and ask her how she is doing. Keep the conversation short and sweet. Seeing them together will sting, but being decent and civil says a lot, especially to her.

5. The Honeymoon Period

Do not give yourself false hope, but keep in mind that every relationship goes through a honeymoon phase. Sure, she might be infatuated with him for the first two months, but this does not last forever. When she sees how great you are handling her new relationship, she is going to think twice about her decision.

6. Maintain a Friendship

As these months pass, let your ex know that you want to maintain a friendship. As time passes your heart will heal enough for this to be possible. You may even feel comfortable enough to hang out with her new man.

A breakup is never easy. Add to this your ex dating someone new and you feel like someone has stabbed you in the heart. Keep in mind, though, that even if your goal in the beginning is to win her back, this may change as you move past the heartache. The most important thing here is that you do move forward.

Something About Life In The US Of Asian Americans

More than 20 years living in America, I wanted to write one short essay on the life of the Asian Americans, based on personal experience. If what I wrote here is not as you think, would you sympathize. I only write the truth about Asian American women and men, girls or guys, of family, work, lifestyle, etc. The reason I write this is because there are thousands of Asian singles who signed up at our online dating service, who are from Asia like Japan, Singapore, Korea, China, Philippines, Thai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and etc, asked about life in America. Even if you are planning to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife in the U.S., and want to know about true life in the USA, this article is for you.

Asian American couple
Busy Life

I want to say to this, for it is very accurate with Asian Americans here. In the U.S., people usually worry to pay rent, insurance, food and other living things bending. There are many people who work extra hours to make more money to support themselves and their family. Since there are many stores that are open 24 hours a day basis, such as Walmart, McDonald, etc. Most Asian people in the United States owe a home mortgage. This means that they can pay a down payment from 3% to 99%, then they pay monthly to the bank, up to 15 or 30 years. The food does not cost you much but the medical insurance is extremely important so I would recommend you to buy health insurance because the hospital is very expensive. This is one of the important things that an Asian American should do.

Education In US

In the U.S., students from grades K-1-12 is 100% free. Students do not pay any fees, only the cost of daily meals in cafeteria in school. If students whose parents are poor, the government will provide free lunch every day. The bus will drive to a centered place that is close to the home of each student and take them to the school. After school, the bus will drop them off at the same place. There are also many parents who send their children to school by themselves. The school sometimes take students to field trips to help them see real things that relate to what they learn, such as farms, museums, White house, and so on. Generally speaking, I have to say that education in US is the best that I have never seen in other places.

College and Universities

When you go to college, every student can borrow money from the government, with very low interest rates for students. After graduation, they can pay back. Good students with high scores in High School, they have scholarship to study 100% free in university.

Jobs and Income

Minimum wage for each job category depends on each state. US States where the standard of living is low, the minimum income is also low. Three states with the most Asian women and men residing, California ($ 8.00 per hour), Washington ($ 9.04 per hour) and Texas ($ 7.25 per hour). This means that if you live in the state of California, no matter what job you take, the company must pay you $ 8.00 dollars per hour worked. This is the minimum wage set by the government.

The income of new graduate students is also subject to skills and qualifications of each person. In 2012, salary for accounting major is about $ 40,000 the first year ($ 3,500 per month) and salary for computer programmer is about $ 50,000 one year ($ 4,200 per month). Each year, they increase from 2 to 10%.

I just want to share with you about real lifestyle in America based on my own experience. If you are planning to migrate to the United States of America, then you should know about this. It is very different from Asia. Asian people in US are busy and most of them have to work to pay for bills. To tell you the truth, when you come here, your children will have bright future, because the education program in America, for me, is the best. Asian American People are busy, this is the true. 

What do you think about life in US? Please share you thoughts on the box below. Thank you and have a nice day!